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Big Brother: Season 12

12x09 PoV Comp #3; PoV Ceremony #3

  • 2010-07-29T01:00:00+01:00 on CBS
  • 42 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Reality

Season 12: Episode 09: A Veto Win Shakes up the Brigade's Plans

Rachel can’t­ believe Head of Household Matt didn’t nominate her or Brendon for elimination, but wonders if this means one of them will be back doored. Nominee Andrew knows he is a pawn but is nervous about how things might turn out, while Kathy feels it doesn’t make sense that she was nominated just because she cast a vote for Matt’s elimination last week. Hayden is disappointed that Matt put up two floaters, because at this stage in the game he believes that their secret alliance, “the Brigade,” should be making bigger power moves. Matt could care less what Hayden thinks—this is his HoH, and he’ll nominate who he chooses.

Kathy goes up to the HoH suite with Matt and tells him that she was not gunning for him with her elimination vote last week. Matt says he wishes he knew that before, and tells her he doesn’t care who goes home, so she and Andrew don’t have to worry about him swaying votes. But in the Diary Room Matt reveals something different—he admits that he doesn’t believe a word coming out of Kathy’s mouth.

It appears Kathy should be worried. Hayden and his secret showmance Kristen come to Andrew and tell him they are voting to keep him. It turns out Hayden has more than good wishes and a single vote going Andrew’s way; Hayden wants to play and win the Power of Veto competition so he can take Andrew off the block and give Matt the opportunity to back door Brendon.

Getting on Andrew’s Nerves

Rachel is starting to crowd Andrew in on all sorts of levels. First, she drops peaches in the iced tea, which makes one of the few non-slop items forbidden to this week’s Have Nots, which includes Andrew. He finds her not only selfish, but also a stumbling block in his game. He trusts Brendon, and can’t understand why his biggest ally in the house would be aligned with such a person.

It’s time for the Veto Competition player selection. Besides HoH Matt and nominees Andrew and Kathy, three other players are chosen at random. Matt’s worst nightmare comes true when he pulls Brendon’s name—now the guy he is targeting for eviction has a chance to save himself. Matt and the rest of the Brigade are happy when Lane is chosen, but Andrew gets upset when his house nemesis Rachel rounds out the Veto six. “I thought God loved me,” the very religious Andrew says. “What sin did I do this week?”

The HouseGuests come outside to find the backyard turned into a fortuneteller’s den of oddities. Host Enzo explains the players have ten minutes to look at all the stuff in the backyard. Matt notes he is great at math, but after seeing everything he realizes they will have to estimate the exact number of objects for the competition. It turns out Matt is right. Enzo says in the “Veto of Fortune” competition, the players must guess the amounts and decide if they will “stay” or “fold.” If they fold, they can’t be eliminated, but they also can’t win a point. If they stay, they can win a point, but if they don’t get the closest number to the actual amount, they will be eliminated. Whoever gets three points first wins the Veto competition. Matt wins the first round, but his fellow Brigade member Lane is eliminated. Andrew then wins a point, eliminating Matt. The HoH can’t believe this—his empire is crumbling and all he can do is watch. Andrew wins a second point, which heartens Matt and Lane. If Andrew pulls off a win, Matt can still back door Brendon. But Brendo­n quickly ties things up with Andrew, with the next point deciding the winner. In the final round, Brendon pulls out a win. Brendon and Rachel—aka “Brenchel”—save themselves again!

So Now What?

The Brigade is devastated. Enzo thinks Matt has gone from being the brains of the operation to the “gremlin” of the alliance. Matt goes and talks to Andrew, who is very upset. How could this happen? Matt promises Andrew it will be a 4-4 vote with Matt breaking the tie. But with so many things already going wrong, Andrew decides to take matters into his own hands.

Late that night, Andrew talks to Brendon in the darkness of the Have Not bedroom. Andrew tells Brendon he trusts him, but wants to put on a show at the Veto ceremony that will mislead people into thinking that he and Brendon have a rivalry. Andrew’s only request is that Brendon not tell Rachel. Brendon is intrigued by the idea of a bold move in the game, but hopes this doesn’t come back to haunt him.

­ It’s time for the Veto ceremony. Kathy tells Brendon she doesn’t need the Veto, but thanks him for giving her a chance to explain why she should have it. Andrew gets up and tells everyone this game is ironic. Last week Matt, Brendon and Rachel were at each other’s throats, but this week they will all end up staying in the house. Since all three were unscathed, Andrew figures he will try this approach. “Brendon and Rachel, I’m coming for you,” Andrew warns, asking for the Power of Veto so he can save himself. Of course, Brendon does not use the Power of Veto, and the meeting is adjourned. Rachel is stunned and furious, while Kathy, who looked like the one who was going home, is thankful for the miracle that is Andrew and his outrageous speech. Brendon thinks Andrew may have pulled off his bold move, but Matt feels that Andrew’s stunt backfired, and now the whole house will think that Andrew is in cahoots with “Brenchel.” Is Andrew doomed to be the next evicted HouseGuest? And who will be the next HoH? Find out live Thursday, July 29 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!