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Attack on Titan

Season 1

Season 1 hints at some interesting things to come in later seasons, but overall felt kinda generic. The characters have very little development and more or less fall into common anime stereotypes. The pacing is such that the majority of the season's conflict and resolution happen in the last 1/3 of the season; leaving most of the questions and plot points raised in the earlier part of the season as cliff hangers.

Attack on Titan seems to have garnered a fair amount of attention, and I will probably watch the second season, but it could stand to mix up the formula in season 2.

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This is one of the most interesting anime I have watched. Sometimes you feel you know what is happening but it's beyond what you think and is amazing

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Having just copied in my plays for this season from MAL, I am very confused that I rated the show an 8. I don't think it deserves that high of a rating, at all.

Had I watched this show now, I feel like I would have given it a 6, maybe. However, I will not actually revise my ratings on Trakt, MAL, IMDb, etc. without rewatching the content—and I definitely don't want to rewatch this season. I don't intend to see season 2, or the movie, or any other SnK media ever again.

Presumably I had a reason for rating it as I did at the time? My rating "system" has changed over time (or rather, it became a "system" rather than "I feel like giving it n rating"), so really, all I can do about old ratings is shrug and try to ignore them.

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