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Season 2012 2012

  • 2012-03-18T04:00:00+02:00 on ABC (US)
  • 40 mins
  • 1 day, 3 hours, 20 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • News

20/20 brings you hard-hitting investigative reports, news-maker interviews and compelling human interest and feature stories.

41 episodes

2012x01 Williams Syndrome, Tourettes, Asperger's

  • Season Premiere

    2012-03-18T04:00:00+02:00 — 40 mins

Remarkable medical conditions are showcased including children diagnosed with Williams Syndrome, families that must deal with Tourettes Syndrome and inside the mind of Daniel Tammet, one of the world's smartest people diagnosed with Asperger's.

2012x02 Rutgers - Webcam

  • 2012-03-24T04:00:00+02:00 — 40 mins

Former Rutgers student, Dharun Ravi, sits down for his first interview since being found guilty of spying on his college roommate, Tyler Clementi, with a webcam in the fall of 2010 because he was gay; Ravi faces up to 10 years in prison.

2012x03 Lotto Frenzy

  • 2012-03-31T05:00:00+03:00 — 40 mins

With the Mega Millions reaching almost half a billion dollars, "20/20" looks at past winners and losers, as well as the con artists who want a piece of the winner's take; reports also on broke lottery winners, office pools, and playing the odds.

2012x04 OCD, Schizophrenia

  • 2012-04-01T05:00:00+03:00 — 40 mins

Children with obsessive compulsive disorder; families of children with schizophrenia shares their experiences.

2012x05 Transgender Beauty Contestant

  • 2012-04-07T05:00:00+03:00 — 40 mins

Transgender beauty contestant Jenna Talackova speaks in her first interview since being disqualified from the 2012 Miss Universe Canada competition because she was not a "natural born female"; Texas wife survives three Murder-for-Hire attempts.

2012x06 Just Plane Crazy

  • 2012-04-14T05:00:00+03:00 — 40 mins

Crazy captains, paranoid passengers and flight attendant freak outs.

2012x07 Strange Arrangements

  • 2012-04-21T05:00:00+03:00 — 40 mins

Author E.L. James about how the "50 Shades" trilogy was created and how life has changed; host of Lifetime's "The Conversation," Amanda de Cadenet discusses the new talk show; open marriage with kids; gigolos.

2012x08 Sunset Boulevard

  • 2012-04-22T05:00:00+03:00 — 40 mins

A farm kid becomes a gossip columnist who parties with the stars; a band on the brink of success; a young veteran who wants to act; the students of Hollywood High; the murder of a runaway beauty.

2012x09 True Confessions

  • 2012-04-28T05:00:00+03:00 — 40 mins

Shocking video reveals a server adding unappetizing toppings to a pizza; a surgeon admits to dropping a body part on the floor; salespeople reveal lies they use to manipulate potential buyers; a mother confesses that she is a porn star.

2012x10 Extreme Parenting

  • 2012-05-05T05:00:00+03:00 — 40 mins

A couple raising their children in a nudist colony; a dwarf family living in an average size house to prepare the children for the real world; a father who posted a video of himself shooting his daughter's laptop online; excessive bribery.

2012x11 Losing It: The Big Fat Money Trap

  • 2012-05-12T05:00:00+03:00 — 40 mins

The multi-billion dollar weight loss industry in America.

2012x12 Medical Mysteries

  • 2012-05-19T05:00:00+03:00 — 40 mins

A look into some of medicine's rare conditions including stories of individuals suffering from the debilitating misophonia, a disturbing and potentially fatal eating disorder known as PICA, and a rare form of epilepsy called Hypothalamic Hamartoma.

An intimate portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II from those who know her best; interviews include members of the royal family as well as several members of the Queen's staff; get an inside look of Buckingham Palace.

2012x15 Payback

  • 2012-06-02T05:00:00+03:00 — 40 mins

Attractive women lure tourists into nightclubs and rack up huge tabs on their credit cards; a teacher verbally abuses a student; a couple film themselves pranking each other and put the videos online; payback songs.

2012x16 The Big Lie

  • 2012-06-09T05:00:00+03:00 — 40 mins

Gymnast Dominique Moceanu talks about a family secret; a grifter poses as a high school basketball player; a man impersonates his dead mother to collect her social security checks; a woman pretends to have cancer.

2012x17 John Edwards' former mistress

  • 2012-06-23T05:00:00+03:00 — 40 mins

Chris Cuomo interviews John Edwards' former mistress Rielle Hunter about their current relationship and her new book.

A journey around the world to investigate the many different religious and scientific beliefs about the afterlife, what happens to the body and to find out why it is important to believe in heaven.

Insider tricks to avert vacation pitfalls. Joe Darger is a polygamist with three wives: Alina & identical twins (Vicki and Valerie). Together they are raising 24 children.

He thought a bottle to the head would stop a robber; he was wrong. James Holmes, the suspect in a shooting at a movie theatre.

2012x22 Chat Room Love Triangle

  • 2012-07-28T05:00:00+03:00 — 40 mins

Shocking tale of deception and murder.

Four unique billionaires share how they became successful; getting free sperm from the Internet; a family with three wives and 24 kids.

2012x24 Friday

  • 2012-08-11T05:00:00+03:00 — 40 mins


2012x25 I'm Obsessed With ...

  • 2012-08-16T05:00:00+03:00 — 40 mins

A woman who went one year without looking in a mirror; the feeding tube diet; examining professional poker player Beth Shak's obsession with designer shoes; over-indulged pets; behind-the-scenes of the dog dancing competition circuit.

2012x26 When Animals Strike Back

  • 2012-08-18T05:00:00+03:00 — 40 mins

Unconventional and controversial parenting methods include lavish bribes and a dad who became an Internet sensation after deciding to teach his daughter a lesson; people who work with wild animals; animal attacks; the safety of animal parks and zoos.

2012x27 The Camera Never Lies

  • 2012-09-08T05:00:00+03:00 — 40 mins

A man's incredible search and more.

2012x28 Nasty Neighbors

  • 2012-09-15T05:00:00+03:00 — 40 mins

Shocking stories of misbehaving neighbors.

2012x29 Intoxication Nation

  • 2012-09-22T05:00:00+03:00 — 40 mins

From celebrities and alcoholism to kids attending binge-drinking black out parties and the dangers of walking while intoxicated.

2012x30 Classroom Confidential

  • 2012-09-29T05:00:00+03:00 — 40 mins

A look at pranks, bullies and teachers pushed to the edge by students; an exclusive interview with Brittni Colleps, a teacher, wife and mother of three, serving a five-year prison term for becoming inappropriately involved with five of her students.

2012x31 Stalked

  • 2012-10-06T05:00:00+03:00 — 40 mins

The story of Lottie Spencer and Nick Smith who were cross-examined for hours by Waseem Daker, the man accused of murdering their roommate and mother. Daker was also accused of stalking Lottie Spencer.

2012x32 Going to Extremes

  • 2012-10-13T05:00:00+03:00 — 40 mins

From the 'Human Ken Doll' to a $65M Marriage Reward

2012x33 Sandusky Case: Victim 1

  • 2012-10-20T05:00:00+03:00 — 40 mins

Penn State victim Aaron Fisher says officials at his high school stood in the way of justice.

Katie Couric gives viewers an exclusive all-access pass into the homes of country music's biggest stars including Taylor Swift, Reba McEntire, and Miranda Lambert; Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean talk about the greatest female singers in the genre.

2012x35 Heroes

  • 2012-11-03T04:00:00+02:00 — 40 mins

Pets Lost and Found in Hurricane Sandy's Wake.

2012x36 Workplace Confidential

  • 2012-11-10T05:00:00+02:00 — 40 mins

Secrets From Mark Cuban, Office Romance and More

2012x37 The Real Dish

  • 2012-11-17T05:00:00+02:00 — 40 mins

The 10 Germiest Places in a Restaurant, Taste Test: $5 Burger vs. $295 Burger

2012x38 Breaking Polygamy

  • 2012-11-24T05:00:00+02:00 — 40 mins

A look at Colorado City, a town home to the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints, the largest polygamous community in America, with a leader who continues to rule the town of 10,000 even behind bars, destroying families as he excommunicates them.

2012x39 True Confessions

  • 2012-12-01T05:00:00+02:00 — 40 mins

Insiders & whistle blowers reveal little secrets of their respective trades.

2012x40 Holidays Unplugged

  • 2012-12-08T05:00:00+02:00 — 40 mins

Holiday Shopping tips from an extreme couponer.

2012x41 Obama's Interview

  • 2012-12-15T05:00:00+02:00 — 40 mins

In their first interview together since the re-election, President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama sit down at the White House with Barbara Walters; the first lady gives Barbara Walters a tour of the White House holiday decor.