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A Certain Magical Index: Season 2

2x13 (37) Croce di Pietro (Apostolic Cross)

  • 2011-01-07T13:00:00Z on AT-X
  • 24 mins
  • Hiroshi Nishikiori
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Anime, Adventure, Science Fiction, Drama

As Oriana and Tōma continue to battle, Stiyl recovers and summons Innocentius to help him. Refusing to give up, Oriana uses her full powers to defeat Stiyl and all of her spells on Tōma. As he is about to lose conscious, Tōma remember his promises to his friends and recuperate himself to finally defeat Oriana. However, Lidvia contacts them and reveals that she and St. Peter's Cross are outside the city and there's nothing they can do to stop her from activating the spell. Luckily, the Night Parade, the festival's fireworks event has started which blocks out the stars and prevents the cross from activating. As Tōma is checked into the hospital, he is visited by Index, Kuroko and Mikoto which the latter informs he has lost their bet. Meanwhile, Lidvia escapes by a private jet but is tracked down by Laura via Stiyl's rune cards and has her ejected out of the plane. Despite Laura offering to save her if she surrenders, Lidvia refuses and chooses to fall to her death while protecting the cross. At the same time, Aleister decides to take action personally due to these recent events. The next morning, Aisa is visited by Index and later, to her joy, Tōma.