Daniel Eugene Spivey

      • 67
      • 1952-10-14 in Tampa, Florida, U.S.

      is an American retired professional wrestler. He is best known for his appearances with World Championship Wrestling, the World Wrestling Federation, and All Japan Pro Wrestling in the 1980s and 1990s While working for the NWA as one of the Skyscrapers, Spivey also competed in his homestate of Florida, winning the NWA Florida Heavyweight Championshipin late 1989. However, this title win was not referred to on NWA Television. Spivey would go on to hold the title until July 1992, when he lost it to Lou Perez Spivey also kept on touring with AJPW while working for the NWA, mainly teaming with Stan Hansen. Spivey and Hansen formed a very popular Gaijin team that almost won AJPW's "World's Strongest Tag Determination League" in 1990.[30] By the end of 1990, Spivey returned to WCW television. The Skyscrapers briefly reunited at Starrcade (1990) as he and Sid Vicious defeated The Big Cat and The Motor City Madman. Universal Wrestling Federation (1990–1995) Between 1990 and 1995, Spivey made regular American appearances for Herb Abrams' Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF). He defeated Johnny Ace at UWF's Blackjack Brawl to become the only UWF Americas Champion. Spivey portrayed a heel despite his character acting as a peaceful southern gentleman outside the ring. Waylon would shake the hands of the fans and thank them for coming to see him wrestle, his opponent, and even the referee before his matches. However, once the bell rang, he became vicious, insincerely apologizing for actions such as kicking or choking a downed opponent. Mercy's finishing move saw him apply a sleeper hold as he revealed a wide-eyed, insane expression. Once the bell rang, he would return to his "peaceful southern gentleman" act. Mercy was pushed upon his debut with victories over numerous enhancement talents (including a young Jeff Hardy), as well as established stars such as Bob Holly,The 1-2-3 Kid,and Doink The Clown.Soon after, he competed in matches with the top faces of the WWF at the time, such as Bret Hart, Razor Ramon,and WWF World Heavyweight Champion Diesel. Spivey's only pay-per-view appearance as Waylon Mercy came at In Your House 3, where he lost to Savio Vega.Spivey defeated Diesel by countout in his last televised match. Retirement (1995–present) Spivey retired in 1995 due to injuriesAfter retiring, Spivey briefly attempted to forge a career as a fashion model.[He went on to work for Spivey Underground Utility Construction Company, a construction company owned by his family.In 2014, Windham Rotunda revealedthat his character of Bray Wyatt was given to him by Spivey who was attending the WWE Performance Center at the time, and shares a number of similarities with the Waylon Mercy character. On August 1, 2015, Spivey, at age 62, who hadn't wrestled since 1995 due to injuries, returned to the ring for Dory Funk Jr.'s !BANG! promotion. Spivey and Funk worked a 10-man Japanese Bonsai match. Spivey was also awarded the "Fighting Heart Award. Personal life Spivey was arrested on July 14, 2007 for driving under the influence in Odessa, Florida. He was released on $500 bond. He became sober in April 2009. He now owns his own company, Spivey's Sober Companions, in Odessa and Stamford, Connecticut.Spivey is also the Ambassador for the breakfast restaurant chain, The Breakfast Station in Florida.