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Big Brother: Season 12

12x06 PoV Comp #2; PoV Ceremony #2

  • 2010-07-22T00:00:00Z on CBS
  • 42 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Reality

Season 12: Episode 06: A Veto Win Shakes up Rachel’s Nominations

­­Britney is upset that she is on the chopping block, while Monet thinks her nomination is due to Head of Household Rachel’s jealousy of her. Hayden is delighted that his secret alliance, the Brigade, has once again escaped another nomination ceremony unscathed. Rachel feels fine with her nominations, because she knows neither Britney nor Monet has her back in the game. After the ceremony, Rachel’s showmance Brendon hugs the HoH and tells her she did the right thing.

Britney and Monet have a cry session in the Have Not bedroom, where they agree this was a personal move and not a strategic move. Monet thinks it is ridiculous that Rachel brought up her winning the $10,000 in the first HoH competition, and notes that she has never said anything bad to Rachel, before calling her a “stupid hooker.”

While the Brigade agrees they want the nominations to stay the same, a crying Britney goes up to the HoH suite to make her case. Rachel reveals she wants Monet gone this week, because Rachel sees her as a strong competitor. All of this emotion proves too much for Rachel, who later cries to Brendon about how she doesn’t want people to feel badly. Brendon tells her this is a game, and notes in the Diary Room the two nominees are playing a very good emotional game right now. In the meantime Britney and Monet go from sad to angry when they spend an afternoon calling Rachel every name in the book—behind her back of course!

Is there a Telethon for That?

Matt has been telling all sorts of HouseGuests his wife has a rare bone disease and needs an expensive operation in order to save her leg. Matt has created this detailed lie based on a disease he learned about on a TV show, and reveals in Diary Room his wife is perfectly healthy. Ragan buys the lie, but another liar in the house knows Matt is scheming. Matt tells “shoe salesman” Andrew about his wife, but of course Andrew, who is hiding the fact he is a podiatrist, knows all about diseases. He smells a rat!

Matt’s tall tales have to wait until after the Veto competition. The six players are HoH Rachel, nominees Britney and Monet, plus Lane, Enzo and Brendon. The necktie-bedecked players come outside to see six stocks, with holes for their hands and head. Once they are locked up, each player is given a briefcase to hold. Veto host Ragan explains the player who holds his or her suitcase closest to one hour without going over wins the Power of Veto. It’s a hot day, but Brendon and Monet try to count out the seconds, even as they get hit in the face repeatedly with a flapping dollar bill.

Once everyone has dropped their suitcases, Lane, Brendon, Monet and Rachel are eliminated for going over one hour. Britney comes in at about 52 minutes. Enzo racks in at one hour and 14 seconds, but despite almost exactly hitting the bulls eye, Enzo has gone over. Britney wins!

Britney still feels bad for Monet, but thinks they can convince Rachel to back door the house outcast Andrew. Monet makes her pitch, but Rachel isn’t sure she can put up Andrew because Brendon sees him as their ally. Rachel, who doesn’t want to make any more enemies, thinks this may be a way to make sure no one else will be mad at her and even make Monet and Britney allies.

But when Rachel tells Brendon she is thinking of nominating Andrew, Brendon doesn’t like the idea at all. Brendon doesn’t trust Britney and Monet, and feels Andrew has their backs. Matt and Ragan go upstairs to talk to the HoH and Brendon, but when Rachel suggests Andrew as a pawn, Matt volunteers himself. Ragan thinks this is a foolish move, but Matt thinks taking one for the team will ensure that Monet goes home and will strengthen his relationship with the Brigade. Matt knows he is taking a “monster-sized” risk, but thinks it is worth it.

Matt’s offer only makes things more tense between Brendon and Rachel, with an irritated Brendon finally leaving the HoH suite. So what will Rachel do?

Time for the Veto Ceremony!

­ To no one’s surprise, Britney uses the Veto on herself. Rachel nominates Matt, appeasing Brendon and disappointing Britney and Monet. Per Matt’s request, Rachel says nominating Matt as a pawn was designed to ensure Monet’s eviction. Andrew is thankful he made a blessing beforehand, while Matt sees the nomination as a way to build trust. Britney feels all her hard work was for nothing, but Monet notes she is not giving up. So who will be evicted? And who will be the next Head of Household? Find out this Thursday live at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!