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Beyblade Burst: Season 3

Turbo 2018 - 2019

  • 2018-04-01T15:00:00Z on TV Setouchi
  • 24m
  • 20h 24m (51 episodes)
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Action, Adventure, Anime
Yearning to earn the title of world blading champion, a novice competitor must harness his untamed potential through training and tournaments.

51 episodes

Season Premiere


3x01 (103) Time To Go Turbo!

Season Premiere

3x01 (103) Time To Go Turbo!

  • 2018-04-01T15:00:00Z24m

Reigning World Champion Valt Aoi meets promising newcomer Aiger Akabane on his journey to upgrade Valtryek to Turbo Bey status.

3x02 (104) Achilles vs Forneus!

  • 2018-04-08T15:00:00Z24m

Aiger transfers to Beigoma Academy with hopes of unseating Valt's successor, Fubuki Sumiye.


3x03 (105) Duel at Sunset!

3x03 (105) Duel at Sunset!

  • 2018-04-15T15:00:00Z24m

Aiger faces a challenge from the leader of the notorious Wild Bey Gang, Ranjiro Kiyama.


3x04 (106) Land It! Z Breaker!

3x04 (106) Land It! Z Breaker!

  • 2018-04-22T15:00:00Z24m

Valt defends his World Champion title against Kurt Baratier; meanwhile, Aiger and Fubuki have a rematch.

Before the title match between Valt and Lui, Aiger demands his own battle with the Winter Knight.

A new tournament is announced with a prize too good for Aiger and team to pass up: a chance to battle Lui Shirosagi!

After proving his brute strength, Aiger takes on the Bey Club's power Blader Koji Konda as the the Lúinor Cup begins.

Aiger receives an unexpected challenge from Suoh and his new Turbo Bey, Heat Salamander.


3x09 (111) Swirling Inferno!

3x09 (111) Swirling Inferno!

  • 2018-05-27T15:00:00Z24m

It's a Bey Club brawl in the Luinor Cup, when Toko faces off against the swirling inferno that is Suoh.

3x10 (112) Achilles vs Roktavor!

  • 2018-06-03T15:00:00Z24m

A misunderstanding has the gang chasing after Hae-jin. Aiger and Ranjiro duke it out in the next round of the Lúinor Cup.


3x11 (113) Battle of Betrayal!

3x11 (113) Battle of Betrayal!

  • 2018-06-10T15:00:00Z24m

It's hard work vs natural genius as Fubuki faces off against an old friend in the semifinals of the Lúinor Cup.

While Aiger is excited to face off against his friend, Hae-jin is torn between blading and archery.

The Lúinor Cup finals have finally arrived! Suoh and Aiger are worried about the arrival of two new mysterious Bladers.

Aiger's got some training to do with Cap'n and Hae-jin, but first, he must deal with a strange fortune teller.

The time has arrived: it's Aiger vs. Lui! Just when their battle can't get any more epic, Aiger suffers a major setback when an unexpected face appears.

Aiger, Hae-jin, and Cap'n hop aboard the Battleship Cruise! On board, Aiger faces off members of the Turbo 4 which is set to be his hardest challenge yet!

An apprentice of the one-and-only Xander Shakadera is searching for his true rival and will take on anyone who stands in his path!

An abandoned ship appears out of the mists and a mysterious figure lurks in the shadows, watching the Blader's every move.

The crew is joined by the strange, masked Blader they met aboard the ghost ship. Meanwhile, the ever-mysterious Phi further reveals the astonishing powers of Phoenix.

Aiger's search for Fubuki leads him to the gym of the world-renowned Raging Bulls! The gang gets a taste of Phi's true power as a new Blader arrives on the Battleship Cruise.

The Bladers get a chance at redemption with a tag-team battle, but some Bladers must work with their enemies if they want to stay aboard!

3x22 (124) Three-Way Stand-Off!

  • 2018-08-26T15:00:00Z24m

With only one star left, Ranjiro, Suoh, and Hae-jin must put it all on the line to stay in the competition!

The Bladers left aboard must make every launch count if they're going to keep their Bey stars!

3x24 (126) Achilles vs Xcalius!

  • 2018-09-09T15:00:00Z24m

Aiger, Xavier, and Laban take off on a kayak race, but get stranded on a deserted island!

The crew heads to El Astro-home of world-famous BC Sol! Aiger finds Free De La Hoya and challenges him to a battle.

After saying goodbye to Xavier, only four Bladers are left in the competition!


3x27 (129) Road to Glory!

3x27 (129) Road to Glory!

  • 2018-09-30T15:00:00Z24m

Aiger needs to up his game to have any chance of becoming world champion. Luckily, Xavier introduces Aiger to the perfect teacher: Xander Shakadera!


3x28 (130) Valt vs Aiger!

3x28 (130) Valt vs Aiger!

  • 2018-10-07T15:00:00Z24m

After all the battles and training, it's finally time for Aiger to take on Valt Aoi!

After a heart-stopping showdown, Aiger comes face-to-face with a terrifying new foe.


3x30 (132) Aiger Goes Wild!

3x30 (132) Aiger Goes Wild!

  • 2018-10-21T15:00:00Z24m

As Hyde's predicted victory looms closer, it looks like Aiger might lose his title as quickly as he won it.

Kyle takes his shot against the famous Free De La Hoya and finally reveals what's behind the mask! Meanwhile, Valt seeks to re-forge his partner into Turbo Valtryek!

Aiger and Ranjiro arrive at the Dread Tower, but with Hyde calling the shots, nothing is as it seems. The notorious Bey-burglar, Count Nightfell, makes a grand entrance.

Aiger and Ranjiro find themselves in a sticky situation when they face off against the enigmatic Dr. Evel!

Having discovered the fruits of Dr. Evel's Blading research, Count Nightfell challenges Aiger to a friendly match.

Fubuki and the legendary Shu Kurena show up at the Dread Tower! Shu is determined to show Aiger where true strength comes from, just as Valt once showed him.

3x36 (138) The Darkness Within!

  • 2018-12-02T15:00:00Z24m

The Hyde show continues as Aiger finally gets his long-awaited rematch. But the battles don't stop there; former and current World Champions go head-to-head!

Valt clashes with Hyde in a Dread Tower showdown. Frustrated by his earlier loss to Hyde, Aiger storms out of the match and runs into Phi.

With a little help from Shu Kurenai, Aiger returns home to forge his new Bey: Turbo Achilles! Meanwhile, Fubuki and Ranjiro return to Beigoma Academy.

An old friend arrives in town: the Master of the Wind, Kit Lopez! With Aiger struggling to perfect his Turbo Awakening, Kit helps him come up with a Plan B to take Hyde down.

Achilles enters the Turbo Awakened state against Hyde and Hades. Aiger has to deepen his bond with Achilles if he wants to stand a chance against the Master of Wind, Kit Lopez.


3x41 (143) Hyde vs Phi!

3x41 (143) Hyde vs Phi!

  • 2019-01-13T15:00:00Z24m

Phi challenges Hyde to a battle, intent on taking back what's his. Pushed beyond the breaking point, Hyde faces losing everything to his vengeful twin!

Principal Shinoda surprises Beigoma Academy with a new Turbo Stadium. Aiger questions his own progress, when Toko sets out to prove that he's more than just Valt's little brother!

Phi gets the perfect opportunity to introduce the world to his new ultimate Bey when he challenges Free De La Hoya. Free must fight for the future of Blading as he knows it!

Aiger's training adventure begins in the kingdom ruled by his rival Xavier Bogard, who offers some intense training to help Aiger overcome his self-doubt!

Aiger's training journey takes him to Africa where his old friend, wild child Laban Vanot, teaches Aiger the importance of using his concentration and senses!

Aiger realizes that to stand a chance at winning a battle against Valt, he must first prove himself against the wind maven, Kit Lopez!

Shu believes it's his duty to stop the terrifying Phi once and for all! But can he end the match before Dread Phoenix can use its ultimate weapon?

As Aiger trains for his battle against Phi, Toko unites the Bey Club and the Wild Bey Gang to try and find Phi's weakness. Aiger's going to need everyone's help for this showdown!


3x49 (151) Aiger vs Phi!

3x49 (151) Aiger vs Phi!

  • 2019-03-10T15:00:00Z24m

Aiger fears that Phi may once again succeed in destroying Achilles by a Burst Finish. Will all of his training come undone before the battle even begins?

With the score stuck at 0-0 and the crowd on his side, Aiger follows his intuition and listens to Achilles in this final epic encounter!

Season Finale


3x51 (153) Bonding! Aiger vs Valt!

Season Finale

3x51 (153) Bonding! Aiger vs Valt!

  • 2019-03-24T15:00:00Z24m

Aiger reflects on his bond with Achilles and his rivalry with Valt. As strong as he's become, Aiger will still have to step it up if he's going to take on the World Champ!