Hend Sabry

  • 39
  • 1979-11-20 in Tunisia

Hend Sabry is a Tunisian actress. She was born in Kebili province in Tunisia, and holds a degree in Intellectual Property. She started to become a recognized actress since she appeared in the films “Mousem Alregal” (Men's Season) and “Samt Alqosur” (Silence of the Palaces) by director Mofida Altelaly. She attracted the attention of Egyptian director Inas Eldegheidy, and she eventually cast her as the lead in her film “Mozakirat Morahiqa” (Diary of an Adolescent) in 2001. Among her most notable roles were those in films like Dawood Abdel Sayed's “Mowaten we Mokhber we Haramy” (A Citizen, an Informant and a Thief) “Ayez Haqy” (I Want my Rights), “Ahla El Awa'at” (Best Times), and the television series “Aywa Atgawez” (I Want to Get Married) and “Embratoreyet Meen” (Who's Empire?).