This Overall a good episode ,The Best Parts for me:
*the flash cameo
*the diaz reveal
*Dinah Rage mode
However,I didn't like laurel and quentin-I hate Lance family-storyline it's cringe to watch,
william was little annoying in this episode I mean the whole city was going to explode.

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From now on, whenever Oliver says "I have an idea" like that, John's stomach should drop, hard.

Oh, Quentin. I have to wonder which path would end up destroying you more, this one or the bottle...

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"I wanna come with you" why does every powerless weak individual say that in every movie/tv show, only to just become a liability later.

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Wow what a turn... a f*cking amazing episode!!!

1 - The Flash Cameo

2 - Ricardo Diaz' reveal to Cayden James and then kills him.

3 - Ricardo Diaz name drops Arclight (google him if you must!)

4 - foolish William being all dangerous... he has a strange Damian Wayne vibe.

5 - what is Quentin Lance up to with Laurel's doppleganger? she is freaking Black Siren! <--- thats gunna lead somewhere lame.

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All this William screen time is setting up a really cool origin story.

What is so special about Starling/Star City? Every season someone always wants to either take over or destroy it. It's getting old.

And Quentin is going off the deep end kidnapping Evil Laurel to try and turn her into his Laurel.

The little Flash "cameo" was one of the best parts of the episode! Loved it!

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Can we just have William explode, the writing and acting for this character is soooooooooooo bad. One thing I did not want, beside seeing William anytime, is more Diaz.

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William is Arrow's equivalent of Flash's Iris.
Annoying and attention seeking.

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william i love you but you need to STOP.

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Cayden James took the cake here, he wasn't a really good villain to begin with, but did impress me with his acting in the end, poor guy, was too haeartbroken over his son's death and didn't see that the person responsible for that is one of his associates. Diaz you freaking asshole! Is there any surprise here? I'm hoping he would make a better enemy against Oliver and his team.

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