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Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

All Episodes 1994 - 1997

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  • Ended
  • Nickelodeon
  • 1994-10-29T04:00:00Z
  • 15 mins
  • 1 day, 8 hours, 26 mins (102 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Klasky-Csupo + 1 more, Nickelodeon Productions
  • Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Family
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Three monsters—Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm—attend a monster school to learn how to frighten humans while facing other struggles, often involving their strict instructor known as The Gromble.
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102 episodes

1x01 The Switching Hour

  • Series Premiere

    1994-10-29T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina hit the human world on Halloween night with disastrous results.

1x02 Monsters, Get Real

  • 1994-11-05T05:00:00Z — 23 mins

Ickis, Oblina and Krumm pull off a good scare in Bradley's room, only to discover that Ickis has left his all-important monster manual on the surface.

Ickis, having carelessly left his monster manual in the human world, faces the dreaded consequences of being Snorched.

1x04 Curse of the Krumm

  • 1994-11-12T05:00:00Z — 23 mins

Odiferous Krumm, who put the stink in distinct, loses his stench and fears his monstering days are over.

1x05 Krumm Goes Hollywood

  • 1994-11-12T05:00:00Z — 23 mins

A Hollywood director mistakes Krumm for an extra on his movie set, and turns him into a star.

1x06 Monstrous Makeover

  • 1994-11-19T05:00:00Z — 23 mins

Wanting a face only a monster could love, Ickis contemplates plastic surgery. John Astin guest-stars.

1x07 A Wing and a Scare

  • 1994-11-19T05:00:00Z — 23 mins

Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina get folded and spindled when they get themselves trapped in a suitcase and are loaded onto a plane bound for Wisconsin.

1x08 Krumm's Pimple

  • 1994-11-26T05:00:00Z — 23 mins

Krumm sprouts a gigantic pimple. The pimple has its own personality and is a hit with the other monsters, putting the squeeze on Krumm's popularity.

1x09 The Monster Hunter

  • 1994-11-26T05:00:00Z — 23 mins

Monster Hunter Simon says there are real monsters in the world. But no one believes him. Simon says he'll prove it to the world.

1x10 Monsters Don't Dance

  • 1994-12-03T05:00:00Z — 23 mins

TV's loveable Murray the Monster is undermining good ghouls everywhere, because kids aren't afraid of him.

1x11 Gone Shopp'n

  • 1994-12-03T05:00:00Z — 23 mins

Tis the season to be scary, and Oblina, Ickis, and Krumm are happy to oblige. They terrorize shoppers in a mall, but the tables are turned when our trio finds themselves locked inside after hours.

1x12 Old Monster

  • 1994-12-10T05:00:00Z — 23 mins

Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm are bored when Gromble's old teacher lectures at the academy. But when they escort him back to the dump, they learn that old monsters are the best monsters.

1x13 Mother May I?

  • 1994-12-10T05:00:00Z — 23 mins

Every boy and monster's worst fear is realised for the Gromble -- his mom shows up at the academy unannounced. The Gromble leaves her in the care of Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm for the afternoon with alarming results.

1x14 Don't Just Do It

  • 1994-12-17T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

Ickis gets a bad case of hero worship when he is befriended by an impulsive monster drop-out Puhg, who takes Ickis to the surface without adequate preparations.

1x15 Joined at the Hip

  • 1994-12-17T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

When the Gromble gets fed up with Ickis and Krumm, he merges them into a new monster called Krickis. They're two, two, two monsters in one.

1x16 Smile and Say Oblina

  • 1994-12-24T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

Even monsters get the blues, and Oblina proves it when she develops her first crush. Ian Ziering Guest-stars.

1x17 The Great Wave

  • 1994-12-24T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

Life is no "day at the beach" for Ickis as his self-esteem hits a rip tide when he is chosen to be a contestant in the Annual Riding of the Great Wave Competition.

1x18 Cold Hard Toenails

  • 1994-12-31T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

Ickis becomes rich when he discovers an unending supply of toenails, but soon discovers money doesn't make the monster. Jonathan Winters guest-stars.

1x19 Attack of the Blobs

  • 1994-12-31T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

Oblina becomes a baby-sitter and gets a job minding a blob only a mother could love.

1x20 Chip off the Old Beast

  • 1995-01-07T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

Ickis fears nobody will ever say, "like father, like son," when his famous father visits the academy and dazzles the monster multitudes.

1x21 The War is Over

  • 1995-01-07T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

The Gromble sends his three monster-students on a routine scare of an old house. But it appears the house is haunted. Monsters don't believe in ghosts -- or do they?

The scare meter and hall of records informs the Gromble that monster scares are not as effective as they used to be in the human world. This poses a problem to the monster race as it exists.

1x23 Simon Strikes Back

  • 1995-01-21T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

He's baaaaaaack! The relentless Simon the Monster Hunter is up to his old tricks with new traps. Ickis tries to save their friends talking to the first kid he ever scared: Bradley.

1x24 The Ickis Box

  • 1995-01-21T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

Ickis wants to prove the Gromble wrong and show other monsters that TV isn't bad for young monsters. And actually, tries to invent his own TV Show. Micky Dolenz guest-stars.

2x01 Spontaneously Combustible

  • Season Premiere

    1995-09-09T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Ickis is diagnosed as spontaneously combustible -- which means he could explode at any moment. His friends feel sorry for him, but at the same time are reluctant to be near him for fear that he could "go at any moment." The Gromble refers to the Academy monsters as "humans" because they are afraid of something they do not understand.

2x02 Curse of Katana

  • 1995-09-09T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Ickis gets "flashed" (gets his picture taken) by a celebrity reporter. If this picture runs on the front page, monsters' existence will be revealed to humans. Our heroes must band together and go above ground to retrieve every newspaper copy before dawn.

2x03 Monsters Are Real

  • 1995-09-16T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Krumm, Ickis, and Oblina are sent on a scare mission in a museum. They come upon an old Egyptian mummy. Ickis thinks up a creative scare and places Krumm's eyes in the mummy's head. The museum curator thinks the mummy has come to life and puts it under heavy security. The scare was successful. The only problem is that Krumm's eyes are now stuck in the mummy. Our heroes must remove Krumm's eyes without getting caught. This episode features a romantic moment when Krumm is reunited with his eyes.

2x04 This Is Your Brain on Ickis

  • 1995-09-16T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

In the course of giving Simon, the Monster hunter, a routine nightmare, Ickis gets sucked into Simon's brain. Ickis can see through Simon's eyes and discovers that he can control Simon's actions. Ickis takes Simon on a rampage through the city streets. Word spreads of this crazy man and he is finally detained by doctors. Oblina and Krumm must get Ickis out of Simon's brain before the cat scan reveals his existence.

2x05 Into the Woods

  • 1995-09-23T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Ickis has to perform a group scare, so he turns to a human he knows for help. Ickis uses Bradley to set up a scare to frighten his boy scout campfire group. Bradley sets it up so that when his story mentions a monster, Ickis can come out and scare the others. On his way to the campfire Ickis faces a wild bear and a group of burly Lumberjacks.

2x06 Krumm Gets the Dreaded Nolox

  • 1995-09-23T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Krumm gets a bad case of the hiccups or in monster terms, "the Nolox." Every time he Noloxes, something terrible happens. It's up to Oblina and Ickis to find a cure for the dreaded Nolox.

2x07 Mayberry UFO

  • 1995-09-30T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm are mistaken for aliens in a backwater town.

Ickis and Krumm are debating over who's the "most fearless" monster. Oblina is sick of listening to Krumm and Ickis and dares them to sneak into Snorch's room while he's sleeping and pluck a golden hair out of his nose. When the Snorch awakes and notices his prized possession missing, he gets into a horrible mood. He takes it out on everyone in the Academy including his best friend, Zimbo. Zimbo takes it upon himself to find out "who done it."

2x09 Garbage Ahoy

  • 1995-10-07T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

The Monsters are foraging in the dump. Suddenly, bulldozers move in and begin pushing the garbage onto a huge barge where it heads off to sea with Oblina, Krumm and Ickis on board. At first it's party time, but soon, everyone wants to go home.

2x10 Goin' (Way) South

  • 1995-10-07T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Our three heroes get locked in a crate that lands in Antarctica, site of the world's greatest explorer's latest expedition -- and the monsters latest scare.

Oblina infiltrates the human race in a "human suit." When the suit malfunctions, and she thinks she's human, Ickis and Krumm have to rescue her.

2x12 Puppy Ciao

  • 1995-10-14T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

While above the ground, Ickis saves a puppy from being run over. He sneaks the puppy back to the academy and enlists his friends' help to hide it from the Gromble.

2x13 The Rival

  • 1995-10-21T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Oblina, always the star pupil, finds herself challenged to the limit by a gifted transfer student from another dump.

2x14 Hats Off

  • 1995-10-21T04:00:00Z — 15 mins

Ickis steals a magician's hat, assuming that its powers will make him the most popular monster at the academy.

2x15 O'Lucky Monster

  • 1995-10-28T04:00:00Z — 15 mins

Oblina is not superstitious, but when she steps on a slug, she starts experiencing circumstantial "bad luck." Ickis and Krumm give her a lucky charm to turn her luck around.

2x16 Eau de Krumm

  • 1995-10-28T04:00:00Z — 15 mins

When a human designer releases a new fragrance, the monsters discover it works as a toxic gas against them.

2x17 Rosh O'Monster

  • 1995-11-04T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

When the viewfinder stops working, Ickis, Oblina and Krumm tell very different versions of the same scare.

2x18 Tree of Ickis

  • 1995-11-04T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

Ickis eats a seed from a tree, and soon finds that he's turning into a tree himself.

2x19 History of the Monster World

  • 1995-11-11T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

The Gromble teaches students about their proud heritage.

2x20 Fear, Thy Name is Ickis

  • 1995-11-11T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

A famous artist creates a huge statue entitled "Fear" -- which is actually a clay sculpture of a looming Ickis.

2x21 Quest for the Holy Pail

  • 1995-11-18T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

Ickis is chosen by mysterious forces as the monster to search for the holy pail -- the most sacred of monster objects.

2x22 Garbage In, Garbage Out

  • 1995-11-18T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

When the city mayor declares a "Dump the Dump" recycling effort, the lack of garbage cans causes a crisis at the Academy, as the monsters run out of food.

2x23 A Room With No Viewfinder

  • 1995-11-25T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

Desperate to avoid being strapped to the viewfinder, Ickis attempts to dismantle it -- and the viewfinder escapes.

2x24 Krumm Rises to the Top

  • 1995-11-25T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

Ickis and Oblina find themselves monster-sitting a swollen, helium-voiced and cranky Krumm when he swallows a helium tank.

2x25 The Five Faces of Ickis

  • 1995-12-02T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

The Gromble insists that Ickis come up with five scares in one day. In desperation, Ickis lets a huckster clone him five times so he can get the job done.

2x26 Bigfoot, Don't Fail Me Now

  • 1995-12-02T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

Simon the Monster Hunter is hot on the trail of Bigfoot, who turns out to be one of the Gromble's ex-students.

3x01 Festival of the Festering Moon

  • Season Premiere

    1996-09-07T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

The festival celebrates the shedding of skins that each monster must undergo as he or she moves from childhood to adolescence. As the festival approaches, Krumm is chosen to form a band and Oblina is chosen to perform the festival's ceremonial dance. Ickis, who shows no signs of shedding, feels left out.

3x02 Simon's Big Score

  • 1996-09-07T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina sneak into Simon's house to scare him. After the scare, Simon seems to know the monsters' whereabouts. He shows up when they least expect it. How is he doing it?

3x03 Who'll Stop the Brain?

  • 1996-09-14T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Oblina, overstudying for an upcoming exam, sneezes her brain out of her head. While the brain has the time of its life in the city, Ickis and Krumm must take Oblina's body and find the brain.

3x04 Cement Heads

  • 1996-09-14T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina go on a scare in an abandoned building. They spot four gargoyles, monsters condemned to live out their days in cement for a crime they claim they did not commit. Ickis frees them from their prison, but soon has to run for his life when he discovers they are guilty of the crime.

3x05 Ickis and the Red Zimbo

  • 1996-09-21T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Ickis discovers a remote control helicopter in the dump and uses it to scare humans from long distance. Zimbo hates the helicopter because he feels there's only room for one flying monster in the Academy. Soon he and the "Ickis Copter" get into a dogfight!

3x06 Oblina and the Three Humans

  • 1996-09-21T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

When the Gromble dumps his obnoxious nephew on Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina, the only way they can find to keep him quiet is to tell him a story. Oblina treats the tyke to her own version of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" where the Troll is the hero.

3x07 Baby It's You

  • 1996-09-28T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina are saddled with babysitting the Gromble's nephew, Bomble. They take him along on a garbage hunting trip to a local hospital where the baby monster is accidentally switched with a new-born human baby. The trio must track down the Bomble at the home of his new human "parents" and replace him with the human.

3x08 Monsters Are Fun

  • 1996-09-28T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

A new carnival opens near town and The Gromble is insulted and outraged by one of its attractions - the "Monsters Are Fun" ride. He assigns his two top students, Oblina and Krumm, the task of scaring its riders and shutting down the attraction.

3x09 Out of the Past

  • 1996-10-05T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Ickis is in the middle of projecting a botched scare on the viewfinder when The Gromble sees something on the screen that makes him turn white as a sheet-- the red delivery van of Dick Jolly of "Jolly Rooter Sewer Service." Years earlier The Gromble tried to scare Jolly but was thwarted by Jolly's horrible "sewer eater" (the Roto-Rooter machine). The Gromble takes Ickis, Krumm and Oblina on a misguided search for Jolly.

3x10 Ship of Fools

  • 1996-10-05T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Oblina is left in charge when the Gromble goes off to the Annual Academy Teachers Convention, and power goes to her head.

3x11 Eye Full of Wander

  • 1996-10-12T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Ickis, Krumm and Oblina go for a romp in the sewer, tossing one of Krumm's eyes around in a game of catch. The eye accidentally falls into the water and is swallowed by a boa constrictor. The snake leads the trio on a a wild chase. It eventually ends up at a rock concert, where they finally capture it, along with Krumm's eyes.

When Oblina is invited home for the weekend, Ickis and Krumm come along and discover that being rich is no walk in the dump. Krumm and Ickis have to convince Oblina to stand up to her domineering mother after she insists that Oblina must leave the academy and return to the estate for good.

3x13 Krumm Gets Ahead

  • 1996-10-19T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Krumm misplaces an eyeball for the seventh time in a week, and decides what he really needs is a head. Oblina refers him to a monster plastic surgeon, who gives Krumm the head of his dreams. It's big and square - and Krumm tops it off with an orange rug.

3x14 It's Only a Movie

  • 1996-10-19T04:00:00Z — 15 mins

Ickis' boasting gets the better of him after he sits through a cutesy movie, just to prove that he can. The movie doesn't give him bad dreams, but Zimbo does, when he dresses as the main character and begins to torment Ickis.

3x15 You Only Scare Twice

  • 1996-10-26T04:00:00Z — 15 mins

Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina pick a seemingly mild-mannered Englishman to scare, thinking it will be a piece of cake. The trio soon discover the scare is not as easy as it looks. The Englishman is a secret agent, dodging danger at every corner.

3x16 Less Talk, More Monsters

  • 1996-10-26T04:00:00Z — 15 mins

A wacky radio DJ announces that $50,000 has been hidden in the dump. Soon humans are swarming there and the monsters can't get rid of them. Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina find the DJ and scare him, getting the humans out of the dump by announcing the money is at the radio station.

3x17 Fistful of Toenails

  • 1996-11-02T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina discover an old movie in the dump, which they watch constantly despite the Gromble's protests. They begin to ape the characters in the movie and even try some dangerous cowboy movie stunts in their scaring.

3x18 Blind Love, Monster Love

  • 1996-11-02T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

Ickis falls head over heels in love when he spots the screeching hook-nosed Judy from a street corner Punch and Judy show. Not knowing she's a puppet, Ickis finally shares his feelings with his friends, who help him to present himself to the object of his desire.

3x19 Amulet of Enfarg

  • 1996-11-09T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

Ickis is given the job of polishing The Gromble's sacred "Amulet of Enfarg", a medal given to the most honoured of monsters. Ickis gets so caught up in his daydream of one day being awarded the Amulet that he wears it to a group scare at a department store, and loses it.

3x20 Bad Hair Day

  • 1996-11-09T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

When Krumm loses his pit hairs as the result of a "Monster Mischief Day" prank, Ickis vows to do anything to get him his hair back. Ickis finds a stash of discarded "Super Grow" hair tonic in the dump and rubs it in Krumm's pits--to disastrous results.

3x21 Monster Blues

  • 1996-11-16T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

When Ickis runs away from the Academy he falls in with an old bluesman who cannot be scared because he's blind. The two become friends as the bluesman teaches Ickis a thing or two about being your own man -- or monster. Ickis returns the favour when he scares the demolition crew that arrives to destroy the old man's building.

3x22 I Heard the Snorch Call My Name

  • 1996-11-16T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

The Snorch, tired of not being able to communicate, gets a new voicebox installed by Dr. Buzz Kutt which gives him a beautiful speaking voice. Oblina, impressed by his intelligence and eloquence, shows him how to scare and they become fast friends - leaving Zimbo, Ickis, and Krumm out in the cold.

3x23 Wake Me When It's Over

  • 1996-11-23T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

Ickis accidentally eats a chocolate Easter bunny. The human food gives him a bad case of sleepscaring - the monster equivalent of sleepwalking. Terrified of his middle of the night scares, he turns to his friends for help.

3x24 Things That Go Bump

  • 1996-11-23T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

A new transfer student arrives at the dump. The Skrink is a small, shy fellow with odd noise-making appendages. Ickis is paired with The Skrink for "pair-scaring", but isn't happy.

3x25 The Master Monster

  • 1996-11-30T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

The Gromble is up of his job review at the hands of Balook The Granfaloon, a puny, "by the book" Bureaucrat, who fires The Gromble for breaking a trivial rule against students celebrating after a scare.

3x26 Slumber Scare

  • 1996-11-30T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

Ickis, Krumm and Oblina are bored. Oblina has the bright idea to organise a slumber party. Girl monsters only. Ickis, Krumm and their friends, with nothing better to do, decide to sabotage the girls' night.

4x01 Battle of the Century

  • Season Premiere

    1997-09-13T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Simon the Monster Hunter builds the ultimate monster hunting machine; The Simon-Mobile, in an attempt to capture a real monster. When the monsters get wind of this, they build a machine entirely out of garbage and go head to head battle with Simon. With The Gromble at the helm, the monsters emerge victorious.

4x02 A Perfect World

  • 1997-09-13T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Feeling like Ickis and Oblina are not paying him enough attention, Krumm moves out of their dorm room and into the room of two other monsters - Snav and Blib. These two monsters spoil Krumm with attention, which he needs - at first. But soon Krumm realises that being the centre of attention is not all it's cracked up to be.

4x03 Escape Claws

  • 1997-09-20T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

A case of mistaken identity leaves Ickis thinking six lobsters are actually six monsters. He saves them from being served as dinners and promises to see them safely home.

4x04 The Lips Have It

  • 1997-09-20T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Oblina loses her lips when they get caught on a construction barricade and ripped off. The lips are found by would-be model Lucy Schmeeler, who glues them on and is proclaimed a sensation by Modelling Agency Owner Dietrich DuChamp.

4x05 Walk Like a Man

  • 1997-09-27T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

When Ickis gets stuck in a toilet in Rock Star Suede's house, the monsters' only hope is to disguise Ickis in Suede's coat and hat and try to walk home. The trip home turns into a disaster as the monsters get tossed out of a taxi, cause a massive pileup and are chased back to the dump by TV Reporter, Exposia Vertov, and a horde of screaming teeny boppers, who think the disguised Ickis is Suede.

4x06 A Friend Indeed

  • 1997-09-27T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

When Ickis meets a monster with a human face, he not only gains a private tutor, he makes a friend. As a youngster this human-faced monster was the object of such ridicule that he ran away from the dump and has hidden in the human world ever since. Now it is up to Ickis to convince him that the monster world has matured enough to accept this handsome monster as he is.

4x07 Watch the Watch

  • 1997-10-04T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

While getting ready to do a scare at a hypnotist's show, Ickis stares at the hypnotist's watch and inadvertently gets hypnotised along with the hypnotist's intended subject - a loud-mouthed Car Salesman. Oblina and Krumm are mystified that whenever the word "human" is uttered, Ickis begins to act like the Car Salesman.

4x08 She Likes Me?

  • 1997-10-04T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Through a series of misinterpretations, Krumm is convinced that Oblina has a crush on him. Krumm gets paranoid about what this will do to their friendship and tries desperately to avoid her.

4x09 Oblina Without a Cause

  • 1997-10-11T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

When a group of "cool" girl-monsters shuns the obsessively rule-bound Oblina, she transforms herself into Oblina The Rebel--breaking every rule she can.

4x10 Slick Ick

  • 1997-10-11T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

When a cocky Ickis takes a break from scaring to eat the grime of a dirty car, he inadvertently ends up in a car wash. Now covered with three coats of wax, the frictionless Ickis must slip and slide his way through an important scare. Luckily for him it's at an Ice skating rink! Ickis out "slips and slides" everyone.

4x11 Nuclear and Present Danger

  • 1997-10-18T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Ickis, Krumm and Oblina get trapped inside a nuclear power plant when they accidentally set off a warning device closing down the entire facility. Seeing the three monsters on a monitor, one of the plant workers mistakes them for three plant employees. A team of highly trained doctors don protective clothing and go inside the facility to bring the "employees" out to safety.

4x12 Loch Ness Mess

  • 1997-10-18T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

The monsters are overjoyed when the famous Loch Ness Monster pays a visit to The Academy to give a guest lecture. Unfortunately, the rowdy, boisterous Scotsmonster gets on everyone's nerves by relentlessly singing Scottish songs, dancing and re-enacting his famous scares.

4x13 Super Ickis

  • 1997-10-25T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Alone in the dump, Ickis dons a cape and pretends to be his favourite comic book hero, "Ultra-Monster". Suddenly, he is accidentally thrown through the air by a bulldozer and inadvertently saves a group of students. It's a bird, it's a plane...it's Ultra Monster! Word gets around the academy that "Ultra-Monster" is real and very cool. When Krumm volunteers to play sidekick, "Stink Boy", a new dynamic duo is born.

4x14 The Substitute

  • 1997-10-25T04:00:00Z — 15 mins

A substitute teacher arrives, announcing that The Gromble has "gone away" and that he will be taking over. The substitute lets the students do whatever they want - even garbage fights are allowed!

4x15 The Great Escape

  • 1997-11-01T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

Shortly McGinty, arch-criminal and master of disguise, escapes from prison and leads the police on a chase that takes him to the dump, where the cops mistake Ickis for McGinty and haul him off to prison.

4x16 Beast With Four Eyes

  • 1997-11-01T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

When Krumm is forced to wear glasses to correct his inexplicably blurry vision, he finds himself the object of mocking on the part of the other students. Krumm tries to go without his glasses, but he and all the students learn their value when a bespectacled Krumm saves a group of monsters after a scare goes wrong.

4x17 Side by Side

  • 1997-11-08T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

The Gromble assigns Ickis to be "pair-scare" partners with the dreaded, unpopular Zimbo. Ickis and Zimbo are miserable with the match and instantly start fighting.

4x18 Hooked on Phobics

  • 1997-11-08T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

Ickis discovers as easy way out of getting his homework done. By tapping into humans' phobias, he is able to bring scare after scare to class with little or no effort. That is, until The Gromble sends him to a phobic-free human to scare.

4x19 Spy vs. Monster

  • 1997-11-15T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

The Academy shuts down when a human spy is discovered inside. From Ickis' hiding place, he realises he has dropped a drawing of The Gromble in the hallway. The spy picks it up and accidentally drops his own secret document. Ickis, Krumm and Oblina use the paper to track down spy headquarters and arrange for a transfer of the documents.

4x20 Misery Date

  • 1997-11-15T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

The Gromble is in love with the Library Monster, and he's not as strict as he used to be. Ickis is thrilled and wants to make sure that The Gromble stays in love, but The Gromble is unsure how to behave with a lady -it's been so long- so he asks Oblina for helpful hints.

4x21 Clockwise

  • 1997-11-22T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

Ickis is perpetually late for class, so The Gromble hangs a big clock around his neck to remind him to be on time. When Ickis rewinds the hands on the clock, he discovers that he can turn back time.

4x22 Gromble Soup

  • 1997-11-22T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

The Gromble is sick and Simpah, the horrible Cafeteria Monster, has been put in charge of the students. When she threatens to make them eat human food, Ickis, Krumm and Oblina beg The Gromble to come back. The Gromble says the only thing that will cure him is Gromble Soup, but you need special ingredients....the crown of a king, the head of a dragon and the tail of an ogre. Ickis, Krumm and Oblina each set out to obtain one of the ingredients.

4x23 Showdown

  • 1997-11-29T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

Simon the Monster Hunter hires three of the greatest hunters in the world to help him capture Ickis and prove to the world that monsters do exist. When Ickis proves to be more difficult to catch than the hunters had anticipated, the hunters' pride gets the best of them. They turn away Simon's money and set their sights on doing more than just "capturing" Ickis.

4x24 Internal Affairs

  • 1997-11-29T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

A hungry parasite named Sal invades Oblina's stomach, causing her to eat everything in sight. Ickis and Krumm shrink down to Sal's size, enter Oblina's body and battle it out with him inside Oblina's expanding stomach.

4x25 Laugh Krumm Laugh

  • 1997-12-06T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

The Academy is gearing up for the Scaring Olympics. The Gromble wants desperately to win the competition and is pushing his students to do their best. Unfortunately, Krumm has swallowed an Indian feather that is tickling him on the inside.

4x26 Rookie Monsters

  • 1997-12-06T05:00:00Z — 15 mins

Ickis, Krumm and Oblina get trapped in a garbage compactor and the only thing they can do is bicker. As their impending doom approaches, they remember their first days at The Academy.

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