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XX 2017

Some people make mediocre films alright, no need to put gender labels on it. Also, if I were to rank all four films on this anthology it would be:
1. Don’t fall (I was rooting for the guy with glasses on not to die okay, I sympathize with the nerds a lot. Go smart guys!)
2. The Box (I wanted to know what the boy saw in the box, and what he told his sister, and his dad. Also, On a second thought, I don’t really wanna know. I wanna eat food I i still wanna live my life. No thank you.)
3. The Birthday Party (Too much wine I guess?!)
4. Her Only Living Son (I wouldn’t kneel on those hideous toenails. Nope.)

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VERY "meh*. the first and last of the 4 had a semi-interesting concept, but like the entire anthology, went nowhere and just left you confused, without any apparent real ending.

I'd skip this one if you haven't seen it yet.

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Does nothing at all to dispel the truth that horror anthologies are always a bad idea.

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No real standouts in this anthology except for The Box, so I'd say a rental at best.

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Shout by sp1ti

OKish all female horror anthology that shows that regardless of gender they're always a rocky ride.

The Box is easily the best of the bunch but is based on a Jack Ketchum story so it's sort of a cheat when the selection criteria was a female director, lead and writer ;).
The Birthday Cake as the followup was mostly bad. While the final scene is great, everything building up to it is a tired formula spliced with an unfunny comedy. The standout was the terrible music editing which tried really hard to make things more interesting than they really were. Picking St. Vincent as one of the directors seems to have been a marketing decision primarily.
Don't Fall was the most straightforward "horror" of the four but doesn't have much to set it apart besides some stylish shots.
Her Only Living Son as the closer didn't offer any innovation either but was competently directed.

(If you were confused like me: the movie had initially planned segments by Jennifer Lynch and the Soska Sisters but they dropped out)

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Certainly watchable but none of the stories in this anthology really stood out. Each tale had a feminist slant, but i'm not sure if this was really necessary.

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Not bad at all. Its uneven as you'd expect from an anthology. All stories have certain theme revolves around motherhood except "Don't Fall".

The Box - the best one! it has interesting premise. it's haunting and made you think. (5/5)
The Birthday Party - great black comedy! (3/5)
Don't Fall - creepy and gory! (4/5)
Her Only Living Son - boring, trying too hard (0/5)

There's this stop-motion animation that seperate the stories. It was beautiful to look at. I thought it's supposed to wrap around all the stories but I was wrong. I don't know what's the point. (2/5)

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Another forgettable horror anthology. Not much else to say. I love the idea of a female directed horror anthology so I was hyped for this since it was announced. It completely failed. Every short (besides "Her Last Living Son") was completely forgettable. And even "Her Last Living Son" was pretty disappointing due to it's short runtime and lack of a clear thesis.

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The Box is an interesting idea, but executed horribly with some atrociously awkward acting and an unsatisfying ending. Is not even remotely scary.

The Birthday Party features an overabundance of sudden loud noises in an attempt to fabricate scares and a main character that does things no sensible human being would ever do. Is also not even remotely scary.

Don't Fall has an incredibly simple plot and decent special effects. The best out of the four, but then again that's not really saying much. Is bloody, but not even remotely scary.

Her Only Living Son embodies the very definition of bland. Nothing happens. I'm actually struggling to write anything about it. Is not even trying to be remotely scary.

Thanks, Netflix.

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In any horror anthology I always expect to wade through the muck and hopefully find at least one tale to make my time worth spending on it. I kept searching through this one and came up empty.

All four stories fell flat of anything horrific (expect possibly the scripts). Most began hopeful but wound up being completely boring and lost in translation on film (maybe the point is somewhere on the editing floor). The closest to being worth watching was The Birthday Party which almost made a decent comedy. Also of note was the potential for the last movie, Her Only Living Son, which could have been remarkable but fell apart at the end.

My two cents: skip this one. There are much better anthologies to watch.

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Feels more like four movies that ran out of funding and were thrown together into a horror anthology. Every part was done well enough to make you want more, but there's nothing.

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Well this film takes you on a wacko ride through 4 short horror stories with a leading female (what were alright), and you're left without a clue what's happing, but wanting to watch story after story knowing how weird they're gonna be.

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