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Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction: Season 4

4x06 The Dorm, The Child Artist, The Weatherman, Sit-Down Comic & Room 245

  • 2002-07-19T03:00:00+03:00 on FOX (US)
  • 44 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Fantasy, Science Fiction

"The Dorm" - A College student moves into her new dorm and gets a strange feeling when ever she's inside it she learns that a there's a killer on the loose one night after she stays up late working on a report she is attacked by a man in a leather jacket then as if by miracle she uses karate to defeat the man she calls the police and they arrest her after the rest the mother of her room's previous owner comes in and tells her the story about her daughter who always had a talent for karate.
"The Child Artist"- A ill woman asks her mother to take care of her 2 year old daughter one day while going to through a yard sale her grand daughter picks out an old chalkboard so the grandma buys it she is discovered that her daughter has written something else besides chicken scratch on the chalkboard are the words save Mommmy she calls her daughter to make sure its not just some embellishment but gets worried when no one answers the phone so she heads down to her house and discovers her body lying on the couch she manages to get her out just in time.
"The Weatherman" - Brent Fillie is a southern Californian weatherman who loves the money and fame that come with his job, until the station manager informs him he is about to be let go due to boring weather reports. To save his job, Brent "spices up" his forecasts with false predications. On his way out of work, he encounters an angry woman who states her father died weather proofing the house from a heart attack and blames Brent for it. He dismisses her as a nut and leaves. However, sometime afterwards, Brent is killed in an accident. Eyewitnesses claim a tornado came out of nowhere and sent his car flying to his death.
"Sit-Down Comic"- Jimmy always wanted to be a comic on live stage but he had a case of stage fright his rival Joey got a job as a comic instead and Jimmy was his manager one day while in his car Joey accidentally hits Jimmy. Jimmy decides that he has had enough of Joey's mocking and bans Joey from his life. Jimmy as if by miracle does land a job as a comic on live stage and jimmy is no longer a comic because of a bad knee.
"Room 245" - A frustrated woman and her sick mother are furious when the hotel they have made reservations for claim to have none. fortunately a room is free to rent her sick mother has a disease and her doctor prescribes a medicine the woman leaves on the managers counter but when she returns she discovers that its missing and the manager and the doctor don't recognize her she suspects that the doctor and her manager have something else going on when she discovers her mother missing.