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Bodyguard: Season 1

1x02 Episode 2

"I'm not the Queen.. You're allowed to touch me." - Me whenever I see Richard Madden.

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Very intense episode. Things are heating up very fast. I hope David stays on Julia's side throughout all this chaos that's going on.

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That was an absolutely brilliant episode!!

Julia: My job, your job.
Julia: It just complicates everything.
David: Nothing complicates my job.
David: It's to protect you.

That is a good line to justify the sex XD

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This show is a lot better than I expected it to be.

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Another fantastic episode. The tension in some of these scenes is amazing.

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With this chapter they have already won me, we continue to see, and in addition they are only 6 chapters

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I thought he was calling her Mom until I turned on the subtitles and read Ma'am.

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