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Coming Lies 2005

  • Ended
  • FTV
  • 2005-07-30T01:00:00+01:00
  • 45 mins
  • Taiwan
  • Action, Mystery

Who's the real fraud - a handsome guy or a pretty girl? Dylan Kuo and Terri Kwan star as con artists who eventually fall in love with each other. But can a love that starts with deception survive through the eventful Coming Lies?

Cash and his step-father make a living by cheating money from other people. Deception is just a piece of cake to Cash who possesses much physical charm. One day he runs into Yu, the illegitimate daughter of a rich man. His sympathy for her urges him to help her get back what she deserves, but little does he know, he is actually stepping into a trap...

Gen Gu Han Enterprise's CEO, Sun Zhao Liang has taken to bed because of a serious illness. He urgently sends out news in hopes of finding his child before he passes away. In an instance, thousands of people show up in response. After investigating each and every one, Yu Mu Ti, is confirmed as his own child. Mu Ti appears to have found her real father. However, under Ding Yi Qing's deliberate pressure, Mu Ti wasn't able to get a penny out of the fortune.

Cash runs out of a shop. After organizing all the cards that represent his different identities, Cash returns to his own self and wants to find a quietness. His attire was a bit disorderly and he seems a bit tired. Having just successfully finished a big case, Cash usually chooses to leave Lao Die, Qi Qi, and Ying Zi for a short period of time. His constant change of identities is Cash's strength and charming women is a natural thing for him. Seeing how each time he uses his own power to get a great deal of money, Cash has no idea when he would be able to be his own self again. After saying goodbye to his numerous female companions, Cash goes over to the car that is parked along side the street. Just when he gets ready to start the engine of the car, he carelessly raises his head, and gawks at the scene in front of him. Not far away, Mu Ti is dressed very simply with her hair tied up in a ponytail, wearing a safety helmet and holding two empty milk bottles in her hand, all the while glaring at him with despising eyes and a cold expression. It is this one glare that causes Cash, who is used to the admiring glances of women, to develop interest in Mu Ti and that's how he fell in love with her at first sight! It is also this one despising glare that allows Mu Ti's plan to succeed. A handsome guy and beautiful girl's spy against spy starts from now.

Lao Die gets involved in the Gen Gu Han fortune dispute under someone's deliberate planning. Ding Yi Qing, Yu Mu Ti, Duan Yun Hao each have something up their sleeves and until the last minute, one would not know who is the strongest. However, at the same time when Yu Mu Ti, Lao Die and Cash get closer and closer, she starts to feel that this group of people is very different. Their so-called principle "even thieves have principles" is something that they hold strongly onto. This sort of attitude causes Mu Ti to gradually question herself whether she should continue to deceive her own father and the person that she loves.

Cash, who fell in love with Mu Ti, discovers that he has been part of a plan of Mu Ti's from the start. Would he be able to accept Yu Mu Ti? Would Cash and Mu Ti have a happy ending? Actually they both know that until it comes to the last minute, it would be hard to distinguish who is the smarter one. In the end, even the most clever trick is no match for the power of love!

1 season

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