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Bridal Mask

All Episodes 2012

  • Ended
  • KBS TV2
  • 2012-05-30T07:55:00-05:00
  • 65 mins
  • 1 day, 5 hours, 42 mins
  • Korea, Republic of
  • Korean
  • Drama, Action, History, Romance, Adventure
Bridal Mask (Gaksital) is a famous manhwa set in the 1930s during the Japanese occupation. The hero, Lee Kang-to, is known as 'Gaksital' because he wears a mask to hide his face — one of those traditional play masks, specifically the rosy-cheeked one reserved for the female role, aka the bride. He's an unassuming young man in real life, but when he dons his superhero mask, he fights injustice and rights wrongs during one of the darkest periods of Korea's history.

28 episodes

1x01 Episode 1

  • Series Premiere

    2012-05-30T07:55:00-05:00 — 62 mins

Japan has taken over Korea in the 1930's, and there is one person that is willing to try and fight for justice. By wearing a traditional bridal mask, he thinly veils his true identity. However, we soon learn that it does not matter who is in charge because fascism has taken over and the citizens are afraid of everyone in power.

1x02 Episode 2

  • 2012-05-31T07:55:00-05:00 — 63 mins

Now there are two vigilantes with bridal masks and this makes things a little bit confusing for the police. Meanwhile, Mr. Kimura gets a gift from Sun Ha that includes a special knife. When the knife is discovered missing, Sun Ha is in big trouble. Even worse, Lee Kang To is double crossed for murder and accused of wearing the bridal mask.

1x03 Episode 3

  • 2012-06-06T07:55:00-05:00 — 63 mins

Just as a woman is about to get executed in the street, a person in a bridal mask shows up and rescues her. Due to his escape, the commanding officer is accused of working with the bridal mask bandit. For this reason, he vows to do whatever it takes to find the bandit. Regardless, there are multiple cases of extreme cruelty by the Japanese towards the Korean people and this is rapidly leading to revolt.

1x04 Episode 4

  • 2012-06-07T07:55:00-05:00 — 64 mins

Kang To corners a man in a bridal mask and he whispers to him that he is his brother. Kang To has a lot of questions, but his brother does not want to tell him of his past life pretending to be mentally ill. Boon Yi also gets to tell the story of why her knife is so important and must be guarded.

1x05 Episode 5

  • 2012-06-13T07:55:00-05:00 — 64 mins

Because he is Korean and he is siding with the Japanese, the young police detective is always in danger even when there is a festival going on. Of course, the Japanese give him every tool that he needs to capture the Bridal Mask. In an ongoing plot, Chief Kimura’s son continues to shield a rebel right under his nose.

1x06 Episode 6

  • 2012-06-14T07:55:00-05:00 — 64 mins

A former victim of torture by the Japanese is accused of being the Bridal Mask in front of his screaming mother and she is gravely injured defending him. Still working against his father, Chief Kimura’s son starts to aid any Bridal Mask associate that is brought into custody. Despite his deep grief over his mother, the Bridal Mask makes an important appearance.

1x07 Episode 7

  • 2012-06-20T07:55:00-05:00 — 64 mins

Assuming that he has killed his own brother, the police detective Kang To mourns over a grave decorated with the bridal mask. Despite the fact that everyone thinks that the Bridal Mask has been killed, nothing could be further from the truth. The Japanese henchmen start to suffer several blows from the community and this includes a devastating loss to the Kimura family. In an unexpected twist, a new person rebels and takes on the Bridal Mask.

1x08 Episode 8

  • 2012-06-21T07:55:00-05:00 — 64 mins

Kang To has changed his name to Sato Hiroshi and his power within the police system is so extreme that he is now told to consider the Japanese Emperor to be his new father. The plot thickens as it is revealed that the Bridal Mask has an accomplice. Things are also falling apart between the Chief and his son when the truth about Boon Yi’s knife is revealed by KangTo/Hiroshi.

1x09 Episode 9

  • 2012-06-27T07:55:00-05:00 — 64 mins

ShunJi is honored for killing the Bridal Mask rebel, but he is worried about being in the same unit as Kang To/Sato Hiroshi. This feeling soon fades as they become partners and rivals in martial arts. Now steadfast friends, the young Kimura and Kang To supposedly fight the Bridal Mask. However, the Japanese are getting suspicious and order General Kimura to arrest his own son.

1x10 Episode 10

  • 2012-06-28T07:55:00-05:00 — 64 mins

Already back on top, ShunJi is now returning the favor and having Kang To/Hiroshi arrested for treason. Regardless, behind closed doors, the story is quite different and a secret Bridal Mask plan is slowly being built. Because she is frequently saved by the Bridal Mask, Mok Dan is now being harassed by the authorities. In any case, this does not encourage the Bridal Mask to reveal his true identity to her.

1x11 Episode 11

  • 2012-07-04T07:55:00-05:00 — 64 mins

Despite his personal connection with her, the woman that the Bridal Mask always seeks out is of special importance to General Kimura. He does not care that his son was friends with her when they were children. Instead, he wants to lure the Bridal Mask by any means necessary and he will use anyone to do it. However, Shun Ji vows to protect her life no matter what, but there are soon ulterior reasons to conceal that fact.

1x12 Episode 12

  • 2012-07-05T07:55:00-05:00 — 64 mins

The Bridal Mask attempts to protect those that are loyal to him and this means barely escaping attack by Kang To.Shun Ji has a chance to learn of the Bridal Mask’s true identity, but the man who knows dies in front of him. Mok Dan attempts to escape Seoul.

1x13 Episode 13

  • 2012-07-11T07:55:00-05:00 — 64 mins

Kimura Taro, Koiso and Shunji grow more and more suspicious of Kang To and decide to hide everything from him. Meanwhile, Dam Sa Ri is caught by Shunji at the Japan-Korean annexation commemoration.

1x14 Episode 14

  • 2012-07-12T07:55:00-05:00 — 63 mins

Dam Sa Ri's female guest ends up making quite an explosion at the Japan-Korea annexation commemoration. Kimura Taro is discharged, but it does not stop him from feeding Shunji's suspicions about Kang To.

1x15 Episode 15

  • 2012-07-18T07:55:00-05:00 — 64 mins

Shunji begins to suspect Kang To after overhearing him use Mok Dan's childhood name, Boon Yi. In order to prove his suspicions, Shunji sets a trap to catch Kang To.

1x16 Episode 16

  • 2012-07-19T07:55:00-05:00 — 64 mins

Kang To is able to evade being found out through his declaration of love for Mok Dan. As Shunji interrogates him, Kang To's testimony reveals more than he bargained for.

1x17 Episode 17

  • 2012-07-25T07:55:00-05:00 — 63 mins

Kang To's plans of rescuing Dam Sa Ri are thwarted when Shunji and the others show up. He soon finds out where Shunji has been hiding Mok Dan, but he must find her before she is killed.

1x18 Episode 18

  • 2012-08-01T07:55:00-05:00 — 64 mins

While Kang To is healing, he reveals to Mok Dan the reason why he put on the mask. Her trip to the hotel is meant to protect Kang To, but he ends up going missing from the post.

1x19 Episode 19

  • 2012-08-08T07:55:00-05:00 — 64 mins

Chaos consumes the Jong Ro police station in the aftermath of Dam Sa Ri's rescue. Kang To is on a mission to find the source of Shunji's power, but the new chief is proving to be more of a hindrance than help to him.

1x20 Episode 20

  • 2012-08-09T07:55:00-05:00 — 64 mins

Koiso reveals that Kenji was responsible for the death of Kang To's mother and puts Shunji right back onto his suspicions about him. RaRa has the opportunity to end things once and for all, but she decides to get to the bottom of things on her own.

1x21 Episode 21

  • 2012-08-15T07:55:00-05:00 — 64 mins

RaRa desperately begs Kang To to stop what he's doing, but he is not willing to listen to her. As others prepare for the return of Dam Sa Ri, he is planning a return with their leader, Yang Baek.

1x22 Episode 22

  • 2012-08-16T07:55:00-05:00 — 64 mins

RaRa has another opportunity to capture Gaksital when Shunji is given the assignment to capture Yang Bae. However, Shunji's plan involves using Gaksital as a means to get to Yang Bae.

1x23 Episode 23

  • 2012-08-22T07:55:00-05:00 — 63 mins

Shunji is able to unmask Gaksital, but he decides to pretend that he doesn't know his true identity so he can capture Yang Bae and Dong Ji. RaRa urges Mok Dan to run away with Kang To and reveals that she will otherwise have to kill him.

1x24 Episode 24

  • 2012-08-23T07:55:00-05:00 — 64 mins

When Dong Jin's squad member, Deuk Soo, is caught by Kang To, he finds out what he knows and instructs him to give Shunji false information about a future attack. Meanwhile, Mok Dan finds out what Shunji knows and is determined to tell Kang To.

1x25 Episode 25

  • 2012-08-29T07:55:00-05:00 — 63 mins

Kang To pretends not to know about Shunji's knowledge of the truth and continues with his plan to steal weapons from the police station. However, Shunji catches on to the act and manages to capture Gaksital.

1x26 Episode 26

  • 2012-08-30T07:55:00-05:00 — 63 mins

The death squad breaks Kang To out but Shunji is quick on their tails. Damsari says one last goodbye to Mok Dan.

1x27 Episode 27

  • 2012-09-05T07:55:00-05:00 — 64 mins

Gaksital avenges his fathers death with the death of Kimura. Shunji catches him in the act...what will become of these two, who were once as close as brothers?

1x28 Episode 28

  • 2012-09-06T07:55:00-05:00 — 63 mins

Shunji and other soldiers come to interrupt the wedding. Many lives are lost...are all these deaths worth it? How will Kang-to continue on?