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Season 1

Be warned: If you start episode 1, you will not be able to stop until the last episode. I'm not even joking, it happened to me. I was never able to fully guess where the plot was going, or who was behind it, which is rare to come by. Beautifully written show by BBC - they know how to capture intensity in situations, both full of action and not, that no other network can pull off. A great one-off show, or at least a well put together first season.

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This show was intense. There's not so many shows or movies that have you riveted to your chair, heart pounding, scared of what could happen next. This has it, from the fist scene of the 1st episode right to the last scene of the last one. I've no idea if BBC plans another season, as the season itself wraps up nicely as one self contained story, but if they do, I'm sure to check it out. My only reservation was at the last reveal in the last episode, which I found a little too easy and not making so much sense as the alternative would have (and no, no spoiler, you'll have to watch to understand) even though it does wrap up a neat package.
Anyways a big thumbs up for this show, and i'm looking forward to watching further adventures of PS Budd, if any are made :)

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I'm honestly shocked with myself that I rated every episode a 10/10, that's how good this season was. Wow. If you haven't watched this show yet, what are you doing? Watch it. It's fantastic.

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