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Bonus Stage

Season 4

  • Comedy Central
  • 7 mins
  • Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy

Bonus Stage (abbreviated BS) is an animated Flash action/adventure/comedy series that focuses attention on the randomness, sarcasm, and parodic moments of life.

The cartoon is focused on Joel Dawson, a wannabe scientist that has a giant hobby for action. Phil Argus, a normal person with superpowers, follows Joel in his adventures and is mostly frustrated, serious, and expressing facts. There's Elly Strife, who has a crush on Joel that mainly goes unanswered, unless you count Phil's crush on her. Phil also has a mom, named Jessica Argus. She's middle-aged, but she acts and looks as if she's a 25-year-old woman who just wants to now fit in with the crew. She arrived when she couldn't stand her son, Phil, describing his life as miserable and empty.

Rya Botkins is a robot created by Joel to be Phil's girlfriend. She is a cynical monster who verbally rips people (mostly Phil) apart, and she is not really Phil's girlfriend. It's not known why Rya has a robotic voice while June Crane, another robot built by Joel (Disproved she is a robot in episode 78 5m 8s into the episode), has a normal sounding one, but this is could be attributed to the bizarreness that is Joel Dawson. Rya turned into a human in episode 79, which led to her permanent death, a controversial move to some Bonus Stage fans.

12 episodes

4x01 The Curse of Xenis

  • Season Premiere

    no air date — 7 mins

Joel is possessed by a creature named Xenis who places inane curses and hexes on the neighborhood.

4x02 CurSING!

  • no air date — 7 mins

It's a musical!! No it's not. YES IT IS. No. Please no.

4x03 Accursed Meeting

  • no air date — 7 mins

The new neighbors at Xover House are incredibly rowdy, and though Joel welcomes it at first, even he must side with Phil when enough becomes enough.

4x04 Cursplash

  • no air date — 7 mins

Joel's pirate lifestyle returns in full swing when the Rusty Duck Clan manages to take over Lake Hammill.

4x05 Cursive Written Script

  • no air date — 7 mins

Joel becomes incapacitated, leaving June and the others in somewhat aimless direction.

4x06 Cursory Glance

  • no air date — 7 mins

Evil breaks his glasses, so he kidnaps Phil to help him buy new ones. Meanwhile, Joel tries to come up with a new column for the site.

4x07 You Evil Curs

  • no air date — 7 mins

Rya and Craig had a baby? Yes, and at true sitcom television speed, the baby is already a growing boy, who takes on the other villains of the show and comes out on top.

4x08 First Cursh

  • no air date — 7 mins

Phil's mom comes home and, in true webcomic fashion, appears like a sexy hot co-ed that Joel can't take his eyes off of. Seriously, though. What is it with webcomic moms all looking like they're 25. I mean, it's like WHOA. Okay?

4x09 For Better or Cursor

  • no air date — 7 mins

Joel invents a mouse cursor that functions outside of the computer and into real life -- and then has fun using it to mess with people.

4x10 Strong Liqcurs

  • no air date — 7 mins

Elly is distraught over all of the other female characters entering the already fragile love triangle, and impulsively decides to build a bar in her garage because TV told her to do it. Joel decides to sabotage it.

4x11 Get Baccurs

  • no air date — 7 mins

Phil and Elly eat out and Phil explains the creepiness of his mother... somewhat...

4x12 HACKCURS Was The Worst

  • no air date — 7 mins

Everyone wakes up to find the Tandy Bros are the new leaders of the free world, thanks to their indescribable hacking skills. Joel and Phil know what they must do.