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Big Brother: Season 12

12x02 Nomination Ceremony #1

  • 2010-07-11T20:00:00-04:00 on CBS
  • 44 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Reality

Season 12: Episode 02: HoH Hayden Chooses a Target for Elimination

The HouseGuests are reeling after the Saboteur’s first attack—all of their food is now behind the locked storage room door! The prime suspects are Brendon, who inexplicably got up to get his toothbrush in the darkness, and Andrew, who was supposedly pulling pranks while he wandered around during the blackout. Andrew admits he is relieved he has immunity from nomination for sitting out on the first HoH competition. So have the HouseGuests fingered the Saboteur already?

Who Wants to See the HoH Suite?

Hayden is stoked to show off his blue and silver-themed Head of Household suite, which he describes as a “slick, contemporary” space. Ragan finds Hayden’s very wholesome family photos (and a lack of shirtless “dude” shots of himself) a good sign that the HoH will make good choices when it comes to nominations. Rachel wants to know what the rope in his HoH basket is for, and Hayden explains when he was younger he learned rodeo skills. “Can you rope the Saboteur?” one HouseGuest asks.

Geek Love

The first sparks of attraction are literally electric when Brendon and Rachel reveal during a Hammock chat they both have science-related degrees. Rachel finds it very sexy that Brendon is getting his PhD. The feeling is mutual, because Brendon finds smart women interested in science a major turn on. Annie, the third wheel in the hammock, feels awkward. “I felt like I was watching my parents have sex,” she says, noting she was “the cream in the scientific cookie.”

While love blossoms the game continues. Up in the HoH Suite, Enzo, Hayden, Matt, Monet and Kathy discuss the Saboteur. Matt notes that even if they are suspicious of Andrew he’s safe for the week. Kathy thinks the Saboteur is a girl, especially a trustworthy one. She suggests Annie might be a possibility but Matt doesn’t think she is the likely choice. Hayden realizes he is back at square one—just whom does he put up?

Coming Out

Annie pulls Ragan aside to the cabana room for a quick heart-to-heart. She has decided to come out to him as bisexual. “I actually have a girlfriend,” she says as Ragan hugs her.

Outside, more Brendon/Rachel bonding continues in the hot tub. As the two scientists continue to explore one another, Hayden takes notice. “They are a showmance in the making,” Hayden declares, noting this development is not good for anybody.

A little later Enzo and Hayden talk on the chaise lounge about how they could run the house together. It turns out Enzo is gunning to form his own mafia in the house, and takes the first steps to form an alliance. Enzo forms the first strategic alliance of the season, “The Brigade,” with Hayden, Matt, and Lane.

Enzo notes every mafia needs some muscle, like Lane, who he nick names “The Beast.” Hayden is deemed “The Animal,” and Matt is “The Brains,” while Enzo names himself “Meow Meow,” because like a cat he can be sneaky but cool and calm. True to his name, Lane doesn’t understand the word “Brigade” and admits he doesn’t really understand what comes out of Enzo’s mouth.

Time for the Have and Have Not Competition

Bedecked as a very muscular tooth fairy, Hayden kicks off the season’s inaugural Have and Have Not competition. The HouseGuests split into three teams of four as Hayden explains one member of each team must jump in a pool of caramel, climb under a huge straw and jump into a massive vat of popcorn and find a “sweet tooth” tile. The two teams that collect all eight of their tiles first are the Haves, while the last team becomes the Have Nots. Andrew notes it is more important for him to win this competition than an HoH competition because slop is not kosher!

Monet notes jumping into the caramel is like “hitting a brick wall.” Brandon almost loses his shorts when he slogs through the caramel, which gives everyone a view of his butt—Rachel, of course, finds this very cute. Everyone struggles, but Ragan can’t believe how nonchalantly Kathy takes the competition when she leisurely looks for her first tooth. As Lane plows through the caramel, Kathy gets stuck and comes to a complete stop, irritating her team members. To add insult to injury, Britney accidentally kicks Kathy in the head as she rushes past her. Despite an initial lead, Kathy’s team can’t get their eight teeth in time, making them the Have Nots. Along with Kathy, fellow teammates Matt, Rachel and Ragan find out they not only have to take cold showers and eat an all-slop diet, they must now live in the dreaded “Have Not” bedroom, which Hayden warns is the worst in BIG BROTHER history. The good news is completing the Have Not competition means the HouseGuests get bolt cutters to break off the storage room lock.

Not the Presidential Suite

Hayden’s warning proves to be more than true—the HouseGuests are appalled at the fish locker-themed Have Not Bedroom, which includes jars and jars of smelly bugs as decoration and plastic chaise lounges for beds!

The game aftermath continues when Kathy tells Britney she had it easier because Britney’s teammate Enzo left a tooth for her uncovered. Britney is not happy that Kathy is insinuating she was the weakest player. “You’re trying to tell me I’m the worst one?” Britney asks incredulously in diary room. Britney announces Kathy doesn’t need an enemy in this game, and she’s making one fast.

The Saboteur Strikes Again

The next morning Andrew notices someone has put tape across two images on the memory wall—both Kathy and Britney have been tagged. Andrew immediately runs up to Hayden’s room to fill him in, which only makes Hayden more suspicious Andrew is the Saboteur. Kathy brushes off the sabotage outwardly, but she admits privately this could ruin her game. The Saboteur suddenly comes on the monitor and warns them to “observe, listen and watch your back.”

Britney heeds the warning and goes right up to the HoH Suite to work on Hayden. Britney tells Hayden she doesn’t think she deserves to be sabotaged, while Hayden assures her it was a move to just create drama. Hayden asks Britney whom she would nominate and Britney quickly throws out Brendon and Kathy’s names. Britney says she’ll vote however Hayden wants her to, but Britney’s suggestion now has Hayden thinking—is Kathy a better choice for nominations than Rachel?

Time for Hayden’s Debut

The HouseGuests quietly file in for their first nomination ceremony. Hayden begins by handing Andrew his key, reminding everyone Andrew is safe for sitting out on the HoH competition. Hayden then pulls Annie’s key, announcing she is safe. Ragan, Enzo and Kristen are all relieved to find discover they are safe, with Britney, Matt, Monet, Kathy and finally Lane getting their keys.

Rachel and Brendon are the first nominees for eviction. Hayden tells Brendon he was unaccounted for during the blackout, and informs Rachel she hasn’t gotten to know him. Hayden later reveals Rachel is his pawn and Brendon is the target. Rachel is shocked, while Brendon feels Hayden has made a huge mistake by making himself an enemy. Will Rachel or Brendon win the Veto and escape the chopping block? And what will be the Saboteur’s next move? Find out Tuesday, July 13 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!