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  • Home And Garden

Spin-off show from A Place in the Sun, in which the house-hunters have to decide between buying a property in the UK or overseas. Property experts Jonnie Irwin and Jasmine Harman are on hand to help make that vital decision.

20 episodes

7x01 Shropshire Vs the Dordogne, France

  • Season Premiere

    no air date — 50 mins

A peaceful retirement is beckoning for Kimm and Tony, but from two different directions. Kimm is drawn to the French way of life she could enjoy in the Dordogne, whereas Tony has his eye on Shropshire, an area that's familiar and beautiful. House hunting with Jonnie Irwin at home and Laura Hamilton away should help them decide which destination would be right for them.

7x02 Dorset Vs Graz, Austria

  • no air date — 50 mins

Workaholics David and Karen want to buy a place to escape to on a budget of £130,000. Karen feels they'd make more use of a place in Dorset. But Jasmine Harman shows them what their money could buy in or around the Alpine city of Graz.

Businesswoman Karen wants to invest, so Jonnie Irwin shows her trendy east London. But Karen's heart is pulling her towards Chamonix in the French Alps where Jasmine Harman finds her some tempting options.

7x04 Wales Vs Andalucia, Spain

  • no air date — 50 mins

Lucy and Chris are contemplating a fresh start, but are torn between setting up an equine B&B in mid-Wales or a mountain biking business in southern Spain.

Chris and Sue are torn between downsizing locally in Tunbridge Wells, or starting a completely new life in the south of France. Jasmine Harman shows them what their money could buy on the Cote D'Azur.

Bob and Jeanette have already sold up and are renting in Cornwall to see if they want to settle there. Jeanette's pretty sure she does, but Bob's got itchy feet and wants to move to southern Spain. With cash in the bank, they're desperate to resolve their dilemma. Jonnie Irwin shows them the merits of Cornwall, while Jasmine Harman finds some amazing properties to tempt them to Spain.

It's Brighton versus Montpellier, with Sue and Cliff torn between which of these vibrant cities to move to. Jonnie Irwin tries to tempt them with what's on offer in the Brighton area favoured by Cliff, while Laura Hamilton shows them what their £300K budget would buy them in southern France, where Sue dreams of running a small B&B.

Three generations of the same family are on the move together. Dad John holds the purse strings but he can't decide whether to buy a suitable property for their unusual requirements in the Colchester area of Essex. His daughter Lucy is pushing for the Algarve where her partner comes from. But wherever they go, there must be room to house Grandad as well.

Brian and Chantal are selling the family home and want to buy two new houses for the price of one. Jonnie Irwin helps to find a smaller home in the Cirencester area where they already live, so Chantal can remain close to her eagerly awaited first grandchild. Laura Hamilton looks for a second home in western France, where Brian would happily spend most of his retirement.

Gail and Clive married three years ago and want to buy a new home together to enjoy their retirement. Gail wants to go back to her roots and move to the west coast of Scotland, where Jonnie Irwin is on hand to help find her perfect new home. But Clive is craving some sun and heat, and has his eye on southern Spain where Jasmine Harman shows them what's on offer.

Retirement offers a new adventure for Laura and Malcolm. But should they up sticks and relocate to France or simply move a bit further south from their current Berkshire home and buy somewhere near Chichester?

7x12 Essex Vs Mallorca

  • no air date — 50 mins

Lynn and Kerry are serial renovators and are ready for their next move. Lynn would like to take on a new project in the Chelmsford area where they currently live. But Kerry would prefer to do something completely different and wants to start a snorkeling business in Mallorca. They house hunt with the help of Sara Damergi in rural Essex, and Jasmine Harman in Mallorca.

Triathletes Ron and Mel have no intention of slowing down in their retirement, but they would like to change where they live. They plan to sell the family home and buy two new properties with the proceeds. They're looking for a smaller house in the area of Kent where they currently live, and a ski chalet in the French Alps where they can enjoy winter and summer sports with friends and family.

7x14 Yorkshire Vs Madeira

  • no air date — 50 mins

Flo has been inspired by a holiday to Madeira in Portugal and wants to make a permanent move there, but husband Andrew, who's already retired, sees himself living in Yorkshire. Sara Damergi and Laura Hamilton help this divided couple decide which location would be right for them.

7x15 Guernsey Vs France

  • no air date — 50 mins

Nicki Burridge is a first time buyer from Guernsey. She has savings in the bank for a deposit and a mortgage already lined up. But she can't decide whether to buy in her home town of St Peter Port or further afield in the Vendee region of western France where she hopes to eventually settle. Luke Doonan and Laura Hamilton show her some options to help her make up her mind.

7x16 Cornwall Vs Madeira

  • no air date — 50 mins

North Cornwall has always had a big appeal for Graham who wants to buy a holiday home there. But his wife Pat wants to be able to enjoy winters in the mild climate of Madeira. Sara Damergi shows them some tempting options at home while Laura Hamilton opens their eyes to the possibilities in Madeira.

Enid has been dreaming of life in the south of France ever since she can remember, but husband Dennis is more interested in a move to the Lakes, where he adores the scenery.

Sheila and Fred have lived together for more than 40 years in the house Sheila grew up in. So this is the first time they have house hunted. Sheila is drawn to Bodmin where she spent happy childhood holidays. But Fred is up for an even bigger adventure involving a move to France.

7x19 Oxford Vs Valencia, Spain

  • no air date — 50 mins

Steve and his French wife Caroline have spent many years living abroad, and Steve's quite happy to settle back in the UK. He's hoping, with the help of Sara Damergi, to tempt Caroline to a more settled future in the Oxford area where she could indulge her love of culture. But Caroline's got itchy feet and wants to move permanently abroad, and hopes Jasmine Harman might find them their perfect new home in Spain.

7x20 Devon or Cartagena, Spain

  • no air date — 50 mins

Richard wants a place in the sun somewhere in Devon where he can stay close to family, friends and football. Jackie's ideal, however, is in southern Spain and with a garden she could get her green fingers into.