Tom Konkle

        Thomas (Tom) Konkle Actor, Director, Writer, Producer As an actor, he goes by Tom, but as a writer and director he has always been credited as Thomas. With over twenty years of experience directing, acting and writing, Trouble is My Business' versatile star fell in love with the movies as a child, and has been growing as an artist creatively and technically since moving to Los Angeles at 22. Konkle appeared in the series "Baskets" on the FX Network with Zach Galifianakis and Louie Anderson. Prior to that, he served as a staff writer for Warner Brother's Be Cool Scooby Do television series and recently directed the WWII period film, The Longest Knife. He is also a published author with the novel, Red Skies. Konkle's earliest films won awards while at The American University's Film and Drama program in Washington D.C. He honed his craft on stage in live productions throughout the 90's while also working behind the camera being at the leading edge of the digital revolution, finding a balance between the organic craft of storytelling and the acting process, while gaining technical proficiency as technology evolved in the production, post-production and visual effects industries up to the present. Konkle has the unique skill of being an artist who actually professionally acts, writes and directs while understanding the highly technical side of the production process through production to distribution and promotion through social media. He is a techie with the mind of a poet. Konkle has over 80 IMDB credits and a number of award winning projects as an actor, writer and director. He is a skilled indie producer as well. He has had a lifetime to learn aspects of the jobs from experts like writer/director Christopher Guest, legendary TV director James Burrows, director Jim Sheridan, writer/ director David Twohy, director Ruben Fleischer, Wes Craven, legendary makeup artist Rob Bottin, and he apprenticed with Graham Ford (Time Bandits, Brazil, Gandhi) who was to produce Tom's first film before his untimely death. Thomas performed and wrote with John Cleese on a comedy television special in Europe. The remaining members of Monty Python asked him to direct, perform, and taint their never before seen sketches in new show called, Owl-Stretching Time. Konkle has worked for all of the major networks as a performer and writer. He has written, directed and performed over a hundred internet productions, films, commercials and live stage productions. Thomas Konkle is the owner and partner in the integrated production/post-production company Lumen Actus, LLC based in Burbank, CA.