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Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction: Season 4

4x03 Out of Service, When I Was Big, The Greedy Investor, Seven Hours of Bad Luck & The Secret of the Coins

  • 2002-07-05T01:00:00+01:00 on FOX (US)
  • 44 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Fantasy, Science Fiction

"Out Of Service" - A boyfriend and girlfriend (businessmen) are spending three nights of camping with each other, until the girlfriend tells the man that there was a man missing and a killer on the loose. Naturally, the man wants to leave the woods but she persuades him to stay. The next day, they wake up and take a walk in the woods trying to not remember about the killer, but then they spot a man near a lake taking the blood off of a knife. They stand there in shock long enough that the killer spots them and chases them into the woods. The man and woman outrun him and try to use there cellphones, but the phones are dead. They then spot a man in a yellow vest that leads them to a street and a police car spots the couple and pulls aside, so the killer vanishes into the woods. They tell the about the killer and the mysterious man that lead them to safety. The couple then see the mysterious man that lead them to safety, and the man points to a spot near them. The police didn't see the man, but they walked over to the spot anyway. A man in a yellow vest was lying on the ground and says "Thank God you found me." It turns out the man's spirit left his body to lead him to safety.
"When I Was Big" - A little boy goes to counseling ever since he stopped talking because his sister passed away in a car accident. The boy goes to a book and says he used to be Harry Chaffee and fix books before he died. The counselor was in shock, so later he decided to go to a library and see if they had a similar book there. While walking through an isle, a book falls into his hands. On the inside, it had a note and it was signed from his Father, who wanted to give him the books as gifts. The counselor goes to a library book-fixer, and asked him if he fixed the book. The man replied he didn't, but a coworker of his that passed away fifteen years beforehand did. The counselor asked if by chance his name was Harry Chaffee, and the book-fixer replied "Yeah, how did you know?"
"The Greedy Investor" - Two investors (boyfriend and girlfriend) have to kick an old lady by the name of Marion Rayburn out of her house. She was upset by the fact that she had to leave the house that she and her husband had lived in, and she always wanted the house to be passed down from generation from generation. She then said "You will never own this house. You mark my words." The two investors couldn't sell the house because every time they tried because some strange occurrence happened every time they tried to sell, such as glass breaking out of a window, and smells coming out of a room for no apparent reason. The woman investor said that he had to choose between the house and her, and he thought the idea was ridiculous. Suddenly, two people go to the house to look around, and while inside the house, no odd occurrences happened. The woman investor asked for $1.00 as a down payment for the house, and the house was theirs. The two people then looked at each other and said "I just wanted to look around Grandma's old house before it had to be sold." While outside, the investors leave the house and the woman finds out that Marion died shortly after they kicked her out of her house. The women then realized that words she said, "You will never own my house. You mark my words".
"Seven Hours Of Bad Luck" - Two women were remodeling a house and while doing so, one of them drops a huge glass mirror on the floor. Before she tried cleaning the mess up, her friend said to not do it until seven hours passed by. After persuading her to wait the seven hours, she left the house to go on a date. The women that dropped the glass was all alone, and strange things started to happen, like ink pouring on her hands, the faucet not working, the lights going out, and fire from a candle gets on her shirt, but she quickly gets it out. She looks at the watch and sees she only has thirty minutes of bad luck left. After that, she seems a robber go near her window and she quickly ducks and gets in front of the door crying to herself. She tried reaching for the phone, but it is dead. The robber goes around to the other door and she tells him to leave. She sits there, and realizes the seven hours of bad luck ran out. She quickly went for the phone, and called the police. While waiting for the police, she sweeps up the glass nervously. Suddenly, the robber comes from her window and he trips on her pile of glass and he gets stabbed in the chest with a piece of glass, and then he leaves.
"The Secret Of The Coins" - A delivery boy goes to a man's home and delivers the pizza. The man gives him a $100.00 bill, so the boy goes back in and told him that he gave him $90.00 more than he was supposed to. The man appreciates his honesty, so he gives him the boy's lucky coin back. The man tells him that coins tell a story, and he can tell a story behind a coin if you imagine what happened. The man shows the boy a coin and three pictures, and asked him which one it came from. The boy knew it belonged to the man in the picture, but didn't know the story. The boy had to leave his house to go home. He had school a lot, so when the semester was over, he went to the man's house to discover that people were evicting his belongings. The boy finds out that the man had a heart attack. The boy sees the picture and asks one of the evictors if the picture was about a park. It turned up being about a park, so he had the urge to open up the back of the picture to discover six coins, all worth a lot of money.