Hardcore Pawn

» 7x07

Country United States

Runtime 30m

7x07 Watch Your Back

Les sells a valuable Breitling watch for $42,000 to a trusted watch collector that he dealt with many times before; however, he did not have the cash at the moment, so Les gave him the watch in exchange for an IOU. Seth, however, had misgivings about the deal. The man later said that someone else will pay him the money as he leaves out of town; Seth still had bad feelings about it, but Les still has trust in the customer. But Les would end up getting an expensive lesson in trust when the customer pays him for the watch -- with over 40,000 watchbands.
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Les, though I like your old school tactics, you got burned on this deal to the point that your going to need to be hospitalized! If that wasn't enough, I can't believe your response upon being notified by your son that you would attempt to sell 40k watch bands. You need to make this right immediately.
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