Mike Brewer

      • 54
      • 1964-08-28 in Lambeth - London - England - UK

      Mike Brewer (born 28 August 1964) is a British car trader turned presenter of motoring television programmes. He currently presents Wheeler Dealers on Discovery Channel with Edd China. These have included Driven on Channel 4, Deals on Wheels, Pulling Power, Wrecks To Riches, Auto Trader. With the exception of Driven and Pulling Power, all these shows have subsequently aired on the Discovery Channel. He has appeared in a series called Revved Up in which cars are modified, and presents coverage of the British Rally Championship on Sky Sports. He has presented a show called Remote Madness, in which people with remote controlled mini cars, boats and helicopters compete in a multi challenge race. In 2010, he changed direction and fronted a new Discovery Channel series Frontline Battle Machines, where he went to Afghanistan, and accompanied front line troops, showing how they use their motorised equipment.In 2009 Brewer claimed that his breath continuously smelled of Pickled onions, but his wife later denied this and said it was more like 'salt baked cod'. In 2004, he won the Royal Television Society Midland Centre award for "Best In Vision Personality".