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Season 2 2011 - 2012

  • 2011-10-01T09:00:00Z on NHK
  • 25 mins
  • 10 hours, 0 mins
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Drama, Comedy, Anime

The series follows talented artist Moritaka Mashiro and aspiring writer Akito Takagi, two ninth grade boys who wish to become mangaka.

25 episodes

2x01 (26) Silence and Party

  • Season Premiere

    2011-10-01T09:00:00Z — 24 mins

The story picks up directly where the Season 1 finale left, introducing Miura as Moritaka and Takagi's new editor and introduces Hiramaru at the New Year's Party

2x02 (27) Anthology and Photobook

  • 2011-10-08T09:00:00Z — 24 mins

Mashiro and Takagi get to know their new assistants, while Azuki struggles with her decision to do an ecchi photo shoot.

2x03 (28) Window and Snow

  • 2011-10-15T09:00:00Z — 24 mins

Nakai vows to do whatever it takes to renew his partnership with Aoki.

2x04 (29) Support and Patience

  • 2011-10-22T09:00:00Z — 24 mins

As Trap's ranking continues dropping, Mashiro and Takagi consider major changes.

2x05 (30) Comedy and News

  • 2011-10-29T09:00:00Z — 24 mins

Trap begins to move in the rankings, but the competition is fierce. Overwork takes its toll on Mashiro.

2x06 (31) Disease and Drive

  • 2011-11-05T09:00:00Z — 24 mins

Mashiro is hospitalized, but refuses to stop drawing. Trap is put on hiatus.

Trap is put on hiatus unless Muto Ashirogi's rivals boycott can stop it.

2x08 (33) Recall and Call

  • 2011-11-19T09:00:00Z — 24 mins

The boycott is in full effect. Miura makes one last desperate plea to sway the chief into resuming Trap.

2x09 (34) Resumption and Low Rank

  • 2011-11-26T09:00:00Z — 24 mins

Trap resumes publication, but is cancelled due to low rankings.

2x10 (35) Gags and Serious

  • 2011-12-03T09:00:00Z — 24 mins

The team must decide which genre to choose for their new manga. Miura urges them to draw a gag manga, but Mashiro and Takagi prefer something serious.

2x11 (36) Manga and Youth

  • 2011-12-10T09:00:00Z — 24 mins

Both Muto Ashirogi's "Future Watch" and "Hitman 10" are well received by the editorial staff. The chief decides to run both as one-shots, before making a decision on serialization.

2x12 (37) Experience and Data

  • 2011-12-17T09:00:00Z — 24 mins

Miura's data research concludes that the team should focus on a gag manga, however Mashiro and Takagi are not so sure.

2x13 (38) Alliance and Classmates

  • 2011-12-24T09:00:00Z — 24 mins

Takagi gets advice from Aoki, which leads to problems in his love life.

2x14 (39) Unfaithfulness and Trust

  • 2012-01-07T09:00:00Z — 24 mins

The boy's new gag manga is published in NEXT, however both have serious problems in their love lives.

2x15 (40) Monkeys and Marriage

  • 2012-01-14T09:00:00Z — 24 mins

Azuki and Mashiro continue to fight with each other over trust. Takagi and Miyoshi both feel extremely guilty, and blame themselves for them fighting. Takagi finally decides to explain what happened to Miyoshi, considering Mashiro and Azuki are too stubborn to apologize to each other. After planning to meet at the zoo, Takagi is met by a crying Aoki, who hugs him, causing Miyoshi to run off. When Takagi finally reaches her, he proposes to her. After a talk with Aoki, they decide to get married after he gets serialized. They invite Azuki to tea, and Azuki forgives Mashiro, much to his confusion.

2x16 (41) King and Savior

  • 2012-01-21T09:00:00Z — 24 mins

Aoki asks Nakai to draw the art for her new manga but he states he only will on the condition she will go out with him, angering her to the point she slaps him. Afterwards she continues her in search for someone to help her draw sufficient panty shots in order for her manga to have a more "shōnen" feel to it, but isn't able to find anyone suitable. After many events, Fukuda ends up offering his help, since his manga Kiyoshi Knight is doing so well due to his own well-drawn panty shots. Aoki is a hesistant to accept his help but under the circumstances she has little choice but to accept it in the end.

The team awaits the results of the serialization meeting. Nakai considers quitting manga and returning home. Hattori talks to Nizuma about doing the artwork for a new project.

2x18 (43) Complaint and Roar

  • 2012-02-04T09:00:00Z — 24 mins

The results of the serialization meetings are announced and everyone finds out Niizuma is the one who did the art on +Natural.

2x19 (44) Fate and Star

  • 2012-02-11T09:00:00Z — 24 mins

In an effort to motivate them, Hattori snubs Ashirogi Muto at the Christmas party. +Natural is released to critical acclaim, but Tanto is holding steady.

2x20 (45) Love and Rejection

  • 2012-02-18T09:00:00Z — 24 mins

Feeling they will never beat Niizuma with their current manga, Ashirogi Muto consider quitting Tanto.

2x21 (46) Selfishness and Advice

  • 2012-02-25T09:00:00Z — 24 mins

The team begin on their new anime, a reworking of "Money and Intelligence." When the serialization committee rejects it, Miura suggests they try mainstream fantasy.

2x22 (47) Hint and Best

  • 2012-03-03T09:00:00Z — 24 mins

The team's newest work "Stopper of Magma" is rejected without consideration for serialization. Miura reveals he has been receiving advice from Hattori, who suggests they draw a serious comedy. Muto Ashirogi follow Hattori for inspiration, and develop the idea for their last chance manga.

2x23 (48) Winning and Losing

  • 2012-03-10T09:00:00Z — 24 mins

"Perfect Crime Club" gets rave reviews, but the serialization committee must decide if it can beat "Crow" and "+Natural."

The committee decides the fate of "Perfect Crime Club," and the team gets a new editor.

2x25 (50) Votes and Charts

  • 2012-03-24T09:00:00Z — 24 mins

After working hard to make last minute changes to their manuscript, Muto Ashirogi leave "Perfect Crime Party's" fate in the hands of the readers.