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7 Little Johnstons

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  • 2019-05-28T22:00:00-04:00s at 2019-05-28T22:00:00-04:00 on TLC
  • 2015-04-01T02:00:00Z
  • 45 mins
  • 1 day, 7 hours, 59 mins (49 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Comedy, Family, Reality
Amber and Trent Johnston are living the American dream. They have been happily married for 14 years and have five children ranging from 6 to 13 years old. On paper, they might seem like your average family...yet in person, they attract a lot of attention.... because all seven members of the Johnston family – Amber, Trent, their two biological children, Jonah and Elizabeth, as well as their three adopted children, Anna, Emma and Alex – happen to have Achondroplasia Dwarfism. Together, these spunky seven make up the largest known family of Achondroplastic dwarfs in the world, and even describe themselves as "the real life seven dwarfs." Tune in for a sneak peek of 7 Little Johnstons on Sunday, April 14th at 10/9c. (Source: OWN)

51 episodes

Special 2 A Little Look Back

  • 2017-05-02T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

The Johnstons look back at the memorable events of their first year on TV, including surgeries, behavior issues, home projects and general kid chaos.

1x01 Birds and Bees Make Babies

  • Series Premiere

    2015-04-01T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

In the premiere of a series profiling a family in which all seven members have achondroplasia dwarfism, Anna and Elizabeth get ready for their first formal dance, but the Johnstons are surprised by a shocking call from school.

1x02 The Chicken Race

  • 2015-04-08T02:00:00Z — 21 mins

Trent builds a chicken coop when the family decide to raise poultry; Amber takes Alex and Emma to their first karate class.

1x03 What Big Daddy Wants

  • 2015-04-08T02:00:00Z — 21 mins

A decision to purchase a TV or living-room furniture becomes a dilemma in the middle of a renovation. Meanwhile, Jonah tries out for the high-school soccer team.

1x04 Reno-cation

  • 2015-04-15T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

The family take a break from their fixer-upper and go on a ski trip, but when Trent is diagnosed with pneumonia it is up to Amber to keep the vacation on track.

1x05 Hot Mama

  • 2015-04-22T02:00:00Z — 21 mins

Trent and Amber go out for dinner and dancing on Valentine's Day, but Trent also has a surprise waiting for his wife at home.

1x06 Run, Big Daddy, Run!

  • 2015-04-22T02:00:00Z — 21 mins

Trent trains for a Fun Run. Meanwhile, Amber's frustrated up with the kitchen layout; and the kids plan a surprise birthday dinner for their parents.

1x07 Call Off Easter?

  • 2015-04-29T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

Easter is coming but the Johnstons' kitchen renovation isn't complete; Amber finds herself in a dangerous situation.

2x01 Girl Lookin' Rough

  • Season Premiere

    2015-11-11T03:00:00Z — 41 mins

In the Season 2 premiere, Amber gets a makeover from a professional after Trent tries to highlight her hair. Meanwhile, Alex's back pain prompts a meeting with doctors to determine if he needs surgery.

2x02 Alex Has a Little Crush

  • 2015-11-18T03:00:00Z — 42 mins

The last day of school has everyone excited, except Alex, who has a crush on his teacher. Later, Trent and Amber take the kids on vacation, but Jonah's unruly behavior could bring it to a premature end.

2x03 Life's Too Short to Be Angry

  • 2015-11-25T03:00:00Z — 42 mins

A bathroom renovation puts stress on the family dynamics and Trent and Amber's relationship. Meanwhile, Emma signs up for cheerleading camp even though she may be too shy to perform.

2x04 Drownding' in the Deep End

  • 2015-12-02T03:00:00Z — 21 mins

An invitation to a pool party prompts Alex and Emma to take swimming lessons, but Trent insists he knows how to swim even though Amber doesn't believe him.

2x05 Couple's Skate

  • 2015-12-02T03:00:00Z — 21 mins

Emma turns 10 and celebrates her birthday with a roller-skating party. Meanwhile, the family is ready to get rid of their van, which has 300,000 miles on it and no air conditioning.

2x06 #GoatPoop

  • 2015-12-09T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

Alex has an MRI on his back that turns serious when he stops breathing while under sedation. Meanwhile, the family can't agree on the idea of adopting goats.

2x07 There's No 'I' in Trent

  • 2015-12-09T03:00:00Z — 21 mins

Amber is nervous when her biological father comes for a visit for the first time in five years. Meanwhile, the family plans a yard sale, but Trent gets too nostalgic for their stuff and doesn't want to part with anything.

2x08 My Two Dads

  • 2015-12-16T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

Amber goes to the beach with her adopted dad, Trent and the kids, but she's preoccupied with what her biological father really thinks of her during a stop at her aunt's house.

2x09 Big Daddy Eagle Scout

  • 2015-12-23T03:00:00Z — 42 mins

Trent plans a camping trip for the whole family at the end of summer before school starts, but Amber doesn't think it's such a good idea to be outdoors in the August heat in Georgia.

2x10 Alex's Surgery

  • 2015-12-30T03:00:00Z — 42 mins

Alex's upcoming tonsillectomy makes the whole family nervous, especially after what happened during his recent MRI, when he stopped breathing while under anesthesia.

3x01 License to Drive

  • Season Premiere

    2017-05-03T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

In the season premiere, Alex undergoes an MRI to see if he needs brain surgery after being diagnosed with central apnea. Meanwhile, Jonah wants to get his driver's license; and Anna looks forward to her learner's permit.

3x02 Brain Surgery for Alex

  • 2017-05-10T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

Amber gives Alex a haircut as he prepares to undergo brain surgery. Meanwhile, Trent takes the other kids to see the Harlem Globetrotters.

3x03 Loose Lips Sink Surprises

  • 2017-05-17T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

Trent vows to lose weight before he turns 40, but the process isn't as much fun as he'd hoped. Meanwhile, Amber plans a surprise party for Trent's birthday that he'll never forget.

3x04 I Just Tinkled

  • 2017-05-24T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

Jonah's grades are slipping and Anna would rather do hair and makeup than go to college, so Amber and Trent arrange a college tour to motivate Jonah, and encourage Anna to find a job at a salon to learn the issues facing a little person in the workplace.

3x05 A Little Girl in a Pageant World

  • 2017-05-31T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

Elizabeth navigates uncharted territory when she enters a local beauty pageant. Meanwhile, Trent and Amber takes steps to finalize Emma's and Anna's adoptions.

3x06 A Family Emergency

  • 2017-06-07T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

A busy family week is interrupted when one of the Johnstons is rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night.

3x07 Party Pooper

  • 2017-06-14T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

Amber is discharged from the hospital in time to help the family throw Anna's sweet-16 party for the ages.

3x08 8 Little Johnstons?

  • 2017-06-21T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

The family needs a break, so the Johnstons take off for a tropical vacation in Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, Amber and Trent ponder adding another member to their brood.

4x01 A Little Teen Romance

  • Season Premiere

    2007-09-20T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

The Johnston family throws a big bash to celebrate Jonah and Liz's birthdays, and Liz's friend James comes; the party acts as Liz's last hurrah before she gets leg surgery.

4x02 Little Mama Sells Big Houses!

  • 2017-09-27T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

Liz begins the tough road to recovery from her leg surgery; Amber tries to improve her real estate game with some help from Anna and Alex.

4x03 Dad's Wearing Mom's Pants

  • 2017-10-04T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

After yoga fails to inspire the family to get active, Amber and Trent get bikes for everyone, but Emma and Alex struggle without training wheels; Trent and Amber surprise the family with matching tattoos, but Jonah's not feeling them.

4x04 Tour De Johnston

  • 2017-10-11T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

Amber signs the family up for a charity bike ride; Liz takes her first steps out of her wheelchair, but pushes herself too far in trying to ride her new bike; Alex and Emma head to the orthodontist for braces.

4x05 A Life-Changing Decision

  • 2017-10-18T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

Trent teaches Anna how to drive to prepare for her license, but her behavior leaves Trent and Amber unsure of whether to trust her with the responsibility of driving; Trent and Amber shock the kids with a big announcement.

4x06 The M Word

  • 2017-10-25T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

As their home is shown at an open house, the family heads to an amusement park where they're harassed and called the "M" word, and upon return, they discover their dream home has fallen through, leaving them unsure of where they will end up living.

5x01 Mo' House, Mo' Problems

  • Season Premiere

    2018-10-31T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

After weeks of hotel living, the Johnstons finally move into their new house, but a home repair leads to a dangerous discovery that may have the family packing their bags before they can even settle in their dream home.

5x02 Love Stings

  • 2018-11-07T03:00:00Z — 42 mins

Trent sets up a family beehive while Liz deals with the social media fallout from her recent breakup.

Liz tries to get over her first heartbreak by putting on her own art show, but how will she feel if no one shows up?

5x04 Jonah's Grad-itude

  • 2018-11-21T03:00:00Z — 42 mins

As Jonah becomes the first Johnston kid to graduate high school, Trent & Amber confront him about his disrespectful attitude. And with torrential rain forecast, will the graduation be a wash out?

5x05 Fish Balls

  • 2018-11-28T03:00:00Z — 42 mins

Emma is turning 13 and the family decides to celebrate with a day exploring her Chinese heritage.

5x06 A Tale of Two Rivers

  • 2018-12-05T03:00:00Z — 42 mins

The Johnstons go on a family canoe trip.

5x07 20 Years Of Trent & Amber

  • 2018-12-12T03:00:00Z — 42 mins

Trent and Amber are celebrating 20 years of marriage. They decide to spend the night at an bed & breakfast in Atlanta, and leave Anna in charge of the kids back home. Trent and Amber enjoy candle lit meals and a drive down memory lane while back at home Anna keeps her siblings busy with water guns and mud fights. What sort of surprises are Trent and Amber in store for when they get home?

5x08 Love in Lederhosen

  • 2018-12-12T03:00:00Z — 42 mins

The Johnstons head to a Bavarian-style village in the Georgia mountains for a fun family weekend. There's something for everyone: candy, outdoor adventure and tchotchkes galore. The family tries to recreate some of the adventure at home by building their own zipline. However, when Trent decides to skip the directions will they be soaring or sagging?

Despite being given just two rules to abide at their annual Little People conference, Anna gets in trouble and faces severe consequences; once back home, Liz and Trent butt heads over driving lessons.

5x10 Yo Shawty!

  • 2018-12-19T03:00:00Z — 42 mins

As a new school year begins, Jonah has an LP lady friend come visit to see if romance will bloom. Trent is feeling unsatisfied with his current job and wants to be his own boss. He and Amber discuss opening a refurbished furniture shop and look at commercial real estate options around town. When the kids hear of this bold move, they worry about the risk of failure and how it will affect their futures. Surprised by the kids' resistance, will Trent & Amber move forward with their plans for a family-run business?

6x01 We're Off to See The Wizard!

  • Season Premiere

    2019-04-03T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

The Johnstons throw a Halloween party, but agreeing on a costume theme proves problematic. A trip to a haunted house winds up being more frightening than some of the kids bargained for. Stress takes a toll on Trent's health, giving the family a scare.

6x02 The Nightmare Before Christmas

  • 2019-04-10T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

The Johnstons go big for Christmas with a giant tree and an even bigger party for hundreds of little people; they work to pull everything together in time, before it all comes toppling down.

6x03 Little Johnstons, Big Apple

  • 2019-04-17T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

The Johnstons hit the Big Apple for vacation, seeing the sights and making a special trip to Coney Island to learn the history of sideshows; the family has strong feelings about the history and are shocked when they are invited to see a performance.

6x04 That Was a Race?

  • 2019-04-24T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

Liz is feeling great after the end of her relationship last year; she's exercising, painting and has even signed up to race in a 5K with Emma and Anna; she also has a new love interest but is concerned about Trent and Amber's feelings.

6x05 Valentines or Broken Hearts?

  • 2019-05-01T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

Alex and Emma are both excited to attend their school's Valentine's Day dance; Anna has finally earned the privilege to drive alone; after months of tension, Amber's at her wit's end, so she and Trent make an appointment to see a therapist.

6x06 Picture Them Naked

  • 2019-05-08T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

Family therapy reveals that Emma has been relying on her parents and siblings to speak for her; the Johnstons vow that they will no longer come to Emma's rescue, so it's sink or swim when she has to give a speech in front of a huge crowd.

6x07 The Promposal

  • 2019-05-15T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

Liz is excited for her junior prom; Trent and Amber test the waters on their own business with a booth at the local festival.

6x08 A Prom Kiss & A Prom Diss

  • 2019-05-22T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

It's prom season and Liz and Anna are ready to party, with dresses bought and dates lined up; Amber's turning the big 4-0 and the family devises a surprise trip to Hilton Head, S.C., to celebrate.