Mitchell Lewis

      • 76
      • June 26, 1880 in Syracuse - New York - USA
      • August 24, 1956

      From Wikipedia Mitchell Lewis (June 26, 1880 – August 24, 1956) was an American film actor whose career spanned both the silent and sound film eras. He appeared in more than 175 films between 1914 and 1956, although many of the roles in his later films were uncredited. During the silent era he played supporting roles, such as Sheihk Idrim in 1925's Ben Hur, but his career would have his roles diminish to small roles like the Captain of the Winkie Guards in The Wizard of Oz (uncredited). His last film was The Fastest Gun Alive, starring Glenn Ford and Broderick Crawford, which was released shortly before Lewis' death in 1956.