Dick Lundy

      • 82
      • 1907-08-14 in Saulte St. Marie - Michigan - USA
      • 1990-04-07

      "I was born in or around the locks of Saulte St. Marie, Mich., at a very young age. At the age of four I visited Detroit for about ten years, where they made me go to school. I then got the wanderlust and after seeing several towns in several states I landed in California on a box car one foggy morning in 1921. I received my art education at Venice High School and was graduated from there in 1926. Since that time I have been called battery-man, chauffeur, banker, real estate salesman, and various other names. Since 1929 until now I have been having the happy experience of seeing Mickey Mouse do the right thing at the wrong time.” -From the June 20, 1931 edition of The Motion Picture Daily

      Visual Effects