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Barry: Season 3

3x05 crazytimesh*tshow

so many storylines are intertwined together & going thru changes right now that i'm on the edge of my seat right now :)))))

i've never been so excited & scared & emotionally-tied to a week-by-week show so thanks bill hader & the rest of the writers & directors involved <3 <3 <3 you guys are my faves

p.s. again i'm deeply begging the Emmy people to nominate Sarah Goldberg this time around!!!!!!!!!! she has been on fire this season!!!!!!!!

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That episode was a crazy time shit show

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The amount of secondhand embarrassment this episode... it's why I love the show
Love the return of Albert as an FBI agent(!), this is definitely NOT going to end well for Barry.
This is very much a setup episode in that it's so overloaded with storylines that thematically it doesn't quite add up, which is generally not at all characteristic of this show. But I'm very excited to see what comes next!

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Is the Sally storyline meant to be meta commentary aimed at WB and David Zaslav?

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This show is so damn good. I laughed, I cried and am deeply concerned for a few characters. Hank is the absolute best character ever.

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Shout by Deleted

“Fuck the algorithm.” Amused more by the Hollywood bashing in this one than the piece-moving.

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