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Big Brother: Season 12

12x03 PoV Comp #1; PoV Ceremony #1

  • 2010-07-15T02:00:00+02:00 on CBS
  • 42 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Reality, Game Show

Season 12: Episode 03: A Key Veto Win Shakes up the Nominations

­Brendon is not surprised that Hayden nominated him for eviction, but he didn’t expect Rachel would be on the chopping block with him. Rachel sees this as her worst case scenario, while Head of Household Hayden thinks that he and his secret “Brigade” alliance including Enzo, Matt, Lane and himself have had a great first week.

Brendon and Rachel console one another as Annie comes in to tell them that they got a raw deal. Annie feels close to the pair, and sees their nomination as bad for her personally and for her game. Secret Brigade alliance members Enzo and Lane both come in to watch the nominees’ reactions, and notice the connection between Rachel, Brendon and Annie. Enzo doesn’t like what he sees, and decides he needs to keep his eye on Annie.

Outside after the nomination ceremony, Enzo tells Hayden and Lane that he thinks Annie is aligned with Brendon and Rachel, and that Annie is a strong player they need to watch carefully. If they need a replacement nominee, is she the choice?

Being put on the block together has only drawn Brendon and Rachel closer. Brendon almost cries over his nomination, which prompts Rachel to get closer to him. Their first big make out session takes place on the hammock, with most of the house watching and giggling from the kitchen. Hayden can’t believe that they’re making themselves even bigger targets than they already were.

After their canoodling, Brendon makes his way up to the HoH suite, where he basically threatens Hayden. “I would be worried about you,” Brendon tells Hayden before he alludes that he is aligned with Annie. “Is this guy nuts?” Hayden wonders.

Cinco de May-o

It’s time to pick players for the first Veto Competition. Besides the two nominees and the HoH, three additional players must be chosen at random. Drawing names from a bag, Hayden randomly picks his secret ally Enzo while Brendon randomly picks the house wild card Andrew. Rachel wants to pick Annie, but is visibly disappointed she draws Monet’s name, something an angry Monet definitely notices.

Veto host Annie brings everyone outside to a backyard transformed into a huge Fiesta with dozens of piñatas hanging across the lawn. Annie explains that the Veto players must smash open the piñatas and find lettered tiles. The player who can spell the longest word with their letters within ten minutes wins the Veto. But instead of candy, the piñatas are filled with spoiled mayonnaise!

The yard turns into a big sticky mess as the players smash open their piñatas. Physician Andrew purposely misspells “pasteurized” to deflect attention from himself by throwing the competition, making the clear winner Brendon, who spells the 13-letter-word “understanding.”

Hayden and the rest of the Brigade view the Veto competition as a “blunder.” Who do they nominate now? Enzo reaffirms his belief that they should make a power move and put up Annie, but Lane thinks Annie could be a powerful ally, and the one to go should be Arkansas sheriff Kathy, who is viewed as a weak player by many in the house.

While the Brigade debates in the HoH suite, Britney comes up and affirms the Annie decision. But it turns out a little later Britney is playing a couple of angles—in a conversation with Annie, she reveals that Hayden thinks Annie is in cahoots with Rachel and Brendon. Annie doesn’t trust Britney, so she decides to confront Hayden. “Who told you I’m aligned with Brendon and Rachel,” Annie asks. “Britney,” Hayden tells a stunned Annie. “Britney is stirring up trouble,” Annie fumes.

What the Saboteur Said!

The Veto drama comes to a halt when the Saboteur makes an unexpected announcement on the living room monitor. The Saboteur makes it short but sweet—two of the HouseGuests are lifelong friends. “It is quite easy to figure out,” the Saboteur says, leaving the HouseGuests wondering who the pair is. Andrew thinks Matt and Ragan might be lovers, but Kristin wonders if the whole thing is a lie. Is the Saboteur onto something or is he or she just messing with them?

So Who Goes Up?

Brendon calls everyone in for the Veto ceremony. Rachel congratulates Brendon on winning the competition, and tells him to do what he has to do. Brendon takes himself off the block, which leaves Hayden with the responsibility of nominating another HouseGuest for eviction. Hayden takes Enzo’s advice and nominates Annie. She says it is okay, but Annie makes sure to spit out, “Lies weave evil webs—Britney!”

Rachel is happy for Brendon, while Hayden notes that no matter who goes home, it’s good for the Brigade. So who will be the first evicted HouseGuest? And who will be revealed as the Saboteur? Tune in for the live eviction ceremony on Thursday, July 15 at 8pm ET/PT for BIG BROTHER on CBS!