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Beauty On the Run 2013

  • Ended
  • 2013-04-17T15:25:00+02:00
  • 95 mins
  • Thailand
  • Thai
  • Drama

Pai Praya ( Praia flower garden ), also known as the people in the entertainment industry , Julia Oh , not really . The organ that is the cocktail lounge is exclusive at that. People who came , if not political , it must have been a billionaire only. Bamboo is a star and a serpent 's magnetic here. Everyone wants to be a billionaire of bamboos overcame them. But everyone must Ekrgakekrgใh Kun Somsuk ( O Beaver River ), a rich , wealthy from export , but who knows what his background is . Drug lords are major network since northernmost and southernmost Thailand. Bamboo Kun Somsuk is the devil wants to change the name because of the Kun Somsuk to actually come every night because I have a bamboo serpent mistress again . But bamboo serpent was cognizant men who knew that there was a bamboo serpent eel mom ever. This is because bamboo has worked as a serpent to take a drink . The one who never misses Until tonight Of the most unbearable to the Kun Somsuk Tonight I had to get her to be. Kun Somsuk therefore subordinate to the serpent encircle take bamboo to house them. Bamboo serpent is in a tight situation. She is also good to carry a sleeping pill for emergency always vigorously carry out .

      Kun Somsuk Invictus lying asleep unaware. Bamboo look darn serpent 's mouth that people like Kun Somsuk not have แagm her. Before the bamboo serpent will see a gold chain with a pendant is a rectangle, Kun Somsuk neck . Bamboo serpent would be the consumption of meat consumed her for the night. Also known simply as a slap in the property itself. Bamboo devil is sneaks away . But then I had dozens of gunshots resounded . Bamboo devil scare before seeing many black men invaded his home and murdered his followers Kun Somsuk Kun Somsuk until smooth . Bamboo Kun Somsuk try to wake the devil , but Kun Somsuk was comatose.

      While bamboo devil himself could hear feet came closer and closer. Bamboo serpent quickly retreat into the closet. And what she saw of a split door wardrobe is. Black gloves are hand Kun Somsuk trigger input . She did not see who the person is wearing gloves . But after she saw it , the more black hands Kun Somsuk is West ( Sarin blended ) , looking at the body of Kun Somsuk profanities. Between foreign counterparts to find something for this . But then I used black voice was louder. There are women here. West turned to saw shoes bamboo serpent . Bamboo serpent to flee in a hurry, Chanting themselves. I like the prayer to be effective. When a police car siren coming from afar. West has told everyone to escape first.


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