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Batwoman: Season 2

2x04 Fair Skin, Blue Eyes

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Arrowverse viewing order:

[The list is more or less uppdated now, but I'm thinking of making separate lists for "Pre-Crisis" and for "Post-Crisis" and keep this one as "Arrowverse" ]

This is the simplified list for easy viewing order for Arrowverse!

  • Includes:
    • Arrow
    • Flash
    • Vixen
    • Supergirl
    • DC's Legends of Tomorrow
    • Freedom Fighters: The Ray
    • Constantine: City of Demons
    • Batwoman
    • Black Lightning

Webisodes (you can find most of these videos at YouTube or at CWtv website):

  • Blood Rush - between Arrow S2E05 and S2E06.
  • Chronicles of Cisco - between Flash S2E17 and S2E18.
  • Superhero Fight Club 1.0 - is a promo for the final episodes of Arrow S3 and Flash S1 (arrives after Flash S1E18)
  • Superhero Fight Club 2.0 - is more or less a promo for Supergirl joining CW. (arrives before Flash season 3)
  • Constantine - watch before Season 1 of Constantine:
    • Modern Mystery: Tales of the Dark Arts - Who is John Constantine?
    • Ravenscar Institute Patient Debrief
  • Stretched Scenes:
    • The Flash - Stretched Scene #1 : Flash S4E06
    • The Flash - Stretched Scene #2 : Flash S4E07
    • The Flash - Stretched Scene #3 : Flash S4E09 (there's also a deleted scene for this episode)

Constantine has a cameo in Arrow S4E05. I do recommend you to watch this series, but there's no must. But he might get back into the Arrowverse one day. (and I also would recommend to watch it in this order: 1, 6, 2-5, 7-13. Episode 6 was shot to air as the second episode of the series)

I have added Supergirl Season 1 before the crossover episode to the list. You can watch it basically whenever you want, as long as you watch it before Flash S2E18 or after Flash S2E18 (I personally prefer to watch it before Flash episode, but both ways work). Also S1E04 and S1E05 were aired ouut of original order. Episode 5 should be viewed before episode 4

Constantine: City of Demons: So it appears that Constantine: City of Demons is not a continuation of the Constantine series and so it is not included in Arrowverse. Instead it's in the same universe as Justice League Dark (so it's in DC Animated Universe). But for now I'm going to leave it in the list, as it still explains things like "Newcastle" and etc. But they may get connected, as Constantine will becomes a regular on DC: Legends next season. So we will wait and see.


There will be a Arrow spin-off series following Mia (Katherine McNamara) also Canaries Laurel Lance and Dinah Drake will be part of the spin-off.

Superman and Lois 2020 Supergirl spin-off series.

Green Lantern series on HBO Max streaming services

Connected Shows/Movies & their Earths:

  • EarthPrime
    • Arrow
    • The Flash
    • Batwoman
    • Supergirl (post Crisis on Infinite Earths)
  • Earth-2
    • Stargirl (upcoming)
  • Earth-9
    • Titans
  • Earth-X
    • Freedom Fighters: the Ray (2017–2018)
  • Earth-12
    • Green Lantern (upcoming)
  • Earth-16
    • the year 2046 earth
  • Earth-19
    • Swamp Thing (2019)
  • Earth-21
    • Doom Patrol
  • Earth-38
    • Supergirl (pre Crisis on Infinite Earths)
  • Earth-66
    • Batman (1966–1968)
    • Batman (1966)
    • The Green Hornet (1966–1967)
    • Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders (2016)
    • Batman vs. Two-Face (2017 Video)
  • Earth-76
    • Wonder Woman (1975–1979)
  • Earth 89
    • Tim Burton's Batman Movies
  • Earth-90
    • The Flash (1990–1991)
  • Earth-96
    • Superman (1978)
    • Superman II (1980)
    • Superman Returns (2006) [Brandon Routh]
  • Earth-99
    • future batman (batman beyond?)
  • Earth-167
    • Smallville (2001–2011)
    • Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton
    • Oliver Queen Chronicles
    • Chloe Chronicles
    • Vengeance Chronicles
    • Smallville: Justice and Doom
  • Earth-203
    • Birds of Prey (2002–2003)
  • Earth 666
    • Lucifer (cameo in crossover 5 years before the original show)
  • Black Lightning (earth 37(?)
  • Earth-(??)
    • DC Extended Universe

Comic books that also follow the series:

  • Arrow
    • Arrow - takes place turning Arrow season 1
    • Arrow - Vengeance - takes place turning Arrow season 2
    • Arrow: Season 2.5 takes place between Arrow season 2 and 3
    • Arrow: The Dark Archer - takes place at the end of season 3 of Arrow
    • Arrow: A Generation of Vipers - takes place before Arrow S4E07
    • Arrow: Fatal Legacies - the untold story between Arrow Season 5-6.
  • The Flash
    • The Flash: Season Zero - takes place turning Flash season 1
    • The Flash: The Haunting of Barry Allen - takes place after Flash S2E07
    • The Flash: Hocus Pocus - Non-Flashpoint Timeline (Flash season 3)
    • The Flash: Johnny Quick - Flash season 3 (Non-Flashpoint Timeline)
    • S.T.A.R. Labs: Cisco Ramon's Journal – pre-Flashpoint
    • The Flash: Climate Changeling -
  • Supergirl
    • The Adventures of Supergirl - takes place turning Supergirl season 1
    • Sister Act - takes place before Supergirl S1E04.
    • Supergirl: Age of Atlantis - towards at end of season 2
    • Supergirl: Curse of the Ancients - towards at end of season 2
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths Giant #1-2 - takes place durnig "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two"


January: () total 184 episodes
February: () total 163 episodes
March: 147 episodes
April: 164 episodes
May: 195 episodes
June: 193 episodes
July: 218 episodes

Number of different shows: 87

Shows started: 16
Cruel Summer, Dawson's Creek, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Fate: The Winx Saga, Gossip Girl 2021, Harlots, Helstrom, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, Kung Fu, Loki, Nancy Drew, Prodigal Son, The Resident, Shadow and Bone, WandaVision, The Wilds

Shows finished: 19
American Gods, Atypical, Black Lightning, The Bold Type, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The End of the F****** World, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Friday Night Lights, Helstrom, The Man in the High Castle, Mixed-ish, Orange is the New Black, The Order, Pose, Van Helsing, Vikings, WandaVision, Wynonna Earp, Younger

List of shows:
A Discovery of Witches S02
A Million Little Things S03
All American S03
American Gods S03
Atypical S04
Batwoman S02
Black-ish S07
Black Lightning S04
The Blacklist S08
The Bold Type S05
Boy Meets World S03, S04, S05, S06
Bull S05
Charmed S03
Chicago Fire S07, S08
Chicago Med S05
Chicago PD S06, S07
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S02
Cruel Summer S01
Dawson's Creek S01, S02, S03, S04, S05, S06
Dickinson S02
Dynasty S04
ER S12, S13
Euphoria S01
The Expanse S05
Fate Winx S01
The Flash S07
For All Mankind S02
Girlfriends S05
The Good Doctor S04
The Good Fight S05
Good Trouble S03
Gossip Girl 2021 S01
Grey's Anatomy S17
Grown-ish S03, S04
The Handmaid's Tale S04
Harlots S01
Helstrom S01
Kung Fu S01
Legacies S03
LoT S06
Loki S01
Love Victor S02
Lucifer S05
Manifest S03
Mixed-ish S02
Motherland Fort Salem S02
Nancy Drew S01, S02
Never Have I Ever S02
The Nevers S01
The Order S02
REWATCH: The Originals S02, S03, S04, S05
The Outpost S03, S04
Panic S01
Pose S03
Prodigal Son S01
The Resident S01, S02
Riverdale S05
Roswell NM S03
Shadow and Bone S01
Shameless S09, S10
The Spanish Princess S01
Star Trek Discovery S03
Station 19 S04
Supergirl S06
Superman & Lois S01
This Is Us S05
REWATCH: The Vampire Diaries S06, S07, S08
Van Helsin S05
Vikings S06
The Walking Dead S10
WandaVision S01
The West Wing S02
The Wilds S01
Wynonna Earp S04
Younger S07
Young Sheldon S04


A watch order for the Arrow Universe that is currently headlined by Arrow and includes Supergirl, The Flash, Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning and Superman and Lois.

List taken from
or here

Last Updated 16 April 2021


All series and specials of the CW Arrowverse in chronological order. Shows, movies and specials that are added to the Mutliverse during the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover but have only a brief appearance are not included.


Written completely as an episode list, so as to work correctly with Exodus.


Yearly Stats (As of 7/2/21)

Episodes Plays - 1263
Episodes per Month - 180.4
Episodes per Week - 48.6
Episodes per Day - 6.9

Monthly Stats

Jan - 231 Episodes
Feb - 260 Episodes
Mar - 291 Episodes
Apr - 161 Episodes
May - 179 Episodes
June - 142 Episodes
July -
Aug -
Sept -
Oct -
Nov -
Dec -

New Shows Started: 16
Chicago Fire, Chicago Justice, Chicago Med, Chicago P.D., Daimdaler: Prince vs. Penguin Empire, Darling in the FranXX, The Equalizer, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, The Mentalist, Naruto, Prison School, Superman & Lois, Walker, WandaVision, Young Rock

Ending Shows Completed: 11
Black Lightning, Chicago Justice, Daimdaler: Prince vs Penguin Empire, Darling in the FranXX, MacGyver, Manifest, The Mentalist, NCIS: New Orleans, Prison School (May Re-new), Prodical Son, WandaVision

1. Watched Entire Series of The Mentalist.
2. Watched Chicago One Shows in In Universe Chronological Order (Shows included Chicago Fire, PD, Med, Justice, Law and Order SVU, & FBI)
3. Premiere of the Marvel Disney+ Shows

Total Series Watched: 47

Series Watched:
All American - S3x01 -
AEW: Dynamite - S3x01 -
Batwoman - S2x01 - S2x18
Bitchin' Rides - S7x10 - S7x14
Black Lightning - S4x01 - S4x13 (Series Finale)
The Blacklist - S08x03 - S8x22
Bull - S5x05 - S5x16
Chicago Fire - S1x01 -
Chicago Justice - S1x01 - S1x13 (Series Finale)
Chicago Med - S1x01 -
Chicago P.D. - S1x01 -
Daimidaler: Prince vs. Penguin Empire - S1x01 - S1x12 (Series Finale)
Darling in the FranXX - S1x01 - S1x24 (Series Finale)
DC's Legends of Tomorrow - S6x01 -
The Equalizer - S1x01 - S1x10
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier - S1x01 - S1x06
Family Guy - S19x10 - S19x20
FBI - S3x04 - S3x15
FBI: Most Wanted - S2x04 - S2x15
Flash - S7x01 -
Highschool DxD - S2x07 - S4x12
Law & Order: Organized Crime - S1x01 -
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - S15x15, S16x07, S16x20, S17x14
Lego Master - S2x01 -
Loki - S1x01 -
MacGuyver - S5x04 - S5x15 (Series Finale)
Magnum P.I. - S3x04 - S3x16
Manifest - S3x01 - Sx13 (Series Finale)
Mayans M.C. - S3x01 - S3x10
The Mentalist - S1x01 - S7x13 (Series Finale)
Naruto - S1x01 -
NCIS - S18x04 - S18x16
NCIS: Los Angeles - S12x07 - S12x18
NCIS: New Orleans - S7x05 - S7x15 (Series Finale)
New Amsterdam - S3x01 - S3x14
Pokemon - 11x05 -
Prison School - S1x01 - S1x12 (Series Finale)
Prodigal Son - S2x01 - S2x13 (Series Finale)
Rick and Morty - S5x01 -
Ridiculousness - S19x24 -
Riverdale - S5x01 - S5x10
The Rookie - S3X01 - S3x14
S.W.A.T - S4x07 - S4x18
Seal Team - S4x05 - S4x16
Supergirl - S6x01 -
Superman & Lois - S1x01 -
Teen Titans Go! - S6x37 -
Walker - S1x01 -
WandaVision - S1x01 - S1x09 (Series Finale)
Yellowstone (Re-watch Seasons 1 & 2) - S1x04 - S3x10
Young Rock - S1x01 - S1x11


Shows started:
A Discovery of Witches, Big Little Lies, Constantine: City of Demons, Dickinson, Dollface, Dummy, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Good Trouble, The Haunting of Bly Manor, Loki, Mare of Easttown, Marvel Studios: Legends, The Queen's Gambit, Schitt's Creek, Superman & Lois, WandaVision, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

Shows finished:
Big Little Lies, The Bold Type, Carmen Sandiego, Constantine: City of Demons, Dummy, The Haunting of Bly Manor, Mare of Easttown, Marvel's Daredevil, Marvel's Iron Fist, Marvel's Jessica Jones, Marvel's Luke Cage, Marvel's The Punisher, The Queen's Gambit, Schitt's Creek, WandaVision, Wynonna Earp, Younger, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

Shows watched:
A Discovery of Witches (1x01-2x10)
Batwoman (1x12-)
Big Little Lies (1x01-2x07)
Carmen Sandiego (4x01-08)
Catfish (8x30-)
Constantine: City of Demons (1x01-05)
DC's Legends of Tomorrow (5x04-)
Dickinson (1x01-)
Dollface (1x01-)
Dummy (1x01-10)
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (1x01-06)
The Flash (6x12-)
The Good Fight (5x01-)
Good Trouble (1x01-)
The Haunting of Bly Manor (1x01-09)
Kizim (1x03-34)
Loki (1x01-06)
Mare of Easttown (1x01-07)
Marvel Studios: Legends (1x01-)
Marvel's Daredevil (3x01-13)
Marvel's Iron Fist (2x01-10)
Marvel's Jessica Jones (3x01-13)
Marvel's Luke Cage (2x01-13)
Marvel's The Punisher (2x01-13)
The Masked Singer (ES) (2x01-)
The Queen's Gambit (1x01-07)
Schitt's Creek (1x01-6x14)
Supergirl (5x12-)
Superman & Lois (1x01-)
WandaVision (1x01-09)
Wynonna Earp (4x07-12)
Younger (7x01-12)
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (1x01-2x13)


Ordre de visionnage de l'Arrowverse

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The Entire DC Continuity That We Know Exists In the Arrowverse Multiverse (Pre and Post Crisis)


The ultimate watch order for DC's Live Action Multiverse.


sort by release date for watch order


All episodes from Arrow, The Flash, Constantine, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Superman & Lois, Batwoman and Black Lightning in order of release date.

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