A great ending to a really great season. Except for the part where they killed my favorite character. 2016 Ruby was perfect, but I'm glad Lucy Lawless is not gone for good. I'm curious what they have planned for the 1982 Ruby in season 3, now that she's against the group once again.

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Season finale, the season has not ceased to amaze me with what counts and how it counts. Lots of blood, lots of guts and the chainsaw Preparing T3

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Didn't ended like I expected!
Aaand it wasn't as good as the First Season Final was!

I didn't liked it, that they changed the future!
I thought it would end like he "put everything in place" and then "The Evil Dead" starts!
End of Season 2.

Sadly it didn't.
It was a little bit too much of a happy ending...

Henrietta fight was still awesome! :D

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