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Season 38 2014 - 2015

  • 2014-09-17T02:00:00Z on ABC (US)
  • 40 mins
  • 1 day, 13 hours, 14 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • News

20/20 brings you hard-hitting investigative reports, news-maker interviews and compelling human interest and feature stories.

55 episodes

38x01 Aspen Philanthropist Found Dead in Closet by Friend

  • Season Premiere

    2014-09-17T02:00:00Z — 40 mins

Police Investigate Aspen Philanthropist's Brutal Murder; Suspects Emerge in Killing of Aspen Philanthropist

What Your Auto Mechanic Doesn't Want You to Know; How Cosmetic Salespeople Try to Empty Your Wallet

Barbara Walters Remembers Joan Rivers; Joan Rivers' Private Life Marked By Joy, Tragedy

38x04 Out of the Woods

  • 2014-09-27T02:00:00Z — 40 mins

A modern day boogeyman born out of internet horror fan fiction, Slender Man.

38x05 The Mystery on Johnsburg Road

  • 2014-10-04T02:00:00Z — 39 mins

First Time Convicted Murderer Speaks About the Crime He Says He Did Not Commit.

38x07 Right Between the Lies

  • 2014-10-18T02:00:00Z — 39 mins

TV Interview Leads to Woman Going on Trial for Murder; Bombshell Witness Takes Stand at Woman's Murder Trial

Woman Discovers House Was Stolen in Real Estate Rip-Off; Police Search for Wedding Crasher Who Stole Gifts, Cash; Psychics Convince Clients to Hand Over Thousands of Dollars

38x09 Do Your Job

  • 2014-11-01T02:00:00Z — 39 mins

Finding Balance: 7 Expert Tips for Working Parents, Are These 4 Companies Really the Best Places to Work?, Top Mistakes Recent Grads Make in the Job Search

38x10 Family Secrets

  • 2014-11-08T03:00:00Z — 40 mins

Who is The 1965 NYC Phone Booth Baby?, Here's Where to Start Looking for Long-Lost Loved Ones.

38x11 The New Sex

  • 2014-11-15T03:00:00Z — 40 mins

Meet the Men Having Sex With Strangers to Help Them Have Babies, My Fiancé Is a Porn Star and I'm Okay With It.

38x12 Who Can You Trust

  • 2014-11-22T03:00:00Z — 40 mins

Tips on researching a prospective babysitter thoroughly, including verifying their social security number and checking the sex offender registry; "20/20" reports on a woman who befriends others, steals thousands of dollars from them, and runs.

38x13 True Confessions

  • 2014-11-29T03:00:00Z — 40 mins

Rebecca Jarvis discusses how a woman felt so threatened by a debt collector, she took him to court and won; a man shares his story of how he has stolen over $1 million worth of stuff from toy stores; what to know when purchasing a Christmas Tree.

38x14 Hot Pursuit

  • 2014-12-06T03:00:00Z — 40 mins

Correspondent Gio Benitez works with a professional tracker to place items throughout San Francisco with devices that track the items' whereabouts, all in an effort to learn more about what happens to personal things being taken around the city.

38x15 The Sell Game

  • 2014-12-13T03:00:00Z — 40 mins

"Shark Tank's" Robert Herjavec shares some of his selling techniques, and puts them to the test; Gio Benitez speaks to a former CarMax manager who says vehicles with huge issues were sold to customers; 11-year-old entrepreneur Asia Newson.

38x16 Wrong House

  • 2014-12-20T03:00:00Z — 40 mins

Toddler seriously injured by a SWAT team raiding the wrong house. Family left with a $1 million medical bill they have no hope of paying.

38x17 Home for the Holidays

  • 2014-12-27T03:00:00Z — 40 mins

Correspondent Juju Chang reports on the release of Hannah Overton, a Texas mother who was convicted of murdering her foster son by making him eat a deadly amount of chili powder, and sentenced to life in prison despite her claims of innocence.

38x18 All in the Family

  • 2014-12-28T03:00:00Z — 40 mins

In their first interview, Hayden and Abby Catt said their father recruited them to rob banks.

38x20 Nasty Neighbors

  • 2015-01-03T03:00:00Z — 39 mins

Couple Katherine Gannon and Paul Sohacki talk about how their attempt to catch a neighbor in the act of stealing their land got them charged as stalkers; a family fights to keep their pet pig despite restrictions against owning livestock in the city.

38x21 A Few of Our Favorite Stings

  • 2015-01-10T03:00:00Z — 40 mins

Under cover and hidden camera investigations include murder for hire and handicapped parking fraud.

Searching for Clues in Ashes of Murder Victim's Life; Police Make Shocking Arrest in N.C. Woman's Murder

38x23 Meet the Parents

  • 2015-01-17T03:00:00Z — 40 mins

Parents plant drugs in the car of a fellow parent, child taken into custody because of marijuana use, 2 transgender parents, mother kills husband and son with anti-freeze cocktails.

38x24 Campus Confidential

  • 2015-01-24T03:00:00Z — 40 mins

A college student becomes an informant for campus police to avoid arrest for selling drugs.

38x25 The Party's Over

  • 2015-01-31T03:00:00Z — 40 mins

Vanderbilt Rape Trial Jurors Say Video Evidence Decided Their Guilty Verdict.

38x26 Family Secrets

  • 2015-02-07T03:00:00Z — 40 mins

When former White House Counsel learned of his wife’s plans to divorce him, he beat her nearly to death in their Connecticut mansion. Plus: After spending a year in jail, a man reveals the family secrets he says led him to his life as a young impostor.

38x27 Keepin' it Real Estate

  • 2015-02-14T03:00:00Z — 40 mins

How a Real Estate Agent Survived Attack By a Client. Woman Harassed Couple After Losing Bid on Dream Home.

38x28 Women Behind Bars

  • 2015-02-28T03:00:00Z — 40 mins

Diane Sawyer Takes You Inside a Nation of Women Behind Bars.

38x29 Strange Afflictions

  • 2015-03-14T02:00:00Z — 40 mins

Parents Cynthia and Brandon Ross discuss Brandon's abuse charges, and their ongoing battle to clear Brandon's name and regain custody of their kids, claiming the only reason their son was injured is due to his rare disease: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

Fifty years after its release, Julie Andrews returns to Salzburg, Austria, with ABC News' Diane Sawyer.

38x31 Terror on the Trestle

  • 2013-03-21T02:00:00Z — 39 mins

A crew member is killed on the set of a movie by a train, now the director is facing trouble.

38x33 Confessions

  • 2015-04-04T02:00:00Z — 40 mins

Nurses confess secrets

38x34 Letourneau & Fualaau Now

  • 2015-04-11T02:00:00Z — 40 mins

Infamous for having one of the most scrutinized forbidden relationships in recent memory. Mary (34) was Vili’s (12) sixth-grade teacher. They started having an affair and were forced to go public after Mary became pregnant with the couple's first child. She pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree child rape and went to prison, where she gave birth to a second daughter behind bars.

Just months into their marriage, Shelby and her husband two began having issues, and eventually she made plans to leave her husband, taking baby with her. But on New Year’s Day 2012 Shelby vanished, leaving her baby behind. It was the last time Shelby’s family heard from her.

38x36 Bruce Jenner - The Interview

  • 2015-04-25T02:00:00Z — 81 mins

ABC News' Diane Sawyer sits down with former Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner, who discusses his love for his family, the decisions he's made, the journey he has taken to get to this point in his life and what he has planned for the future.

Robin Roberts talks to Cleveland kidnapping survivors, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, about their heartbreaking story of captivity and escape.

Taya Kyle, widow of U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, discusses how she told her children that her late husband had passed, what it was like being wed to a hero, and how she and her family are moving on from their loss.

38x39 FLDS: A House Divided

  • 2015-05-09T02:00:00Z — 40 mins

A Latter-Day Saints community allegedly run by their former leader Warren Jeffs, even as he serves a life sentence in prison, and the actions that some individuals are taking to break Jeffs' control over others.

38x40 To Catch a Fake

  • 2015-05-16T02:00:00Z — 40 mins

An ongoing investigation into counterfeit products that are making their way into the U.S. and being sold illegally, traveling to three continents to get a closer look at how law enforcers are trying to fix the problem.

38x41 Who's Freeloading?

  • 2015-05-23T02:00:00Z — 40 mins

An updated report on the cases of Shannon Lee and Quiana Johnson, who rented out empty properties as their own by forging documents saying they were the homeowners; a report on the workers who fake injuries to receive compensation.

38x42 The Sweetheart Swindle

  • 2015-05-30T02:00:00Z — 40 mins

Psychic sets trap to con Oregon timber millionaire; psychic used teen daughter to scam timber millionaire; psychic con victim forgives those who stole nearly $15M from him.

38x43 Bad Blood

  • 2015-06-06T02:00:00Z — 40 mins

Gio Benitez reports on the story of a 29-year-old lawyer who was found shot six times by his girlfriend in what she claims was self-defense, but a former girlfriend enlightens police with information that could possibly indict the current girlfriend.

38x47 Monster in My Family

  • 2015-07-11T02:00:00Z — 40 mins

Melissa Moore, the daughter of serial killer Keith Jesperson visits the show to talk about what it was like to grow up in a home with a murderer, her own personal journey to healing and how she is now helping others deal with similar situations.

38x48 Stranger Than Fiction

  • 2015-07-18T02:00:00Z — 40 mins

New evidence has been found in the "Gone Girl" case involving the kidnapping of Denise Huskins that has led to the arrest of Matthew Mueller, who was previously charged with a similar crime, but police are questioning whether he acted alone.

38x49 Manhunt

  • 2015-07-25T02:00:00Z — 40 mins

An inside look at David Sweat and Richard Matt's prison break plans, and how they managed to elude police for three weeks before they were found, with interviews from Major Charles Guess and the Superintendent of the State Police, Joseph D'Amico.

38x50 Diamonds Aren't Forever

  • 2015-08-01T02:00:00Z — 40 mins

Correspondent Matt Gurman provides an update on the Jewel Heist that started in 2009, which involved a group of men who traveled around the nation and stole millions in diamonds, but they're use of social media led to their capture and imprisonment.

38x51 The War Next Door

  • 2015-08-08T02:00:00Z — 40 mins

A quarrel developed among neighbors pitting them against several other families in the neighborhood. Tensions ran high and Billy Woodward shot three of his neighbors, killing two of them.

38x52 The Hunter and the Hunted

  • 2015-08-15T02:00:00Z — 40 mins

An update about the hunting of Cecil the Lion, while Deborah Roberts provides insights on the story from the United States, with interviews from the Hwange park officials.

38x53 Evidence Of Love

  • 2015-08-22T02:00:00Z — 40 mins

Why would a woman leave her prominent, wealthy attorney husband to marry a convicted serial killer on death row? Rosalie Bolin says she fell for Oscar Ray Bolin, "the love of my life," while working on his case at the public defender's office 20 years ago. Not only was she convinced Bolin was innocent of the murders of three Tampa area young women, she married the convicted killer 18 years ago. In the marital settlement agreement from her first husband, Rosalie gave up primary custody of her four young daughters, while keeping parental rights and having liberal visitation. Ten trials later, Rosalie, now a licensed private investigator, is still fighting to prove his innocence and claims she has explosive evidence that could clear him in all three murders. While some people say Rosalie is delusional, and the victim's families despise her, one former FBI agent calls her "a brilliant investigator." In fact, it was her detective work that contributed to the exoneration of another death row inmate -- a man who was in the cell right next to her husband. Over the next few weeks, there are two hearings in two of Bolin's cases. Could this be Rosalie's last chance to save her husband? In his first television interview in almost 20 years, Oscar Ray Bolin speaks out from death row. Deborah Roberts' report also includes interviews with one of the sisters of the victim.

38x54 Tragedy on TV

  • 2015-08-29T02:00:00Z — 40 mins

Deborah Roberts and Jim Avila provide an update on the shooting that took place in Roanoke, Va., where a former employee of a local news station shot and killed a station reporter and cameraman, and injured the woman they were interviewing.

38x55 Pope Francis and the People

  • 2015-09-05T02:00:00Z — 40 mins

On Monday, August 31, Pope Francis held the first-ever televised virtual audience with Americans, a historic event moderated by "World News Tonight" Anchor David Muir from the Vatican. In the first-of-its-kind global gathering, which will be part of an ABC News special on Friday, September 4, Pope Francis heard the stories of the people while delivering his message to hundreds in Chicago, Los Angeles, and McAllen, Texas simultaneously from the Vatican via satellite.