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Big Brother: Season 12

12x12 PoV Comp #4; PoV Ceremony #4

  • 2010-08-05T00:00:00Z on CBS
  • 42 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Reality, Game Show

Season 12: Episode 12: The Power of Veto Holder Faces a Game Changing Decision

­Hayden knows Head of Household Rachel nominated him and his secret showmance Kristen because Rachel thinks they are coming after her and Brendon. Hayden has a newsflash for Rachel—everyone is coming after Rachel and Brendon! Kristen is angry but anticipated the nomination. Her goal now is to stay another week without hurting Hayden in the process.

Up in the HoH suite, Brendon tells Rachel she was harsh when she told Hayden and Kristen to “bring it on,” and notes that kind of behavior only makes them bigger targets. When he suggests Rachel apologize to Hayden and Kristen, she first gets mad and then gets teary. After more hemming and hawing, Rachel reluctantly goes down to the rust bedroom and half-heartedly apologizes to Hayden and Kristen.

Hayden isn’t all that impressed, but up in the HoH Suite, Brendon is happy Rachel made the effort. But soon Rachel and Brendon are sniping at each other again. “Am I supposed to bake cookies and sing Kumbaya,” Rachel asks, before warning Brendon that if they keep arguing this way, it’s the end of their relationship.

Wizard of Pinball

It’s time for the Veto competition. In the random draw for players, Rachel picks Britney, Hayden picks Ragan, and Kristen picks Enzo. Hayden is disappointed that he drew a wild card like Ragan, while an unsuspecting Kristen doesn’t realize Enzo has no interest in using the Veto this week, since he wants Kristen to go home, a move that works best for his secret Brigade alliance with Hayden, Lane and Matt.

The HouseGuests come outside and find a huge pinball table dominating the back yard. The player who shoots the farthest from the center Veto slot is eliminated, but gets a prize. Host Brendon warns them not to get too attached, because successive players can choose to keep or exchange their gifts.

The end of the game leaves everyone left with a series of great and not-so-great prizes. Ragan gets a Veto ticket, which allows him to play in the next Veto competition. Rachel gets $5,000, while Enzo wins a 3-D flat screen. Kristen initially wins the Veto, but Hayden trades it for a “Hippietard,” a 60’s themed unitard. Britney wins a 24-hour solitary confinement, which she trades for the Veto. Britney wins the game and leaves a dejected Hayden with a virtual prison sentence and a humiliated Kristen wearing the Hippietard for several days!

Britney admits she loves having the Veto power. Hayden has a tough time in solitary confinement in the Have Not bedroom, but Kristen talks to him through the door and even touches his fingers under the door jam. Kristen embraces her Hippietard (which includes a stylish afro wig), but gets emotional during Hayden’s long 24-hour isolation. Hayden and Kristen are relieved when the confinement ends, but because they are still being stealth about their relationship, keep it cool when they finally see each other again.

Pass the Popcorn

Hayden is delighted to escape the Have Not bedroom and have some time in the HoH suite, where he, Enzo, Brendon and HoH Rachel get to enjoy their luxury competition prize, an exclusive screening of the Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg buddy cop comedy “The Other Guys,” which premieres in theaters on August 6th. The rest of the HouseGuests are jealous as Brendon boasts about having his first movie date with Rachel.

After the screening, Hayden talks to Veto holder Britney. Hayden suggests Britney uses it so that Kathy goes up instead of Hayden. Britney is all for this, as long as Kathy goes up. Can Hayden make a deal with Rachel to ensure this, Britney asks? Hayden goes up to the HoH suite with Kristen to find out. Rachel listens to Hayden’s pitch, but asks pointed questions about what Britney gets from this and how it will impact her and Brendon’s game. Hayden suggests he, Kristen, Brendon and Rachel could work together, but Rachel isn’t sure she should trust him.

Downstairs in the Cabana room, Hayden tells Britney he thinks Rachel will take the deal, and vows to backstab Rachel and Brendon next week if he wins HoH. Britney touches base with Rachel, who warns Britney she will put up her friend Lane for eviction if the Veto is used. This is not the deal Britney bargained for. If Lane goes up will he go home?

It’s time for the Veto ceremony. Britney struggles during the ceremony but ultimately decides not to use the Veto. Hayden and Kristen are stunned—they thought their deal was going to go through! Rachel is relieved because she may have turned down a super alliance with Hayden and Kristen, but she thinks this is no big loss since they are untrustworthy. Kristen is heartbroken! Now she is definitely up against the one person she cares about in the house. So who will be the next evicted HouseGuest? And who will be the next HoH? Find out live Thursday, August 5 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!