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2 Stupid Dogs

Season 2 1994 - 1995

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  • 1994-09-05T21:30:00Z on TBS
  • 10 mins
  • 2 hours, 10 mins (13 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Animation, Comedy, Family
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13 episodes

2x01 Jerk

  • Season Premiere

    1994-09-05T21:30:00Z — 10 mins

The dogs are at the Grand Canyon trying to solve a puzzle. Upon completion, Little Dog says the word 'jerk' should've been part of the solution. His voice echoes across the valley, and the two misinterpret the echo as another dog insulting them. The two then embark on a mission across the Grand Canyon to confront the 'other dog'.

2x02 Las Pelotas!

  • 1994-09-12T21:30:00Z — 10 mins

The dogs happen upon a Tennis Club, where they see many balls being batted back and forth. Little Dog wants to get in and chew on them. Upon getting in, the Little Dog is overwhelmed by how many there are laying about.

2x03 Post Office

  • 1994-09-19T21:30:00Z — 10 mins

The dogs find themselves waiting in line at the post office. But they soon realize that they didn't know what the post office was even for. So the dogs spend the day waiting in line, signing up for the draft, and attacking mail carriers.

2x04 Day Dream

  • 1994-10-24T21:30:00Z — 10 mins

The dogs awake to find a delivery of ice cream products before them. Little Dog suspects that this is a dream come true, so they must be asleep. Together, the two set out to wake themselves up.

2x05 Love

  • 1994-10-31T22:30:00Z — 10 mins

Big Dog falls in love with a hamster in the window at the pet shop, so he and Little Dog go inside the store in search for the hamster which Big Dog wants. Once entering the store things just get worse when the dogs find out that Hollywood is the owner.

2x06 Inside Out

  • 1994-11-07T22:30:00Z — 10 mins

The dogs happen upon a huge bone that's being shipped to a museum. When the bone is taken inside, the two dogs decide to wait for it to come back out. But they wait so still, the movers think they're some exhibit and take them into the museum, too. Once inside, the dogs decide to wait no longer and decide to 'go inside' after the bone.

2x07 Spit Soup

  • 1994-11-14T22:30:00Z — 10 mins

In a desperate attempt for food, the dogs climb up onto a 3D billboard advertising soup with a giant soup bowl. Upon finding the soup bowl is empty (or as the Little Dog describes it, 'dry'), Big Dog begins to fill the bowl with spit. But soon he dries out and Little Dog must find a way to rehydrate the Big Dog.

2x08 Fun!

  • 1994-11-21T22:30:00Z — 10 mins

When the dogs go to a new diner in hope of eating the good food served there, they find out that it opens the next day. Recalling the old saying "Time flys when you're having fun", they try to do fun things to pass the time in wait for the new restaurant.

2x09 The Rise and Fall of the Big Dog

  • 1994-12-05T22:30:00Z — 10 mins

The dogs encounter a bum in front of the white house. A fight ensues which results in the foreign ambassadors and Big Dog switching places. While Big Dog is off attending a political party at the White House, Little Dog (who thinks the ambassador is Big Dog) tries to get his buddy to snap out of his 'amnesia'.

2x10 Cookies, Ookies, Blookies

  • 1994-12-19T22:30:00Z — 10 mins

The dogs want 'Fudgie Scout Cookies', but don't know how to go about getting them. After close examination, the Little Dog comes to the conclusion that you need a door. The dogs then find a house that is empty and has a door. They then take on the challenge of both getting the girl to come to their door and then getting the door open.

2x11 Cartoon Canines

  • 1995-01-30T22:30:00Z — 10 mins

The dogs have enlisted in a military-esque boot camp that trains cartoon characters to become hardcore cartoons.

2x12 Bathroom Humor

  • 1995-02-06T22:30:00Z — 10 mins

The Big Dog awakes in the middle of the night to 'do business'. When he finds a spot, Little Dog stops him. He then makes the point that this is their home, so they need to find a more suitable place. They wind up in a indoor bathroom, where hilarity ensues

2x13 Hobo Hounds

  • 1995-02-13T22:30:00Z — 10 mins

Big Dog and Little Dog inject their own warped brand of humor into an old-fashioned, black and white, silent cartoon(with funny music, and everything), where they save a young girl from a villanous feline fella, and get into all kinds of wacky hijinks.

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