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Claimed and Shamed

Season 3 2014

  • 2014-06-09T04:00:00Z on BBC One
  • 30 mins
  • 5 hours, 0 mins
  • Documentary, Crime

Claimed and Shamed takes a look at insurance fraud, including dishonest claimants being caught on camera.

10 episodes

3x01 Episode 1

  • Season Premiere

    2014-06-09T04:00:00Z — 30 mins

A fraudster claims on his unemployment policy whilst he is working, and undercover filming catches him in the act. A multiple raid on a group of suspected health insurance scammers leads to the fraud department's largest ever seizure of jewellery. A vet makes thousands of pounds in fraudulent pet insurance claims, but ends up in the doghouse. Plus, how one insurance company closes in on a claims management company involved in a £2 million scam.

3x02 Episode 2

  • 2014-06-10T04:00:00Z — 30 mins

A fraudulent cyclist inflates his claim to a staggering £3 million which eventually earns him nine months behind bars. A woman appears to be the victim of a series of muggings, but suspicions are raised and the police investigate. The IFED team conducts an early-morning double raid on a suspected crash-for-cash gang, and a woman claims she was knocked over by a bus, but the CCTV footage tells a very different story.

3x03 Episode 3

  • 2014-06-11T04:00:00Z — 30 mins

A bus driver is sent to jail when he's paid £500 to take part in one of the biggest crash-for-cash syndicates in the country. An early-morning raid hits a dead end, the hunt for a suspected fraudster takes a detour, and a would-be conman dials in a number of fake insurance policies for a smartphone that doesn't exist.

3x04 Episode 4

  • 2014-06-12T04:00:00Z — 30 mins

When a woman injures her knee on a broken paving stone she expects the council to pay £750,000, but surveillance cameras prove her lies and she is sent to jail. From pugs and poodles, to bulldogs and St Bernards, an unscrupulous policyholder loses pricey pedigree pups with surprising regularity. Plus, an early-morning IFED raid uncovers a major cannabis operation.

3x05 Episode 5

  • 2014-06-13T04:00:00Z — 30 mins

A fake insurance company nets almost £500,000 by targeting the elderly, but after two major sting operations, 14 people are sent behind bars. A fraudulent personal injury claim for nearly £1 million is thrown out as surveillance footage reveals the shocking truth, and a rude driver's insurance claim hits the skids thanks to CCTV evidence from a city bus.

3x06 Episode 6

  • 2014-06-16T04:00:00Z — 30 mins

An unscrupulous serial fraudster claims she has cancer and is a victim of domestic violence in a bid to net thousands from insurers. Investigators encounter a canine roadblock while on a 'snatch-back' mission to reclaim a luxury hire car and a pedestrian who is hit by a city bus must 'stop, look and listen' before making a claim.

3x07 Episode 7

  • 2014-06-17T04:00:00Z — 30 mins

Damning video evidence proves a lorry driver grossly exaggerated a personal injury claim for almost £500,000. A man severely injures himself when he falls down a staircase in a railway station and wants a payout, and in an early-morning double raid, two IFED teams close in on a pair of suspected car insurance fraudsters.

3x08 Episode 8

  • 2014-06-18T04:00:00Z — 30 mins

A woman who fakes her own death for a million-pound payout is soon discovered alive and well, but thinks changing her name will fool insurers and the police. A ghost broker who targets teenage drivers is finally caught after months of investigations, and an IFED raid on a suspected crash-for-cash criminal reveals he has also got green fingers.

3x09 Episode 9

  • 2014-06-19T04:00:00Z — 30 mins

A jaw-dropping case shows how a man changed his identity and then murdered his lifelong friend for an insurance payout. A solicitor slips up when she uses the same expert witness on two separate claims. In their biggest operation of the year, IFED investigators carry out 20 simultaneous warrants across the UK as they attempt to bring down a suspected credit hire insurance scam.

3x10 Episode 10

  • 2014-06-20T04:00:00Z — 30 mins

A man's fake personal injury claims for £2 million is soon exposed by covert surveillance, a man who is struck by a bus points the finger of blame at the driver but CCTV footage tells a different story, and in one of their biggest operations so far, IFED officers clamp down on a suspected car insurance scam involving luxury cars.