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Alone 2015

Best thing to happen to reality-tv, since .... forever!
One of the absolute best things to be shown on TV, especially from a commercial channel.

I'm so grateful, this has not been destroyed by producers from Discovery Channel.
(The bunch that destroyed every single good thing on that channel.)

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Ahhhhhh yessss...what breaks people the quickest...the Amazon? The desert? South American rain forest maybe?? Nope...the good ol'Pacific Northwest...a shit ton of cold and rain and some man eaters sends home well prepared former Marines and tough guys home before spending even one night hahaha màybe if the word gets out, you guys will quit moving here lol

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Luv this reality show. One of the very best. These people definitely have alot of courage being out there with no protection at all.

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Only reality TV I watch, great show!

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