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Season 2013 2013

  • 2013-01-04T20:30:00-05:00 on BBC News
  • 30 mins
  • 1 day, 2 hours, 0 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Documentary, News

The BBC's flagship technology news programme. Click (previously Click Online) is a weekly BBC television programme covering news and recent developments in the world of consumer technology, presented by Spencer Kelly.

There are three editions of the programme, including two 30-minute programmes: the first is produced for a UK audience and shown on BBC News, the second is produced for a global audience, aired on BBC World News, usually identical with a commercial break in the middle. The 15-minute version is shown on BBC One and BBC News during BBC Breakfast (at the weekend).

The programme was rebranded in 2005 with new music and titles and now concentrates more on consumer issues, and not necessarily the internet or what users can do or visit "online".

52 episodes

2013x01 05/01/2013

  • Season Premiere

    2013-01-04T20:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

What will the 'internet of things' mean to us? Plus, how the world famous new year ball in New York gets brighter and more efficient every year. Includes tech news and web reviews.

2013x02 12/01/2013

  • 2013-01-11T20:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Click comes from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where the biggest and smallest names in technology gather every year to flaunt their future wares.

2013x03 19/01/2013

  • 2013-01-18T20:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Healthy gadgets, super hi-vis TVs and waterproofing phones feature in the second show from the world's largest consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. Including tech news and Webscape.

2013x04 26/01/2013

  • 2013-01-25T20:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Click looks at how San Francisco residents are using online sharing sites to overcome the city's public transport woes. Plus we find out if baby gadgets are making parents' lives easier or giving them more to worry about?

2013x05 02/02/2013

  • 2013-02-01T20:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Click investigates whether a new private file-storing site could encourage piracy and takes a first look at the new Blackberry handsets. Includes tech news and Webscape.

2013x06 09/02/2013

  • 2013-02-08T20:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

With Valentine's Day on the way, this edition looks at how social networking and mobile phones are changing the way people find love online. Plus, test driving the latest in car technology gearing up for the open road.

2013x07 16/02/2013

  • 2013-02-15T20:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

The team try DIY computing - how easy is it to build something useful? Plus, have we fallen out of love with 3DTV? Includes technology news and web reviews.

2013x08 23/02/2013

  • 2013-02-22T20:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Click gets its first taste of the Playstation 4, examining the new specs, the new games and its new controller. Plus a close-up look at the kit used to take the world's largest photograph.

2013x09 02/03/2013

  • 2013-03-01T20:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Click comes from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The team check out the latest kit on the show floor and ask what is being done to combat high international roaming charges. Includes tech news and web roundup.

2013x10 09/03/2013

  • 2013-03-08T20:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Is the user manual dead? There is also a look at how soldiers on the battlefield and cyberspace defences are preparing for combat. Plus tech news and Webscape.

2013x11 16/03/2013

  • 2013-03-15T21:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Click touches down at two big tech events. CeBIT in Germany to look at the weirder kit on show, and then over to the USA, to take the pulse of the social side of tech at SXSW.

2013x12 23/03/2013

  • 2013-03-22T21:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Guide to the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news. The team meets digitally generated actresses, watch interactive documentaries - and ditch the mouse in favour of waving.

2013x13 30/03/2013

  • 2013-03-29T21:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

A look at the future of Wi-Fi as the current system buckles under the strain of our increasing demands. Plus, how to use the internet for a uniquely tailored holiday. Including news and app reviews.

2013x14 06/04/2013

  • 2013-04-05T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

How voice controlled tech knows who you are and what you like. Plus we speak to the man who invented the mobile phone.

2013x15 13/04/2013

  • 2013-04-12T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Click meets the people who can project themselves into the bodies of robots, there's a sneak peek at some upcoming video games and the machine that puts anti-aging creams to the test.

2013x16 20/04/2013

  • 2013-04-19T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Is it a good idea to record everything we and those around us do? Click looks at the growing trend of life-logging.

2013x17 27/04/2013

  • 2013-04-26T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Click takes a ride around a smarter city where all information from various transport networks is pulled together to provide a smoother journey for all. Plus, some of the latest tech that keeps England's finest on the ball.

2013x18 04/05/2013

  • 2013-05-03T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Your user-friendly guide to the latest technology news, issues, gadgets and apps. Click asks if the big net names are clogging up the internet, and visits the cinema that monitors its audience.

2013x19 11/05/2013

  • 2013-05-10T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Ever fancy a quieter life? Click looks at silent tech. Plus the technology atop the tallest building in Western Europe, the Shard. Includes tech news and webscape.

2013x20 18/05/2013

  • 2013-05-17T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Click visits the birthplace of the world's first website to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Plus, projectors are being used in new ways to create truly immersive experiences.

2013x21 25/05/2013

  • 2013-05-24T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

With a report from the USA on Microsoft's new gaming console the Xbox One and a look at what makes the latest smart watches tick. Includes tech news and website reviews.

2013x22 01/06/2013

  • 2013-05-31T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

It's a deluge of data, Click shows you what you can do with it, as we examine the info behind your pictures. Plus we plug into the tech that's lighting up San Francisco. With tech news and web reviews.

2013x23 08/06/2013

  • 2013-06-07T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Click takes a look at Bitcoin, the world's first digital currency. Plus, a conversation with the creator of the world wide web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

2013x24 15/06/2013

  • 2013-06-14T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

We are in Los Angeles at the world's biggest gaming expo, we take a closer look at the big rivals Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Plus we bring you the big announcements from Apple's new tech event in San Francisco.

2013x25 22/06/2013

  • 2013-06-21T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Click meets the ethical hackers who break into systems with permission and takes a look at alternative gaming consoles. Includes tech news and web reviews.

2013x27 06/07/2013

  • 2013-07-05T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Click discovers how important aesthetics are to Google. We sit down with the Web's creator. Plus, how to give your mobile the elixir of life. Includes tech news and web roundup.

2013x28 13/07/2013

  • 2013-07-12T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

This week Click looks at online safety as seen through the eyes of kids, to find out just how aware children are of the dangers of the web. London gets its chance to join the maker movement and Click explores what geeks can do with a bit of time on their hands.

2013x29 20/07/2013

  • 2013-07-19T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Click explores the controversial advertising technology that uses facial recognition. Plus, 360-degree video recording, and how to pay for things - in space.

2013x30 27/07/2013

  • 2013-07-26T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Click takes a look at a futuristic home, and reports on the rising trend of 'fixers' who repair tech items for their owners when they fail.

2013x31 03/08/2013

  • 2013-08-02T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

The indie games developers taking inspiration from real life, artistic collaboration via the internet and tech news and web reviews.

2013x32 10/08/2013

  • 2013-08-09T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Why learn a language when you could just download one? Plus, unlocking your phone and home using your jewellery. Includes tech news and Webscape.

2013x33 17/08/2013

  • 2013-08-16T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Click examines the rise of cyber warfare - which countries are on the attack, and why security experts believe we can't stop them. Includes tech news and website reviews.

2013x34 24/08/2013

  • 2013-08-23T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Click rides into Vietnam and meets the motorbike that phones its owner. We ask James Cameron if 3D's gone flat. Plus how a dose of video gaming helps ill kids in California.

2013x35 31/08/2013

  • 2013-08-30T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Sick of waiting for your delivery to arrive? This week Click turns to crowdsourced shopping that promises personal purchases at your door in under an hour. Plus, is it time for virtual reality to make a comeback?

2013x36 07/09/2013

  • 2013-09-06T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Click looks at how the internet and 3D printing is changing the design industry. And we find out if becoming a crowd-worker can earn you enough cash. Plus we are on stage with the performers who rely on tech to get laughs.

2013x37 14/09/2013

  • 2013-09-13T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Click tries out a 41 megapixel phone, the latest smart watches and unearths a few surprises at the IFA tech expo in Berlin. Plus news and webscape.

2013x38 21/09/2013

  • 2013-09-20T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Click takes a look at the tech helping to preserve the past, plus homemade 3D scanning and a dive in to the criminal underworld. Includes news and webscape.

2013x39 28/09/2013

  • 2013-09-27T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

How nature's Nordic forces are changing Iceland's technology landscape and a visit to a university for six-year-olds. Includes tech news and web round-up.

2013x40 05/10/2013

  • 2013-10-04T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

As the battle for games console supremacy heats up, Click weighs up the new kid on the block. Plus, a look at the stunning screens of the latest 4K TVs and there's a visit to a dentist to inspect oral tech.

2013x41 12/10/2013

  • 2013-10-11T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Click is at Japan's biggest tech show, where we try on a superhuman exoskeleton, eat sushi that serves itself, and lots more.

2013x42 19/10/2013

  • 2013-10-18T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Featuring the latest works of digital art, and what happens when the tech behind the frame breaks down.

2013x43 26/10/2013

  • 2013-10-25T20:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Singapore Special: Click takes a tour around this futuristic city. Plus how to turn any flat surface into a touch controller, and a toilet that converts waste into energy.

2013x44 02/11/2013

  • 2013-11-01T21:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak on technology partnerships and smart watches. Plus behind the scenes at a 'hackathon'.

2013x45 09/11/2013

  • 2013-11-08T20:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

The creator of BitTorrent on the company's efforts to break its association with piracy.

2013x46 16/11/2013

  • 2013-11-15T20:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Click gets hands-on with the Sony PS4 as it rolls-out across North America.

2013x47 23/11/2013

  • 2013-11-22T20:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Click visits America's largest 3D printing factory and tries out the Xbox One.

2013x48 30/11/2013

  • 2013-11-29T20:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Click looks at how we might interact with our computers in the future.

2013x49 07/12/2013

  • 2013-12-06T20:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Could 3D printing be the next copyright battleground? Plus, a Christmas guide to tablets.

2013x50 14/12/2013

  • 2013-12-13T20:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

A look at tech aiming to keep cyclists safe, smartphone accessories and Webscape.

2013x51 21/12/2013

  • 2013-12-20T20:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Learn the tech behind magic tricks, and get a helping hand from next-gen robots.

2013x52 28/12/2013

  • 2013-12-27T20:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

A look back at the biggest tech trends and gadgets that made headlines in 2013.