Appleseed XIII 2011

  • Ended
  • Anime OAV
  • 2011-07-05T15:15:00Z
  • 22m
  • 4h 46m (13 episodes)
  • Masamune Shirow
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Production I.G + 1 more, Dandelion
  • Action, Science Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy, Anime
Following World War V, a global-scale conflict fought with non-nuclear weapons that almost halved the earth's population, the city-nation of Olympus stands as a beacon of hope in a world of chaos. The utopian metropolis is governed by Gaia, a vast artificial intelligence, and administered by genetically engineered humanoids known as bioroids. Although Olympus seems like a peaceful city on the surface, racial (human vs. bioroids vs. cyborgs), religious, and political conflicts lurk underneath -threatening to overturn the delicately balanced peace of this so-called utopia.

1 season

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