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Coronation Street

Season 12 1971

  • 1971-01-27T18:30:00Z on ITV
  • 30 mins
  • 4 hours, 0 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Comedy, Drama, Soap

Coronation Street (colloquially known as Corrie, Corro, or The Street) is an award-winning prime time soap opera set and produced in Manchester created by Tony Warren. It is the longest running and most watched soap opera on British television. It was first broadcast on 9 December 1960, made by Granada Television (now ITV Studios) and broadcast in all regions of ITV almost throughout its existence.

8 episodes

12x01 27 January 1971

  • Season Premiere

    1971-01-27T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

The Barlows finish packing. Nobody wants to be Albert's housekeeper. Annie agrees to lay on a farewell party for the Barlows. Billy sells Ken's car for £130. Charlie Braddock and Gina tell Len and Ray that she's found a better job and they throw Gina out. The residents gather at the Rovers to bid farewell to the Barlows. As Ken waits in the pub, Val gets ready. She tries to mend a plug on a hairdryer and electrocutes herself, starting a fire by knocking an electric fire into a packing case.

12x02 14 April 1971

  • 1971-04-14T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Irma tells Ray to own up but he's worried about the police. Emily does the shop's accounts and discovers Maggie and Irma owe £132.30. Ray offers Stan his old job back at the Builder's Yard. He takes it but Hilda discovers it'll mean a 20% cut in wages. Emily shows a bickering Ena and Minnie a slideshow of Ernie's trip to Spain. Irma tells Hilda that Ray drove the van away. When Hilda breaks the news to him, Stan is furious and threatens violence.

12x03 2 June 1971

  • 1971-06-02T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Emily feels she can't go on working with Ernie and applies for a job at the Warehouse. Ray and 'Irma Barlot' arrive at the "Carousel" to be greeted by Mel Ryan and Francoise Dubois. Ena has a small flat warming party, glad to be back in the Street. Ray doesn't like Mel's ideas of using bad workmanship and realises he's being used. They fight and Irma and Francoise join in.

12x04 7 July 1971

  • 1971-07-07T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

The judges arrive: Annie on cakes, Emily on wines, Alf on beer, George Greenwood on flowers and veg. Maggie bakes a cake for Ray to enter. Alan agrees on £5 a week more plus 15%. Minnie gets drunk helping Alf test the beer. Emily also gets drunk on the wine. Len is horrified to learn that he has won the cake-decorating competition and he realises Ray has set him up with Maggie's cake. George recognises the Orchid as one of his own to Hilda's shame. Harriet Esmondhalgh wins the beer and wine prizes. Albert is praised for his Sweet Peas, Dahlias, Geraniums, Cabbages and wins the challenge cup. Hilda is sad that she has to stay with Stan and not George. Billy packs for London. An anonymous cartoonist has drawn cartoons of the judges for the Gazette - Annie is horrified at hers and threatens legal action against whoever is responsible.

12x05 2 August 1971

  • 1971-08-02T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Emily and Ernie decide they're going to get married. Annie breaks open the sherry to toast them. Ena is told she has to be careful not to overstep the line at the Community Centre. She says she wants a job description. The Ogdens have a colour television delivered. Ernie discovers he has lost the engagement ring.

12x06 11 August 1971

  • 1971-08-11T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Annie and Ernie celebrate their birthdays. Ena and Lucille prepare the Community Centre for Ernie's party. Irma is rushed into hospital with appendicitis. The Ogdens' TV is repossessed. Stan gives Ernie the ring back. Nellie Harvey tries to get at Annie over her age. Emily gives Ernie cufflinks for his birthday. He gives her the ring. Guests at the engagement party are Ena, Stan, Hilda, Lucille, Bet, Elsie, Betty, Maggie and Mavis Riley. Maggie takes unemployed Janet Reid on at the shop. Janet confesses she fancies Alan.

12x07 27 September 1971

  • 1971-09-27T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Stan locks himself in No.13 in an attempt to finish the hatch before Hilda returns. Dave Smith wants to pay for a treat to take Minnie to Blackpool on her birthday but Ena refuses to go with her on Dave's money. Hilda returns and loves the serving hatch. Minnie calls Ena a bigot and decides to go to Blackpool on her own.

12x08 1 December 1971

  • 1971-12-01T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Stan tells Hilda they should pay Dave Smith back with the money. Ray organises a go-go evening at the Rovers in Annie's absence. Len tells Irma that Eddie is getting too old for football when he is dropped from a match. Emily is upset when Ernie's shop-front is smashed by hooligans. Lucille and Bet go-go for the regulars. Irma tries to take better care of Eddie. Stan is haunted by the £500.