Ash should always have a puppet lol.

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Wakey-wakey, hands off your snaky!

Awesome storyline. The idea with Ash and the asylum is just brilliant. I love the more serious episodes, can't wait for the next one. This season is so good!

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The classic episode that appears in the psychiatrist and tell him that everything is his imagination

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After this Episode you really don't know what was real and what not!
I mean all the stuff at that hospital!
Are the People a illusion? The hospital? Or a little bit of both?
Or was all of this in his head?

The puppet was funny^^

And those three people out at the car...
I think they are the real Ruby, Pablo and Kelly!
Wich would mean he's in a House that's possesed!

This is going to be Interesting. :D

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I can't believe I just watched that :-(

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