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  • 2017-11-13T19:30:00Z on BBC Two
  • 60 mins
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  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Talk Show

Antiques experts accompany celebrities on a road trip around the UK searching for treasures and competing to make the most money at auction.

20 episodes

7x01 Hayley Mills & Stephen Tompkinson

  • Season Premiere

    2017-11-13T19:30:00Z — 60 mins

Silver screen legend Hayley Mills accompanies friend and fellow actor Stephen Tompkinson on an amble around north east England in a vintage E Type Jag and Rolls Royce. The Wild at Heart co-stars seek expert guidance from Christina Trevanion and David Harper as they visit antique shops and emporiums, all before an exciting West Yorkshire auction. Hayley detours to hear the little known story behind Earl Grey tea and Stephen visits the amateur football team who won the World Cup... twice!

7x02 Ricky Tomlinson & Micky Starke

  • 2017-11-14T19:30:00Z — 60 mins

Celebrity likely lads from Liverpool, pals Ricky Tomlinson and Micky Starke, are joined by Catherine Southon and Margie Cooper on a rollocking road trip adventure. Kicking off from Knutsford, Cheshire, they head for auction in Southport via a visit to Liverpool. Ricky turns out to be an impulse buyer while Micky adopts a more relaxed approach. Gamble buys include antiques from Japan and China, but what will sell closer to home? Micky also learns why topless men from a small Cheshire town made global impact with their sweaty and salty occupation, while dog lover Ricky discovers the incredible history of guide dog training in the UK.

7x03 Chesney Hawkes & Debbie McGee

  • 2017-11-15T19:30:00Z — 60 mins

Celebrity friends Chesney Hawkes and Debbie McGee scour south east England in search of all things antique, accompanied by experts Christina Trevanion and Charles Hanson in two classic cars. Debbie hopes to conjure up a profit with a mantle clock and a hunting flask. But will a 100-year-old weather vane point Chesney to a big win? Time allows for detours to learn about some local history. For the 'one and only' Chesney, it is the hunt for the origins of his own name. Debbie meanwhile learns about the work of a Victorian artist that changed the world. This Road Trip concludes with a very fun auction in Ruislip.

7x04 Ore Oduba & Joanne Clifton

  • 2017-11-16T19:30:00Z — 60 mins

Strictly Come Dancing champions Ore Oduba and Joanne Clifton are hunting for treasure with top antiquers Catherine Southon and David Harper. They are shopping their way around Sussex and Kent buying upitems to take to auction in Southend-on-Sea. Along the way, Catherine and BBC Sport presenter Ore learn about the rich history of 'Stool Ball' - an intriguing game devised by milk maids over 600 years ago that went on to become cricket. David and Joanne, however, visit Shoreham-by-Sea, once a hotbed of movie making in the black and white days. Competition is high between these two dancing divas, but will it be a vintage drum or a child's rocking chair that wins the day?

7x05 Tina Hobley & Sharon Maughan

  • 2017-11-17T19:30:00Z — 60 mins

Former Holby City actors Tina Hobley and Sharon Maughan are traversing the beautiful Cotswold countryside in search of some classy antiques to sell at auction. Accompanied by experts James Braxton and Raj Bisram, they face off for the bragging rights of antique aficionado. Leaving Gloucestershire in the rear view mirror, they aim their classic cars for an auction in Brighton. Sharon breaks from the shops to learn about a troubled love life of one the country's greatest artists, while Tina finds out why the wealthy once raced their cars up a hill at break-neck speed.

7x06 Anthea Turner & Andi Peters

  • 2017-11-20T19:30:00Z — 60 mins

Television presenters Anthea Turner and Andi Peters team up with Road Trip favourites Charles Hanson and Margie Cooper. They tour the north west of England, making shopping pit stops in Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Staffordshire. Margie allows Andi to indulge his passion for aviation when he swaps the classic car for a vintage Vulcan bomber, while Stoke lass Anthea learns about the area's rich heritage and why Staffordshire is synonymous with pottery. Yorkshire-bound, they are headed for auction in Killinghall, near Harrogate. Will Andi win the day with a French cabinet or will Anthea come out top with her 65 million year old fossil?

7x07 Cliff Parisi & Judy Parfitt

  • 2017-11-21T19:30:00Z — 60 mins

Call the Midwife co-stars Cliff Parisi and Judy Parfitt team up with Road Trip regulars Catherine Southon and Phillip Serrell. Headed for an auction in Norfolk they start their antiques hunt in Kent. When he's not acting Cliff takes to the skies, but this amateur pilot is keen to know why the Hurricane isn't as 'sexy' as a Spitfire. Meanwhile, Phil takes Judy back in time to hear the story of mercenary sailors who, from five ports in the south of England, defended the country before Britain had an established navy. Will Cliff's love for vintage toy cars secure the biggest profits, or can Judy's tough bargaining skills see her triumph?

7x08 Anna Chancellor & Holly Aird

  • 2017-11-22T19:30:00Z — 60 mins

Actors Anna Chancellor and Holly Aird are joined by experts Natasha Raskin Sharp and Margie Cooper for a trip through the Home Counties. They purchase items ranging from a military field flask to a pigeon clock.

7x09 John Sergeant & Peter White

  • 2017-11-23T19:30:00Z — 60 mins

Veteran broadcasters John Sergeant and Peter White tour the leafy countryside south of the Thames. With the wind in his sails John gets up to speed on the river in a historic yacht while Peter, blind from birth, bats a good innings at one of the country's oldest cricket clubs. The two journalists give the antiques shops a good investigation, making some highly individual choices. Will John's painting of sailing barges on the Norfolk Broads deliver a cargo of cash at auction? And will a wooden windmill blow a profit in Peter's direction?

7x10 Pam Ayres & Geoffrey Whitehead

  • 2017-11-27T19:30:00Z — 60 mins

Showbiz pals, poet Pam Ayres and actor Geoffrey Whitehead, team up with James Braxton and Kate Bliss. All round entertainer Pam and esteemed actor Geoffrey shop their way around Hampshire and Berkshire to look for interesting items to take to auction in Cirencester. Pam's behind the wheel of a vintage MG whilst Geoffrey travels in a Rolls Royce. Along the way, ex-RAF gal Pam learns about the heroic exploits of the Glider Pilot Regiment. Geoffrey, meanwhile, stops for a game on the World's Oldest Bowling Green in Southampton. Can Pam pull off a win with an old teddy bear or will Geoffrey's French shutter secure him victory?

7x11 Brian Conley & Nick Owen

  • 2017-11-29T19:30:00Z — 60 mins

Funny-man Brian Conley and broadcaster Nick Owen take a trip through Shropshire and Worcestershire. Assisting Nick is auctioneer Philip Serrell, while jewellery and gem expert Kate Bliss helps Brian. A Sinatra figurine, a Georgian toddy ladle and a Morecambe and Wise poster attract much interest. Despite shopping on a deadline, there's still time to detour from the emporiums. Phil takes Nick to hear about the heartbreaking story of unrequited love endured by his favourite poet. Kate and Brian, meanwhile, learn why brave Shropshire men have played a part in some of the most significant moments in history. It all comes to a head when smoothie Nick tries to beat rough diamond Brian at auction with some unexpected results.

7x12 David Gower & Nick Hancock

  • 2017-11-30T19:30:00Z — 60 mins

England cricket legend David Gower and his friend TV presenter Nick Hancock tour Hampshire to find curios and collectables to take to auction in Sidcup. Charlie Ross and Phil Serrell ably assist. Charlie takes David to Portsmouth to board HMS Warrior - the ultimate demonstration of Britain's industrial might and naval power. Nick and Phil pause the search for antiques to hunt for brown trout, leaving them with red faces and wet trousers. But, will it be a 19th century camera or a 18th Century style ship's head that will win the day?

7x13 Danny Crates & Liz Johnson

  • 2017-12-05T19:30:00Z — 60 mins

Paralympians and gold medal winners Danny Crates and Liz Johnson shop their way around Suffolk and Essex, buying up items to take to auction in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. Experts David Harper and Arusha Irvine are on hand to help. David and Liz make a detour to discover a female pioneer who shook the art world 300 years ago. Arusha and Danny stop by the ruins of Colchester's Roman Circus to learn about the most popular sport of the time. The two competitive athletes are out to win - but will a Victorian table or a meerschaum pipe secure the biggest profit?

7x14 Derek Fowlds & Bill Simons

  • 2017-12-06T19:30:00Z — 60 mins

Actors Derek Fowlds and Bill Simons of Heartbeat fame set off from Helmsley, North Yorkshire, and patrol the county before concluding with an auction in Ilkley, West Yorkshire. Phil Serrell and Kate Bliss are on hand to assist. The road trip goes awry when the classic car proves unreliable. Bill is arrested by some local history when he hears about Victorian law and order. Derek, meanwhile, learns how bars of chocolate found their way to World War One's trenches at Christmas. Derek charms his way to some great discounts. Bill's eye for the unusual secures him some unexpected lots.

7x15 Grace Dent & Amol Rajan

  • 2017-12-11T19:30:00Z — 60 mins

Journalists Grace Dent and Amol Rajan, with the help of experts Catherine Southon and James Braxton, search East Anglia for profitable antiques. In a Jaguar and TVR, the route to auction in Eastbourne is packed with surprises at every turn - from the forgotten Victorian electrical pioneer who gave us the toaster to the Essex town which changed its name to a spice that was once grown there. The celebrity Road Trippers purchase Winston Churchill's cigar and a windup tinplate toy rocket - each hoping for big profits at the Eastbourne auction.

7x16 Tim Vine & Ricky Grover

  • 2017-12-12T19:30:00Z — 60 mins

Comedians Tim Vine and Ricky Grover search for profitable antiques in south east Scotland. Guiding our two funny men are David Harper and James Braxton. The teams gamble on a mahogany chair and pewter candle sticks, but a very unique duck gives Ricky a problem at auction. Whilst antique shopping is the name of the game, there is still time for our celebrity trippers to learn about some fascinating local history. Tim hears the tale of a Scottish football team that inspired a generation of young men, while Ricky gets to grips with the story behind Scotland's first boxing world champion - a tale that ends with David Harper landing a knock-out punch. For auction, the teams cross the border and head to Wooler, Northumberland.

7x17 Felicity Montagu and Clare Holman

  • 2017-12-13T19:30:00Z — 60 mins

The stars in the vintage cars are actors Felicity Montagu and Clare Holman. With the help of experts James Braxton and Arusha Irvine, they mosey madly around the Midlands in search of antiques to make a profit at auction.

Blue Peter's Valerie Singleton and Diane Louise Jordan pair up with Paul Laidlaw and Phil Serrell as they compete to find the most profitable antiques. One team plump for an elephant and an eagle in a bid to make a lot of money at auction. Their rivals hope a Georgian cutlery tray will serve up a profit at the Stratford-upon-Avon saleroom.

7x19 Roberta Taylor and Trudie Goodwin

  • 2017-12-15T19:30:00Z — 60 mins

Stars of The Bill, best friends Roberta Taylor and Trudie Goodwin, set off from Glasgow and charge around Stirlingshire, concluding with an auction in Harrogate. They are accompanied by experts Paul Laidlaw and James Braxton in two very nice classic cars. Norwegian silver catches the eye of one celebrity, while the other is influenced by the taste for gin.