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A Fine Romance

All Episodes 1989

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  • Ended
  • ABC
  • 1989-01-19T03:00:00Z
  • 45 mins
  • 6 hours, 0 mins (8 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Comedy, Mystery
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This comedy/romance/mystery show starred Christopher Cazenove as Michael Trent, a reserved Cambridge professor, and Margaret Whitton as Louisa Phillips, a wisecracking New Yorker. They portrayed a divorced couple who still worked together hosting a travel show called "Ticket to Ride". It was shot on location in Europe in such places as Ireland, Malta, and Budapest. Part of the fun was each week brought them to a new location - and a new adventure, usually unwittingly involving Louisa, a magnet for trouble. Michael often had to come to her rescue, sometimes getting hurt (usually in the head) in the process. The other part of the fun was realizing that just maybe they were still in love with each other. Based on the screwball comedies of the '40s, it often lifted lines directly from the old movies. This show only aired 7 weeks in the U.S. before being cancelled due to poor ratings, but it was aired in Europe for the entire run of the episodes, 13 in all.
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13 episodes

1x01 The Original Pilot

  • Series Premiere

    1989-01-19T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

In Rome, production of ""Ticket to Ride"" is held up while Louisa tries to talk Michael into returning to the show to work. She is also trying to scuttle his marriage plans with Anne Biddle. Then, Anne is kidnapped, and the two must work together to get her back. Adding to the plot are a group of men trying to retrieve a priceless, jewel-encrusted spoon, a case of mistaken identity, switched passports, and a chandelier.

1x02 Desperately Seeking Louisa

  • 1989-01-19T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

This is a redo of the original pilot episode with small differences, with Christopher Cazenove playing the part of Michael Trent, which Anthony Andrews played in the pilot. Since he could not take the part after the show was sold, Chris. Cazenove was hired for the role. They used nearly the same script to see how it played with a different actor. The result was very pleasing. In Paris, production of ""Ticket to Ride"" is held up while Louisa tries to talk Michael into returning to the show to work. She is also trying to scuttle his marriage plans with Anne Biddle. Then, Anne is kidnapped, and the two work together to get her back. Adding to the plot are a group of men trying to retrieve a stolen etching hidden away after the war, a case of mistaken identity, and a tuba.

In Dublin, Louisa secretly steals Michael's paycheck to buy a racehorse. Her Aunt Grace shows up unexpectedly and tries to help them see the ""error of their ways"" in divorcing. Miles suspects his wife back home is having an affair with the butcher. Adding to the mix: a group of thieves trying to steal the plans for a gyroscope, a double planted in town, and an Irish wake.

1x04 Absence of Chalice

  • 1989-02-03T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

In Ireland, Michael and Louisa suddenly find to their dismay that they are still legally married. Two thieves try to discover the location of a missing chalice that the townspeople want to keep hidden. Also: Miles is made producer and seeks a beagle, while a blind matchmaker plans a dance.

1x05 Below Suspicion

  • 1989-02-10T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

In Malta, Michael and Louisa both have dates with people who are not what they appear to be. George tries to work in a commercial plug without the stars noticing. In this episode, the mix-up comes from mistaken identities, a rag doll, paid KGB assassins, and Interpol.

Michael and Louisa have a bet going as to which one of them will start an argument first. After she breaks her foot, Louisa is assigned an assistant, Eve, who is secretly out to get her job. George is dealing with budget cuts. Adding to it: a pair of roving crutches, and a paid assassin called the Jaguar who is a master of disguise.

1x07 A Yank and the RAF

  • 1989-02-24T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

A minor auto accident results in Louisa dreaming about Michael and herself as players in France in World War II, Michael as an R.A.F. pilot, and she as an American dancer. They fall in love as Michael tries to track down some V-2 rockets and Louisa is along for the ride. They entire cast is there, playing various roles in the story.

1x08 It's Just the Gypsy in My Soul

  • 1989-03-03T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

In Budapest, Louisa tries to make up with an angry Michael after she destroys a prized possession, a first edition book. Louisa is told she has only a week or two to live, causing an unexpected reaction from Michael. Adding to it: A case of mixed-up identities, a dead body that keeps turning up in strange places, the crew's poker game, and Friday's new boyfriend, Istvan.

1x09 South by Southeast

  • no air date — 45 mins

In this takeoff on ""North by Northwest"", Michael is mistaken for a customs' agent named Rappaport, and he and Louisa wind up on the lam after they are falsely accused of murder. Meanwhile, Louisa is trying to talk Michael into agreeing to do a Japanese dogfood commercial with her. Adding to the mix are a crooked cop, a smuggling ring, and Miles' reaction to learning that his wife, Anne, might be pregnant.

1x10 Double Indignity

  • no air date — 45 mins

In London, Louisa is accidentally hit by a car, causing blurred vision that requires glasses which she refuses to wear. The show is filming at an old manor house owned by Michael's old girlfriend, Priscilla, resulting in a jealous Louisa. Adding to it: a rumored ghost, a murdered twin, a body in a closet, and a maid who's taken a shine to the very married Miles

1x11 School Daze

  • no air date — 45 mins

Shot mostly in Windsor, England, Michael has been invited back to his old school, Dryden, to accept the ""old boy award"". Louisa is the surprised recipient of a mink coat that falls from the sky, pursued thereafter by its owner, a thief who has sown the contents of a bank heist into the lining. Adding to the plot are Michael's disagreeable mother, George trying to get Fergie to appear on the show, and the auction of a baseball card collection that sends Louisa into a mad frenzy of hitting up everyone she knows for enough money to buy it.

1x12 The Tomas Crown Affair

  • no air date — 45 mins

This show begins in Madrid, where Louisa goads Michael into trying some candy, which breaks his tooth. A crooked dentist in Spain gives him a crown, adding a smuggled diamond inside. They fly to San Francisco, where Michael is reluctant to go see the dentist recommended to get a permanent crown. This sets up a plot whereby Michael is pursued by agents trying to retrieve the diamond which he is unaware he has. Louisa wants her beloved Corvette back, while Michael is keeping an old model A for a friend. Adding to this episode: George is trying to avoid an old flame, Friday's wanting her lost luggage, and Michael has 'grounded' Louisa until she pays back a debt.

1x13 Th-Th-That's All, Folks!

  • no air date — 45 mins

In this final episode, the crew is in Santa Cruz, California. Their travel show is rumored to be cancelled, causing the entire cast to wonder about their future. At the same time, Louisa has an autographed baseball worth thousands in her purse, unaware. She is pursued by two thieves who want the baseball, as she tries to hook up again with Michael. Meanwhile, network executives keep dropping like flies.

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