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Big Brother: Season 12

12x13 Live Eviction #4; HoH Comp #5

  • 2010-08-06T00:00:00Z on CBS
  • 42 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Reality

Season 12: Episode 13: The Secret Showmance is Broken Up as Another HouseGuest is Sent Packing

“What just happened?” Hayden asks. He thought he had a deal with Brendon and Head of Household Rachel, with Kathy going up on the chopping block in his place. Britney thought she was using the veto, until she found out Rachel was going to put up her buddy Lane instead of Kathy. Britney knows Hayden and Kristen are upset, but Britney didn’t want to chance Lane going home. It turns out Rachel had no intention of making a “super alliance” with Hayden and Kristen, and threw Lane’s name out there to make sure Britney didn’t use the veto. Rachel has one goal this week—get Kristen out of the house!

Kathy comforts a tearful Kristen in the rust bedroom. Both of the women think Britney is being controlled by the devil, aka Rachel. Meanwhile Hayden hustles outside to the “devil” and Brendon. Hayden tells them that there are no hard feelings, and Brendon and Rachel assure him he is safe this week because Brendon is a sure vote for Hayden to stay. With Brendon’s vote and three votes from his secret alliance the Brigade, Hayden knows he won’t be going home.

Hayden then goes into the rust bedroom to check in on Kristen, but Britney interrupts. Britney explains what Rachel told her, and Kristen realizes Rachel purposely derailed any possible four-way alliance between the two showmances because Rachel wants Kristen out. Britney leaves them as Kristen begins to break down. Hayden comforts her, and encourages her to campaign for herself.

Bad Hair Day

Later that night, Britney, Matt and Ragan clown around in the HoH suite, with Britney and Matt deciding to put in Rachel’s hair extensions. The antics are going strong when all the sudden Rachel and Brendon walk in! Britney is terrified that she just got busted, but Rachel is a good sport and enjoys the imitation. Britney can’t believe Rachel doesn’t realize that they are making fun of her, but Rachel explains “the highest form of flattery is totally making fun of someone.”

A few hours later, Matt and the rest of the Brigade work out together, something Kristen notices. Why was Hayden so relaxed about telling her to campaign for herself? It finally dawns on her Hayden is so relaxed because he knows he has the votes, which means he and his workout buddies may be up to something.

Kristen grabs Ragan, and tells him her theory. She currently has one vote in Kathy, but if she can convince the other Houseguests Hayden may be in some sort of alliance, she might be able to stay. Ragan isn’t sure Enzo, Hayden and Lane are anything more than friends, but knows that his days are limited if they are. Kristen also talks to Britney, and warns her that if she is the last girl in the house, that means she is expendable. Kristen’s toughest sell is Brendon, who she finally gets alone without Rachel. Brendon hears what Kristen has to say, but has to decide who he can trust, Hayden or Kristen?

Host Julie Chen checks in with the Houseguests and asks Hayden about solitary confinement and the Hippietard. Hayden is glad he didn’t take the Hippietard for himself, because he thinks Kristen looks much better in the getup than he does. Hayden does wish he got the $5,000 over the confinement, which he says was tough. The HouseGuests all enjoy watching the footage of Enzo, Brendon and Hayden in the most recent luxury competition, with Enzo admitting he does get excited when he wants to win something.

Sometimes Love is Complicated

In one of their stealth, late-night make out sessions, Hayden tells Kristen he wonders if his mom is watching. Turns out she is! In Arizona, Hayden’s mom Renea has been tuning in, and she is none too happy! She thinks Kristen isn’t all that into her son, and feels this showmance is derailing his game. “Keep playing the game you are there to play,” she warns her son. Meanwhile in Philadelphia, Kristen’s friends are watching closely, including none other than Kristen’s BOYFRIEND! Dating for two months before the show, Steve even asked Kristen if she wanted to be single going into BIG BROTHER, and she said no. Steve doesn’t think much of Hayden, who he calls a “24-year-old kid.” Steve says Kristen has really made a mess of things, and notes, “I hope she brings her mop and bucket with her…”

Host Julie Chen touches base with Rachel in the HoH suite and asks if Rachel has any plans to pull another Houseguest into her alliance with Brendon. Rachel hopes to ally with Britney, and says Britney could be an extra competitor for them. Rachel argues targeting the women in the house wasn’t a strategy, because all she was doing was coming after people who were coming after her. Rachel admits the honeymoon between her and Brendon is over, but stresses that their relationship is true love.

The secret showmance ends when Kristen is ushered out of the house with a 6-1 vote. In the HouseGuest goodbyes, Rachel calls Kristen the definition of the word “bitch” and tells her going to talk to Brendon without her was a big mistake. The big reveal is Hayden’s admission about his secret alliance, “the Brigade!”

Kristen tells Julie she is somewhat shocked about the Brigade, but doesn’t hold it against Hayden because they all knew that this is a game. Julie wants to know what happens now—will she go back to her boyfriend Steve or wait for Hayden? Kristen says she plans on some alone time to decide what’s next for her. “I just have to take time for myself,” she explains.

­ As the Houseguests get ready for the “True Colors” HoH endurance competition, Julie explains this week the HoH will be facing Pandora’s Box. If the new HoH accepts the offer to get extended HoH powers, they will unwillingly unleash a second Saboteur on the house! Julie reveals through a vote by viewers, Ragan has been chosen as the second saboteur. This week’s HoH competition is simple—whoever is the last HouseGuest holding onto the giant spinning paint can, while being pelted with paint, wins the competition. So who will become the new HoH? And will they open Pandora’s Box and unleash a stealth Ragan saboteur on the house? Find out Sunday, August 8 at 8pm ET/PT on CBS on BIG BROTHER!