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All series and specials of the CW Arrowverse in chronological order. Shows, movies and specials that are added to the Mutliverse during the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover but have only a brief appearance are not included.


The ultimate watch order for DC's Live Action Multiverse.


Updated: 13/09/18

A viewing order playlist for all of CW's DC superhero TV Shows. Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow & Supergirl. Also includes the mini series' that are in the same universe, all of them are list below.

- Arrow
- The Flash
- Legends of Tomorrow
- Supergirl

Also Includes mini series':
- Blood Rush
- Chronicles of Cisco
- Vixen
- Freedom Fighters: The Ray


Written completely as an episode list, so as to work correctly with Exodus.


This is a Trakt port of this list on The Comic Board (originally started by DIrishB—rest in peace-and continued by “Pro Bot” and other users after he passed away):

Are you a Marvel connoisseur too? Then I’ve got you covered; here’s my Trakt port of a chronological list for the Marvel Cinematic Universe:,asc

Not included (besides all the comics and other written material, obviously) ...


  • Some episodes are intentionally out of order (sometimes being very far off from where one would expect them to be) — shows where this is the case are Wonder Woman, Lucifer, The Flash (1990), Supergirl, Titans et al.
    If you still think I made a mistake while porting the list on to Trakt, feel free to leave a comment;
  • One should watch the Special Edition of Superman (1978);
  • Vixen: The Movie (2017) should be watched in two parts; the first five(/four?) chapters take place on the spot where I placed it (so between Arrow 3x08 and The Flash 1x09) and the remaining chapters take place between Supergirl 1x04 and Arrow 4x07;
  • One should watch the Extended Cut of Suicide Squad (2016);
  • One should watch the Extended Cut of Green Lantern (2011);

Arrow (1-6), The Flash (1-4), Legends of Tomorrow (1-3), Supergirl (1-3), Constantine, Webseries

... to be continued



The Arrowverse is a shared fictional universe that is centered on DC superhero series airing on The CW


Based on koomy's list from IMDb with some additions:

Contains the following shows: Arrow, The Flash, Vixen, Constantine, DC's Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl (for now, more will be added as they are released).

Comments are welcome in order to make this list the most accurate possible.

• "Arrow: Blood Rush" is actually a BOSE commercial in six parts lasting about six minutes in total (available on Youtube). While they are not really mandatory, they should be watched between episode 5 and 6 of season 2.

• "The Flash: Chronicles of Cisco" is a four part short also available on Youtube, not mandatory.

• Constantine: Episodes can be slotted in at will as long as you watch them before S04E05 of Arrow. They're not mandatory as the show is somewhat inachieved but you might enjoy the character. Update: An animated series being planned, the story might continue from where the show stopped.

• DC's Legends of Tomorrow: I included the first special episode before the first episode because this special kinda introduce the show explaining where the characters are from (in a "making-of" style) whitout much spoilers while managing to refresh our memory about them.

• Supergirl: Episodes can be slotted in at will until S01E17 (included) as long as they're seen before Arrow S04E19. Episode 18 is the first time Supergirl get to meet a character from the Arrowverse (The Flash).
Side note: For Season 1, you may encounter a wrong episode order depending on the sources (only some, I didn't meet this problem): the right order would then be 1-2-3-5-4-6 to end, but it is not a big deal as it actually doesn't change much.

• "Freedom Fighters: The Ray" will be integrated as soon as we have informations about it.

• "Constantine" (Planned animated series) will come up at some point, it might continue the story from where the TV show stopped it, more news to come.



Everything i watched before i used Trakt.

Here's an alphabetical list of what i have watched:

The 100 S1

Arrow S1x01 - S4x15

Avatar: The Last Airbender S1 - S4 (Complete Series)

Better Call Saul S1x01 - S1x07

Breaking Bad S1 - S5 (Complete Series)

Chicago Fire S1x01 - S1x02

Constantine S1x01 - S1x06

The Flash (2014) S1x01 - S2x15

Game of Thrones S1 - S5

Gotham S1x01 - S2x13

How I Met Your Mother S1x01 - S4x02

The Last Ship S1 - S2

Legends of Tomorrow S1x01 - S1x07

The Legend of Korra (Complete Series)

The Man in the High Castle S1x01 - S1x05

Marvel's Agent Carter S1x01 - S1x05

Marvel's Daredevil S1

Marvel's Jessica Jones S1x01

Mr. Robot S1x01 - S1x05

Narcos S1

Prison Break (Complete Series)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars S1 - S6 (Complete Series)

Star Wars Rebels S1 - S2

Supergirl S1x01 - S1x11

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) S1 - S7 (Complete Series)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) S1 - S3

Vixen S1

Episodes seen twice:
Arrow S1x01 - S4x09
The Flash S1x01 - S2x09

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