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  • 2004-04-27T00:00:00Z on PBS
  • 60 mins
  • 1 day, 1 hour, 46 mins (26 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Documentary, Reality

Based on the popular BBC series running since 1979, the PBS Antiques Roadshow combines history with discovery. Each year, the show visits a handful of cities to appraise items brought in by viewers. Are these items worth a lot of money, more than the visitors expect? To be fair, this concept has been copied again since, with East Tennessee Public Television's Treasures In Your Attic, but WGBH/Boston, always the pioneer PBS station, will say their derivative came first.


28 episodes

Special 1 Roadshow Favorites

  • 2004-04-27T00:00:00Z — 60 mins

Highlights from past episodes include a latex figure of "Speedy" Alka-Seltzer, a menu from the Titanic, a painting by the late rocker Frank Zappa, an art-deco Bakelite bracelet and a native helmet from Alaska.

Special 2 Roadshow's Greatest Finds

  • 2004-05-04T00:00:00Z — 60 mins

More highlights from past shows. Items appraised include a gold sword from the Mexican War, a painting by Hudson River School artist Jasper Cropsey, a Chinese marble lion dating from the Tang Dynasty (618-907), an 18th-century card table and a Navajo blanket dating from 1840 to '60.

Special 3 Tomorrow's Antiques

  • 2005-09-27T00:00:00Z — 60 mins

A compilation program featuring items from the 1950s, '60s and '70s. Among them: Mad magazine art; an Elvis Presley suit; Beatles memorabilia; a Charles Eames chair; a baseball signed by the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers; an Ansel Adams Yosemite portfolio; photos signed by Marilyn Monroe, Cassius Clay (a year before he changed his name to Muhammad Ali) and JFK; and a letter on civil rights written by RFK shortly after the Martin Luther King assassination---and shortly before his own.

Special 4 Wild Things!

  • 2005-05-10T00:00:00Z — 60 mins

A show of clips devoted to animal-themed antiques and collectibles. Items appraised include a "kangaroo bird," sculpted by Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel) in the 1930s and a painting of cavorting kittens by Charles van den Eycken (1859-1923).

Special 5 Naughty or Nice

  • 2010-12-21T01:00:00Z — 60 mins

Naughty or Nice features appraisals that will satisfy everyone's wish list! Highlights from past seasons include an 1863 Temperance lithograph, a letter from Gerald Ford to his kindergarten teacher, and a dress worn by Marilyn Monroe.

Special 6 Simply the Best

  • 2010-11-23T01:00:00Z — 60 mins

This special edition, "Simply the Best," showcases objects deemed the finest examples of their kind ever seen on "Roadshow." Massachusetts-made Federal side chairs; 19th-century Rhode Island rifle and powderhorn; women's suffrage movement poster.

Special 7 Politically Collect

  • 2008-11-04T01:00:00Z — 60 mins

Campaign buttons; court affidavit submitted by Jimmy Carter to the state of Maine; desk and chair used at the U.S. House of Representatives from 1857-1873.

Special 8 Roadshow Remembers

  • 2006-11-07T01:00:00Z — 60 mins

A decade of treasures is recalled in this charming retrospective on the numerous collectibles that have been appraised in the long-running series. Among the pieces: a jade pendant from a 2005 Los Angeles show; an 18th-century Chippendale chair from a 1997 San Francisco show; and a shoe signed by Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, from a 2004 Portland, Ore., show. Also: a "Gone With the Wind" script, a Simon Willard clock, and drawings from Frank Lloyd Wright.

Special 9 Trash to Treasure

  • 2008-12-16T01:00:00Z — 60 mins

Valuable items recovered from the trash are featured. Included: an autographed script of "The Informer," an Oscar-winning 1935 John Ford film; a rare 1885 Zuni Indian pot; items from Louis Comfort Tiffany's Laurelton Hall mansion.

Special 10 Junk in the Trunk (Part 1)

  • 2011-11-08T01:00:00Z — 60 mins

This special edition highlights never-before-seen appraisals from ROADSHOW's 2011 season.

Special 11 Fame and Fortune

  • 2007-01-01T01:00:00Z — 60 mins

The 10th season concludes with celebrity items, including the first mask worn by Clayton Moore ("The Lone Ranger"); photos of Marilyn Monroe; Ramones memorabilia; James Dean's high-school yearbook; signed photos of Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill; and vintage Beatles dolls.

Special 12 Vintage Los Angeles

  • 2013-06-25T00:00:00Z — 60 mins

In Vintage Los Angeles, ROADSHOW takes a look at how memorable appraisals of Disney animation art, a Tiffany lamp, and a Van Briggle vase have changed over fifteen years.

Special 13 Vintage Milwaukee

  • 2013-07-02T00:00:00Z — 60 mins

Watch Vintage Milwaukee to see some memorable and gorgeous pieces, some with prices that have soared, like a Tiffany Lamp whose value rose over $10,000!

Special 14 Celebrating Black Americana

  • 2015-02-10T01:00:00Z — 53 mins

An 1821 U.S. citizenship certificate for a free man of color; beauty book by Madam C.J. Walker, the first American female millionaire; a trip to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.

Special 15 Asian-Pacific Heritage

  • 2016-11-08T01:00:00Z — 53 mins

A look at items with Asian and Pacific Islands origins. Included: a Hawaiian kou bowl; Ghandi presentation spinning wheel; and 1888 Joesph Nawahi painting.

Special 16 Junk in the Trunk (Part 6)

  • 2016-11-15T01:00:00Z — 60 mins

Travel to all six season 20 tour cities for never-before-aired appraisals. Highlights include a Ty Cobb game-used baseball bat, 18th & 19th century Nephrite belt buckles & Zodiac figure, and a 1942 Lynn Bogue Hunt painting. What’s the top find?

Special 17 Best of 20

  • 2016-12-20T01:00:00Z — 60 mins

Favorite appraisals from the show's first 20 seasons are featured. Included: a Navajo Ute First Phase Blanket; a signed Warhol collection; and a Tang Dynasty marble lion.

Special 18 The Civil War Years

  • 2017-01-24T01:00:00Z — 60 mins

Civil War items are featured, including a Lincoln Cabinet- and Senate-signed album; a Walt Whitman war letter; and a hospital steward's uniform.

Special 19 Special: Our 50 States Hour 1

  • 2017-10-31T00:00:00Z — 60 mins

Celebrate America’s hidden treasures from all 50 states in part 1 of this two-hour special, with finds such as a Thomas Hart Benton oil on tin, a Kentucky sugar chest, and a 1960 inscribed "To Kill A Mockingbird.” Which is valued at $125,000?

Special 20 Special: Our 50 States Hour 2

  • 2017-11-07T01:00:00Z — 60 mins

Travel across America—and back in time—with appraisals of items from all 50 states in part 2 of this special. Finds include a Green Bay Packers championship group, a Joseph Henry Sharp oil, and a Molesworth lamp & furniture. Which is $130,000-$180,000?

Special 21 Junk in the Trunk 7

  • 2017-11-14T01:00:00Z — 60 mins

Discover never-before-aired appraisals from all six of our Season 21 cities, including an American Folk Art cane, a 1927 Yankees team-signed baseball, and a Vairocana Buddha, ca. 1410. Which is appraised for $150,000-$200,000?

Special 22 Unique Antiques

  • 2007-11-20T01:00:00Z — 60 mins

Unique Antiques showcases some of the most outlandish, kitschy, and downright morbidly fascinating antiques and collectibles of ROADSHOW's last decade. Warning: These objects have been appraised by trained professionals -- don't try this at home!

Special 23 Special Edition

  • 2000-03-02T01:00:00Z — 60 mins

A look at how the show is put together and how objects are selected to be on camera. Also: appraisers share some of their favorite moments from the show. Included: an unusual Seymour card table; a diamond-and-ruby jewelry collection; an unusual 19th-century folk-art jug; and a rare Eskimo helmet.

Special 24 Jackpot!

  • 2007-05-08T00:00:00Z — 60 mins

Items bought for a small price that turned out to be worth a lot of money are examined, including a painting purchased for $1.50 that's valued at more than $10,000, and a $5 vase that's worth more than $13,000. Also: an album of watercolor paintings purchased for 25 cents that is worth more than $20,000; a 1951 Minneapolis Millers baseball uniform worn by Willie Mays that was purchased for $50 and is valued at $60,000.

Special 25 Tasty Treasures

  • 2011-11-15T01:00:00Z — 60 mins

A stainless steel 1930s meat service made of 18th-century British porcelain; heirloom Tlingit Indian oil bowl and ladle.

Special 26 Forever Young

  • 2011-12-20T01:00:00Z — 60 mins

Items for the young and the young at heart are appraised, including original art for a Dr. Seuss lunchbox; a child's shoe autographed by Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig; and an embroidered silk picture that dates to 1819.

Special 27

  • no air date — 60 mins

Special 28

  • no air date — 60 mins