Sylvia Breamer

      • 45
      • 1897-06-09 in Sydney - New South Wales - Australia
      • 1943-06-07

      From Wikipedia Sylvia Breamer (9 June 1897 – 7 June 1943) was an Australian actress who performed in American silent motion pictures beginning in 1917. Her father was Sir James De Courcey Breamer, a commander in the Royal Navy. After his death her mother married Judge A.G. Plunkett, formerly of Sydney, Australia. Sylvia's initial film efforts were with Colonel J. Stuart Blackton films. She also performed in releases produced by Mayflower Pictures. Breamer came to Hollywood with her sister, Doris, in 1920. Her mother relocated also, residing at 837 South Catalina Street, Los Angeles, California. Her first Hollywood movie was Athalie, a story of spiritualism, directed by Sid Franklin, formerly the director of Mary Pickford. The film was based on a work by Robert W. Chambers. Breamer worked at Brunton Studios. Her work with director Franklin was released by First National Pictures. In 1921 Sylvia was signed by Director General Lloyd B. Carleton to make features produced by the Rubayat Press and Photoplay Corporation. Sylvia travelled with a Universal Pictures film crew on location in Truckee, California. This was during the making of Bavu (1923). The group left Universal City, California in an effort to complete scenes of the deaths of Bolshevik characters in the Russian melodrama. Among others the film featured actors Wallace Beery and Estelle Taylor. When she came west from Australia Sylvia had just divorced William Morrison, a director. She married him when she was only sixteen years old. On 1 November 1924 the actress married Dr. Harry Martin at the Glenwood Inn in Riverside, California. Martin, 34, formerly practiced medicine in Chicago, Illinois. He served in World War I and relocated to Los Angeles after being discharged from the U.S. Army. Miss Breamer was an avid horsewoman. Another hobby was seeking grunion at Del Rey, California. She owned beautiful jewellery. A diamond bracelet was taken from her just before she departed New York City to come to Hollywood. The bracelet was valued at $1,200. Sylvia Breamer died in New York City in 1943.