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    Baltic Coasts

    Season 1

    • Arte
    • 55 mins
    • Documentary
    Baltic Coasts features aerial views of landmarks along the Baltic Sea coastline, including the Bay of Kiel, the Hanseatic city of Luebeck and Western Pomerania, showing steep coasts, beautiful cities and breathtaking nature spectacles. "Baltic" called by the Swedish and German, "West Lake" by Estonians. "Mare Balticum" is the common term that combines the nine coastal states around Europe's largest inland sea. Almost 95 percent of the shoreline today belong to the European Union, but the differences from country to country are enormous. The cinematic journey around the Baltic sea tells the stories of people - on lonely islands, secluded in the border areas into vibrant cities. From Copenhagen to the Danish South Sea and the route goes along the Swedish coast and on the Aland Islands to Finland. With the ferry from Helsinki across to Tallinn, Riga, on the Curonian Spit and finally to the Polish coast. The last stop of the trip is Szczecin. Breathtaking Cineflex camera shots from the helicopter show the Baltic Sea in a new perspective. The poetic view transform the seemingly well-known into exotic landscapes. The people also tell of the traditions, lifestyle, environment and economic situation in the regions. A Vidicom Production in Association with ARTE, NDR, UR, YLE, DR and Canal+

    15 episodes

    1x01 Castles and Myths

    • Series Premiere

      no air date

    "Castles and Myths" shows us along the Flensburg fjord, the cliffs of Angeln and the Bay of Kiel, the helicopter follows a route of ancient landmarks. Starting point of the series is the northern tip of Germany in Flensburg, home of the last rumtraders.

    Even today, the steep coast of the Bay of Kiel is a valued landmark for skippers. At Thiessen pier in Kiel port, young and old people express their itchy feet in Tango Argentino sessions.

    Luebeck, the Queen of the Hanse, is without doubt the most beautiful city along the German coast. The view from above reveals the island shape of the old town, which is marked by Gothic gables.

    Every spring and autumn, thousands of migrating birds over the Western Pomeranian bodden landscape deliver one of the most breathtaking nature spectacles.

    Discover Germany's most popular beach holiday destination Ruegen to the sea eagles last resort at Usedom. Early in the morning, when the sea is still foggy at Schaprode harbour, a chef carefully selects freshly caught fish, striving for Ruegen's first Michelin star.

    A helicopter circles stunning Mons Klint, heads westwards where the big islands enclose the waters of Smalandshavet before moving on to Grenaa, Odense and Copenhagen

    The massive bridge of Oresund guides the helicopter on its route from Malmo to Stockholm, a spectacular view also for dozens of par gliders who enjoy the winds along the southern coast at Ystad.

    The episode starts with a hovercraft patrol at the Gulf of Bothnia, leading to the world's biggest archipelago around Turku, to the vast lakes of Vaaksy and final leg to Kotka.

    From the impressive Dome Hill of Tallinn via thousands of Estonian islands adorning the bay of Riga to the Latvian capital, where Rem Koolhaas forms a new city skyline.

    Explore the coastline from Vistula Lagoon via Gdansk Bay to the sandy beaches and steep cliffs of Pomerania and West-Pomerania.

    From Papenburg along the Ems River to Bremerhaven.

    The Elbe River to Hamburg harbor; traveling by dog sleigh.

    Heligoland and up the coast of North Frisia.

    Islands in the Wadden Sea provide a summer idyll.

    The 'sisters' on the German coast of the North Sea: islands Sylt, Foehr and Amrum.