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White God 2014

Way too many different tones/genres squeezed into the same movie. Was almost like half a dozen people each wrote part of a screenplay and pasted them together, with the caveat that none of them ever took creative writing. Character motivations and thought processes were…for lack of a better word, absent.

Beautifully shot, though.

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Bad acting, even worse writing for the human part. The writing was poor, hard to believe the thought process of the protagonist. The dog part of the film took a very strange turn, it went from drama, to adventure to a zombie-esque b-movie sequence and an insultingly nonsensical ending. But the cinematography and doggy acting was very good.

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The premise is so cool, but unfortunately the execution was a bit lacking. I wanted to like this movie so much! I found the human storyline boring. The dog storyline was far more interesting, but they didn't spend enough time with it. It's worth a watch for the originality and cool premise, but I would recommend keeping your expectations low to avoid disappointment.

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