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A World of Wonders

Season 1

  • CTV
  • 42 mins
  • Canada

A World of Wonders is a TV series that allows viewers to become armchair travelers as they criss-cross the globe, delighting in its wonders, people, cultures, colours, sounds and flavours. Join intern Cari, Webmaster Sami and former hosts Paula and Vasanth as they give viewers a personal passport to the many awesome sights, sounds and civilizations that make our planet unique.

26 episodes

1x01 Lost in Petra (Jordan)

  • Series Premiere

    no air date — 42 mins

Paula finds herself in the Lost City of Stone, where she sifts through ruins with an archaeologist, visits a family that lives in Petra’s caves, and wanders through the cavernous Siq in search of the famous Treasury.

1x02 The Rainmakers (Tanzania)

  • no air date — 42 mins

Paula visits the remote Barabaig tribe in Tanzania. They enlist her to milk a cow, bead a gourd, and move to the rhythms of their tribal dance. The Barabaig women share the reasons behind their facial marks. The Barabaig men reveal how the tribe makes it rain.

1x03 Cheese Please (Holland)

  • no air date — 42 mins

Webmaster recruits Dutch cheese maker Harry to teach Paula how to make cheese the old-fashioned way. She dons an apron and gloves and is put to work making hundreds of wheels of this Gouda treat.

1x04 I Want My Mummy (Egypt)

  • no air date — 42 mins

Webmaster sends Paula to the Valley of the Kings to unravel the mystery behind the famed tombs. She gets sidetracked in the Valley of the Queens before realizing her clue was leading her to the tomb of the boy king.

1x05 In Step with Mexico (Mexico)

  • no air date — 42 mins

Paula joins hundreds of Mexican children in celebration of their culture. She tries corn-flavoured ice cream, makes tortillas and shows off some folkloric steps in front of a very large audience.

1x06 Climbing The Walls (China)

  • no air date — 42 mins

Webmaster sends Paula on a mission like no other – to a palace closed off to the public for more than 500 years. After catching her own lunch (trout), Paula climbs a section of the famous Great Wall. She finishes her journey with a slide down the Wall.

Webmaster comes up with a scavenger hunt for his intern at the legendary Louvre Museum. She excitedly explores the enormous halls in search of, among other things, the most famous painting in the world.

Our intern finds herself in the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza, where she marvels at the secrets behind the El Castillo pyramid, is bowled over by the rules of Pok-ta-Pok, and comes face to face with Chac, the Mayan rain god. She also learns a little Mayan language.

Paula boards the world’s fastest train in Shanghai, and then slows her pace at an ancient water town. Later, she heads to the top of the world at the Jin Mao Tower, then joins a group of children for a sleepover under the sea.

1x10 A Serengeti Safari (Africa)

  • no air date — 42 mins

Webmaster sends his intern to the world’s greatest wildlife show on earth, the wildebeest and zebra migration. Paula searches for the “Big Five”. Her time in the Serengeti ends on a high note when she and her safari guide come across a rare sighting.

Paula visits the lowest place on earth and finds out that it’s impossible to swim in the salty sea. You just float! Then, Paula meets up with a young Jordanian boy and discovers that Dead Sea mud pies are a recipe for fun.

1x12 Tiny Towns (Netherlands)

  • no air date — 42 mins

Paula is larger than life on her next mission, a visit to Holland in miniature. At Madurodam, Paula has an all-access pass to some of the most famous and well-known places and buildings in all of Holland, including the world’s longest miniature train.

1x13 Queen Of The Nile (Egypt)

  • no air date — 42 mins

Paula cruises along the world’s longest river, but not before exploring an Egyptian farm with a young girl. At the end of the day, she hops aboard a felucca for a sunset sail along the Nile.

1x14 Go Fly a Kite (China)

  • no air date — 42 mins

Paula’s on a highflying adventure in Weifang, the kite capital of the world. She and children from an international school make their own kites. Then, Paula stops by the world’s largest kite festival for dancing and drumming. She meets teams who launch everything from dragons to pigs, ships to geckos.

Webmaster sends his intern to a hippodrome in the ancient city of Jerash, where she becomes a member of the Roman Army, learns about the spectacular sport of gladiator fighting, and climbs aboard a chariot in time for a race. She finishes her day by joining a Jordanian family for a traditional Iftar meal during Ramadan.

1x16 Calling all Rhinos (Tanzania)

  • no air date — 42 mins

Paula travels to the Mkomazi Rhino Reserve in Tanzania where she meets Tony, a well-known conservationist and animal lover. She and Tony explore the expansive reserve by land and air, hoping to spot a rhino. Paula chats with Tony’s six-year-old twins about living among the animals.

1x17 Pyramid Power (Egypt)

  • no air date — 42 mins

Paula arrives at the only remaining ancient wonder of the world, and catches a camel ride for a closer look. She also finds out that the Sphinx is just as regal today as ever. And, she visits a young girl whose home has a spectacular view of the famous Pyramids of Giza.

1x18 Sunk In Mexico (Mexico)

  • no air date — 42 mins

Paula jumps into this mission when Webmaster sends her to Mexico to uncover the underground world of Cenotes. She also discovers the doorway to the Mayan underworld during a scuba dive.

1x19 Among The Warriors (China)

  • no air date — 42 mins

Webmaster sends his global warrior to Xi’an to visit the thousands of Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses. Paula dons a warrior costume of her own, and then stops by a training school to learn the art of Wushu. She stokes her appetite by helping to make dinner at China’s most famous dumpling restaurant.

1x20 Towering Over Paris (France)

  • no air date — 42 mins

Paula heads to Paris for a grand tour of one of the world’s most famous towers. She also comes across Monsieur Eiffel in his private office atop the tower. Then, she goes behind-the-scenes and tries her hand at greasing the cogs of one of the Tower’s unusual elevators.

1x21 Roaming the Desert (Jordan)

  • no air date — 42 mins

Our intern wanders through the expansive desert of Wadi Rum in search of nomads. She sand surfs, hangs out with a Bedouin family in their tent, and meets their pet camels. She also hops on a “ship of the desert” for a ride through the sand.

1x22 Dutch Treats (Holland)

  • no air date — 42 mins

Webmaster has Paula on the lookout for two of Holland’s claims to fame. At the world’s largest flower auction, Paula’s on the clock to find out just how fast they move across the globe. Then, she’s got big shoes to fill with the owner of the world’s largest wooden shoe factory.

Webmaster sends Paula into the bush to find the elusive waHadzabe tribe, a nomadic group of hunters and gatherers. Paula is put to work building fire, making arrows and practicing her aim. Then, she steps up the pace and steps into a tribal circle dance.

1x24 Egyptian Treasures (Egypt)

  • no air date — 42 mins

Paula digs deep into Egyptian culture at the world’s oldest market. Then, she gets behind the wheel and learns the ancient art of pottery. She also figures out how the Egyptians turned papyrus into paper, and finds a friend to show her the art of hieroglyphics.

1x25 Roped at a Hacienda (Mexico)

  • no air date — 42 mins

Our intern gets roped into working at a hacienda, where she finds out how a plant called sisal is harvested and turned into twine. She also visits a Mayan homestead and is put to work by a man named Don Antonio.

1x26 Chinese Showstoppers (China)

  • no air date — 42 mins

Webmaster pulls some strings for Paula’s next mission, which begins at a Chinese puppet theatre. Her mission hits a high note when she stops by a traditional opera school. Paula’s mind is spinning as she watches young roller-skating acrobats. After a hearty Chinese dinner, she’s off to the Shanghai circus to learn about tumbling and to watch a show-stopping stunt.